Monday, November 17: About Last Night…

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Post-game stuff coming throughout the day (Zorn’s news conference will be at 12:25, as usual), but here’s what you missed if you were watching football without the aid of the internet yesterday.

  • Late last week, I talked to John Madden about his videogame and the difficulty presented by Ethan Albright.
  • The GEICO Caveman was on the sidelines.
  • London Fletcher gets the linebackers fired up with an incomprehensible speech. (Literally incomprehensible, although it’s not his fault — the audio is very muddy.)
  • Quarter by quarter updates:
      1 (my initial reaction to the Darrell Green/Art Monk pregame celebration; excitement over a strong start by the Skins)
      2 (enthusiasm dimming, and a questionable challenge)
      3 (the blog makes its Austrian TV debut)
      4 (depression sets in).
  • And the postgame quotes, a litany of people talking about how they need to execute better.

On the whole, it was a really cheery evening.

21 Responses

  1. 6-4 looks way worse then 7-3

  2. The running game was reversed from the first game. They ran and stopped the run, The skins could not do either.

  3. Who sucks now.

  4. monday, not tuesday… i wish it was tuesday though

  5. Gah. I’m stuck in last week’s schedule. Good catch, thanks.

  6. What’s red, yellow, and white and laying crushed on the football field?

    Your crappy quarterback! Happy Monday…

  7. I guess Newman was really hurt in the first game. He had me the whole game and made me look anything but special. Its a shame because after beating him when he had a sport’s hernia I felt like a man. I guess I’ll remember that time fondly but now must realize that I’m not as good as I thought.

  8. 2-3 in the past 5 games and the only 2 wins were against the Lions and the Bengals…a combined 1-18-1. I wish the skins were doing better so that I could feel even better about my COWBOYs victory last night! The Skins are headed to an 8-8 or 9-7 record.

  9. Just for the sake of accuracy, it was the Browns, not the Bengals. Bengals are still upcoming.

  10. This is amazing. There were no Cowboy fans on this blog before Sunday’s game. Now there’s an influx of them.

  11. Do they not have blogs in Dallas?

  12. Ben W,
    And there were an influx of Redskins fans on the Cowboys’ site after week 4. Isn’t it great!?!

  13. I don’t pay attention to the Cowboys’ sites. Personally I think fans should blog on their respective teams blogs rather than going to the opposing team’s blog and boast/flame/etc. It’s just childish.

  14. Good thing Zorn didn’t call a lot of deep passes cause moss usually toasts me.

  15. Ben W,
    That’s fair. Just having a bit of fun. I actually respect the Skins as a great rival. I’ll go back to the Cowboy sites and leave you guys alone here. I never would have thought of coming to a Redskins site had I not seen so many of your fans on the Cowboys sites.

  16. Cowboy fans, you will not win a playoff game this year if you make it. Your team is headed to 8-8 or 9-7 like the skins. It’s always good to win a rivalry, but you didn’t win the superbowl here, and your team still looked mediocre at best.
    When it comes down to it, both teams SUCKED last night. Cowboys just a little less

  17. Yeah Cowboy fans you did not win the superbowl.. I think the skins have a better shot in making the playoffs than the cowboys.

  18. And Newman is still overrated. Matter affect the whole team is overrated. 13 probowlers.. looking like a highschool team. Give me a break.

  19. Redskins fans im not saying to much i was embarassed last night at our performance and the cowboys deserve to give us all they got i was pretty hard oon them when we won and you have to know when you have been beatin

  20. Wow! Would somebody please help the redskins QB of the turf, he got punished! Oh yeah, anyone seen or heard from Moss?


    6:40 seconds to stop the barbarian but he just ran yall over, what a sorry a$$ defense yall got there,

    i must say we both have a tough schedule comming up, but i think we will be 8-4 after thanksgiving after we face the 49ers and hawks,

    skins fans, yall better be ready for the hawks this week, yall can be 6-5 if yall arent carefull lol, protect your qb, 10 sacks in 2 games is NOT acceptable,


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