Redskins Fans Are Good At Voting


You might remember being asked once or twice to Vote the Redskins Ticket for the Pro Bowl. Perhaps you saw the lawn signs, or the bumper stickers, or the pins, and you said to yourself, “Self, that will never have any effect on the Pro Bowl voting.”

Mike Sando,’s NFC West blogger, has the current vote standings, and he would have another message for your Self.

Assuming Sando’s numbers are accurate — and if they’re not, someone has gone to a tremendous amount of effort to create a realistic-looking, detailed Excel file — the Redskins currently have four of the top ten overall vote-getters, in Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Chris Cooley, and Jason Campbell.

Sando’s numbers also have the Redskins as the leading vote-getters at running back, fullback (Mike Seller is leading by an astronomical 130,000 votes), tight end, wide receiver, center, guard, tackle, defensive tackle, inside linebacker, strong safety (Chris Horton leading by 111,000 votes), free safety, cornerback, kicker, punter, return specialist, and special teamer.

Oh, and they aren’t leading the position, but have three of the top five at outside linebacker thanks to Jason Taylor‘s wearing of number 55.

Fan voting counts 1/3rd toward a player’s chances of making the Pro Bowl roster, so this shouldn’t be taken as an indication that the NFC Pro Bowl roster will be 85% Redskins, but it certainly reflects a motivated and dedicated fanbase.

So nice work voting, everyone, and keep it up. The official Redskins Ticket campaign may have ended with the presidential election, but fan voting is open until December 9.

14 Responses

  1. Holy crap! Every single position has at least one Redskin in there. That’s pretty damn amazing considering there are other teams out there besides the Skins and Cowgirls. Wow….time to go vote AGAIN!

  2. I vote for the organization to devote less time to this frivolous nonsense, and more time to, you know, finding a way to keep JC on his feet so, you know, they can maybe win some of these games.

  3. Should have moved to Vegas by then, so maybe I will make that game!

  4. “I vote for the organization to devote less time to this frivolous nonsense, and more time to, you know, finding a way to keep JC on his feet so, you know, they can maybe win some of these games.”

    Yeah, Zach Bolno needs to get his butt in gear and start developing some better pass protection schemes. What’s he doing leaving Jansen one on one with DeMarcus Ware?

  5. I guess our voting campaign is really working! We need to keep on doing this so we can have ALL of our Redskins go to the Pro-bowl. They deserve it!

  6. You deadskin fansarent really that smart are yall

  7. Thats why you forgot the space in between fans and aren’t and you spelled Redskins wrong.

  8. Mr Cowboy you arent very smart because our players actually deserve to go unlike the cowgirls last year sending ken hamlin,
    roy williams,etc…and like 10 more
    we actually got a great team with possibly the best locker room
    chemistry in the nfl….and players who deserve to go like
    london flecher,mike sellers,portis,moss,cooley,landry,horton
    and so on
    you get my point

  9. we need fletcher to make it!!!!

  10. Given the heavy campaigning done by the P.R. staff, Fletch had better make it this year, or heads will roll.

  11. Redskins fans are the best!

  12. It’s incredible. While I am happy to see our Skins get to the ProBowl, this just boldly illustrates the problem with the pro-bowl. Jason Taylor? Leading any voting that’s not about dancing? He hasn’t done any on the field to warrant ANY attention for such things.

    I’m not trying to rain on the parade, but, c’mon! Jason Taylor!?!?!?!

  13. Flecher needs to be there. Jason Taylor, absolutely – he played with a major injury and did not sit out

  14. jason taylor im not to sur but shawn springs i mean common shwan springs are you kidding me well i wont say anything if you dont say anything i havent watched a probowl in like 10 yrs but if its full of redskins i will make sure i will make sure to catch it this year

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