Tuesday Redskins Links – 11/18


  • That’s Cardboard Pete, posing with a Redskins Ticket sign. Anyhow, the Sportsday blog on Dallas Morning News gives some credit to the Redskins for mobilizing their fanbase to result in those impressive initial Pro Bowl numbers — and they consider us “internet savvy”. Their commenters aren’t quite so sure.
  • Clinton Portis had his usual radio appearance today — without nearly getting into a fight with Brian Mitchell again, this time — and explained the timing of his knee injury for those who are still suspicious. Ryan O’Halloran of the Washington Times provides the crucial quotes.
  • Dom Bonvissuto of SI.com projects the Redskins not only to finish strong, but to actually improve on their current playoff position.
  • And Awful Announcing takes a look at the possible Flex game options for NBC’s Sunday Night and comes to the conclusion that the Redskins game at the Ravens is a longshot possibility to move to Sunday night. Given our primetime track record this year, I certainly hope not.

4 Responses

  1. It would be nice if you could post somewhere easy to find the place one can go to see how the overall voting is doing

  2. I hope the Redskins dont ever have a regular season primetime game again. Everytime they do they lose. Well…. just the last two I remember the most.

  3. exactly when we get on primetime we lay an egg if we stay off primetime we might not lose another game

  4. Glad the skins offense takes pride in their defense. its great to see Portis being upfront and never pushing the blame. The quotes from the radio gig show what kind of professional he truely is. Glad he is a part of the team that I LOVE.

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