Coach Zorn’s Day After Musings on Moss, Devin Thomas, and Sacks

As with the postgame comments last night, Coach Zorn’s press conference today seemed to acknowledge the obvious problems — pass blocking, pass rush — even while maintaining his trademark confidence. And his brutal frankness was on display, especially during his comments on Devin Thomas and Jason Campbell.


Some excerpts….

On attempting the big play shot to Santana Moss:

    “When we took a shot down the field with Santana after they scored, that would’ve put us on the nine yard line. That was a deep pass, Santana went up for it, and it was a volitile situation. Had he come down with it, that’s a huge play. We did get protection, it was executed well, it was thrown well. He had to go to heroics to make the catch, and we didn’t get it. That was one of those handful of plays that you wish could’ve gone the other way.”

On the realities of quarterback sacks in the NFL:

    “I try to prepare our quarterbacks. I always try to tell ’em, ‘You are gonna get hit at least seven times this game. And they are going to be TREMENDOUS hits. But you gotta get back up.’ Because quarterbacks get hit. I don’t want them to go into any game thinking, ‘Oh, this is gonna be hunky-dory, it’s gonna be a walk in the park.’ It never is.”

On what a coach can do for his quarterback’s confidence:

    “When they do get hit, and they don’t know where it came from, what I try to do is give them the correct information: here is what happened. And it may be simply, this guy got beat. He whiffed. And I think that helps the QB to know that it’s not the scheme…. If you can tell them what happened, it gives them a chance to say, ‘okay, we’ll get that taken care of, because he’s not gonna whiff twice,’ or, ‘oh, we have to help that guy who just whiffed.'”

On what used to go through his head in the face of a pass-rusher:

    “If you could see him coming, I always felt like they couldn’t touch me.” General laughter, and Zorn also smiled. “I hate to even smile on a day like today. But I’ll say this — when you couldn’t see him coming, you hit the ground so fast, it didn’t really hurt, you just wondered why you were on the ground. You just didn’t see it. So there were times like that. The main thing is if you sense it coming, and you know you can’t get out of the way, it’s all about ball security. It’s about taking the sack, falling correctly, securing the ball, and just letting the coach dial up the next play.”

On the possibility of lineup changes:

    “I don’t think so. I don’t know that yet. We have guys that are battling. I like the battle, I just don’t like that the individual battles aren’t getting won enough. Had we won this game, we would still be saying, we need better pass protection, because Jason did get hit a bunch. Even when he got rid of the ball, he was still getting hit.”

On the incomplete pass to Devin Thomas on third and 4:

    “I gave Jason Campbell — I scratched a big minus for him. I didn’t put that on Devin. That was a very, very difficult catch for him to make. Because he was coming inside. Alls Jason had to do was put the ball on his inside shoulder and he threw it low. He raised up and he threw it right down. Now you’re telling that receiver he had to actually burst, dive to make the catch. Tough, tough catch. I wouldn’t put that on Devin.”

On injuries:

    Marcus Washington has a high ankle sprain and is likely out “more than one week.”
    Antwaan Randle El has a much less worrisome ankle sprain.
    Clinton Portis is better today than he was the day after Pittsburgh.
    Shawn Springs was expected to play, but “just could not go full speed,” and will hopefully be back next week.
    Anthony Montgomery is still questionable and 50-50 to play.

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  1. colt, colt, colt, colt, colt

  2. Cambell can have this year, just wish he could improvise from time to time. Mainly the last 4th down they had. Bad decision and also not a good route by santana, I have a feeling he was supposed to make his cut beyond the first down marker, not short of it.

  3. Exactly, John! I was afraid that if I wrote that people would say I was crazy…but since the colts preseason game, I always said that Colt would be our future QB in about 2 years…he’s a better passer than Campbell, we all saw that in the preseason even if it was against 3rd stringers…he has talent and he has IT. I want Colt to be our quarterback! START COLT BRENNAN!

  4. I’m also Dissapointed the only time this blog is active is after a loss, there is always ways to improve, win or lose.

  5. John,

    if you are serious, your football IQ needs to be questioned.

    oh, and shawn springs is a woman.

  6. A few things to talk about:
    Yes, the protection is bad for Campbell, but he has regressed badly. He locks on to his receiver and doesn’t change or try to fool anyone. I saw Matt Ryan for a bit yesterday and if you didn’t know it, you would say Campbell was the rookie and Ryan had a few years under his belt.

    Where is the imagination on offense? Predictable as hell!

    Does Shawn Springs really want to play anymore? This team needs him badly and he just doesn’t seem willing.

    I HATE the towels! They seem like a cheap response to the Steelers fans taking over FedEx a couple of weeks ago and frankly, I find it embarrassing to the franchise. Let the other teams worry about the towels, thunder sticks and all that crap and just PLAY FOOTBALL!
    The Redskins do not seem to have any meanness in them, it seems like they are mentally weak too and they better get it together ASAP.

    They had two weeks to prepare for Dallas and they get skunked in the second half….at home! Embarrassing!

  7. Hang in there guys. So yesterday’s over with. We LEARN and we move on. I’d like to see more attitude and courage with the offense; maybe even a few trick plays now and then wouldn’t hurt. The season’s not done yet. Let’s go get’em like we did earlier in the season at Dallas and Philadelphia.

  8. we can’t overeact as fans – campbell gets a pass for throw to thomas – how many hits had he taken before that pass?

    skins competed and came up short – it happens.

