Tuesday, November 18: Sunday Night Sideline Scene, Including Ovechkin’s Pants

There are always interesting people on the sidelines — see also Gheorghe Mureşan, Friend of the Blog Shane Tallant, that caveman guy, and Tom Cruise — and Sunday night was no exception.

You had Washington Wizards, including Brendan Haywood — seen here in stylish Ed Hardy cap.


Caron Butler was reportedly also there, but he may have been over talking to the man who was runner-up to him as Wisconsin’s Mr. Basketball in 1998, Tony Romo.

You had the usual assortment of local on-air talent. Doc Walker, here interviewing Darrell Green after the ring ceremony.


Steve “DAGGER!” Buckhantz, with Dave Feldman of FOX-5 looking on.


Later, when it got more crowded, you could see people staring at Buckhantz, just waiting for him to suddenly shout “NO! NOT POSSIBLE!”

Lindsay Czarniak, in a rare non-working moment pregame.


And Alex Ovechkin, back for another sideline appearance, still in Redskins leather helmet and Sean Taylor jersey (although Jason Campbell has apparently autographed the jersey since Ovechkin’s last visit).


Ovechkin’s pants, however, were neither Redskins themed nor Capitals themed. Instead, they were Dolce & Gabbana themed. One of the more remarkable things about being around professional athletes is the sheer variety of high-level couture sweatpants that are available.



11 Responses

  1. That last photo is amazing.

  2. Get back to what matters, football man. Nice tidbits but let’s get to it.

  3. It’s good to see that Who’s Who in dc came out and not the real fans. I unfortunatley saw the who’s who sleeping at halftime in the club section….the 12th man can’t be there for the 4 quarters of a primetime game…cause the passionate fans are not there in attendance. The fans that think that DC is LA come out.

  4. Caron Butler was definitely there. He was sitting in the Dream Seats section right in front of 118. I was in row 1 of 118 and he was right in front of us. he is a very large human being.

  5. Yup Caron Butler was there! Here’s a pic of him sitting two seats down from me.

  6. It did appear the pregame sideline VIPs was at least double the number of people I’ve ever seen before. I think they stretched for about 30 yards and were about 3 people deep on the Redskins sideline. There was a decent-sized group on the other, not to be mentioned, sideline.

  7. The Wizards NEED Brendan Haywood!

  8. the wizards need A LOT more than brendan haywood.

  9. That last photo is amazing.

  10. We need some Skins and ‘Zards at Caps’ games! if the best hockey player in the world can get into football, some of the Skins can get into hockey. And, yeah, that last photo is pretty astounding.

    I’ll have to save me up a paycheck or two and buy me a pair of them — or would I have to pay-per-leg?

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