  9. Jason is no where near the QB we expect to be. Why? What’s the question about him. Sure he played great first half of the season, but that’s not all of it. He doesn’t have the consistency to be an elite QB.

    We just have an aging o-line that has a life span of 8 games. And a d-line that is just terrible at rushing the passer. That’s where it all starts, the front line and we have none of each side.

  10. Shawn Springs just definitely needs to go man no matter what after this season.

  11. The offense should feel ashamed of themselves. The defense was playing lights-out. Gave them two interceptions equaling zero points.

    On every drive it wasn’t the one-on-one battles that cost us, although those did occur. No, on every drive there was at least one player who had a mental error and usually that’s all that it takes to make something go wrong.

    This is on Zorn for not getting the team ready to play.

    And that punt was one of the stupidest lack of concentration plays I think I have seen in a very long time. The ball wasn’t even moving. It had completely stopped. It only needed to be touched. Why the fark Cartwright felt the need to pounce on it was beyond fathomable. Why did he jump on it? So that he could jump up afterwords and pound his chest acting like he was the hero on the play? The punter made the great play, he just ruined it, that’s all. And then some doofus kicks the ball into his back. Just awful and a total lack of concentration and ball awareness by several players on that punt. And yes, BTW, Dallas did score the go-ahead TD on that drive. Campbell taking a sack when we are in FG range. The list goes on and on. Maybe they should have stayed near Ashburn and put a little more preparation into this game. They let Dallas right back into the NFC East race now.

  12. I agree with the few up top campbell is def slacking to say the least and shawn springs is the biggest waste of an nfl salary every year he misses atleast 3 games i mean we have portis playin with an mcl injury and springs doesnt come back after 5 weeks off for a calf he def wont be here next year and im glad cuz we need guys with heart and shawn springs has no heart at all

  13. Rock play was stupid, even if he didnt touch it, there was not a dallas player in the vicinity to pick it up, have no idea what rock was thinkin

  14. I read these comments after losses and they make me laugh. JC is always the problem when we lose, but not the anwser when the we win. ? We don’t need Springs, but when he shuts down Owens or somebody like that, he is great.

    Its just one loss. Get over it. The players have to. I wonder how some of you make it with killing yourselves because you are so depressed?

    The Skins will make the playoff and win atleast one game!!!!

  15. Well put Duane

  16. Just one loss? Duane, have you watched this team over the past few weeks? Lost to the Rams (look at the Rams now), struggled with the Brown and Lions, got pounded by the Steelers and had two weeks go prepare for a Dallas team that had been awful and they clunked it.
    This is not a reaction after one loss, this is a culmination of a bad stretch that started after the Philly game.

    I hate to say this, because I’ve loved the Skins for 30 years, but they are not going to the playoffs this year.

  17. Springs is done he is a has been he doesnt have heart anymore u shouldnt miss 5 weeks for a calf injury thank god for D Hall and bye bye shawn springs

  18. The offensive and defensive lines are major problems…..if not the only real problem. JC is a good QB, but is taking to many hits and is not getting the time he needs. The O line really needs to be addressed in the draft/free agency. I do not believe Colt is anywhere near ready for the start; in a few years he will be great I am sure, but, not now.

  19. What a bunch of…

    Colt? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? We would have been blown out 42-0 if Colt Brennan had been in charge of the offense yesterday. And we would be 1-9 overall if he had run things from day 1. And that one isn’t guaranteed.

    Do people not notice that the offensive line seems to let pass rushers swing by them on a regular basis? The short passing game can only do so much, the line needs to create time for JC to get the ball deep, and without that, we won’t do anything.

    Springs? Well DeAngelo showed that he can fill that gap, or at least create the depth we need to move on.

    The front four D was also underwhelming, no rush, and not a lot of good escapability in terms of getting free to stop the run.

    The standouts of the game by far was the secondary, but after so much time in the field, it makes it very difficult to continue to count on their ability to stop the big play.

  20. I couldn’t have said it any better myself Duane.

  21. Guys, guys…calm down. First of all, Jason Campbell should not be blamed. JC is a good, young QB. How about that run!?!?! He plowed a Cowboys safety, and drug another two linebackers for 5 more yards. The kid gets knocked down over, and over, and over again. Aside from Portis, he is the toughest and smartest player on the team. He throws a pick, keeps his composure, throws a TD, and keeps his composure! Nothing is knocking him out of his focus. He is playing well and needs some help from the every old O – Line. I agree Springs is pretty disappointing, but you guys have no idea how serious his injury is, or whats going on in his head. He could really NOT be a 100% and doing the smart thing for his team by sitting out instead of playing at 85% and getting smoked by T.O. I think the Redskins now have the best secondary in the league, Springs, Rogers, Smoot, Hall, Landry, and the one and only Chris Horton (Who is unbelievable). Dallas needed this game, if Redskins won it would be a two team race. No way Skins lose next week in Seattle, they owe them. My prediction is they have 1-2 losses in the rest of the season. Look at the schedule, New York and Philly are two threats, but they will win at least one of those games. And maybe one sleeper loss to a team like Baltimore. But other then that, Cincinnati? The Niners? This team will finish 10-6 at the worst. They’ll pull through, just be patient. And oh, stop talking about them having the bye to prepare. SO DID DALLAS! and they had the bye to think about how if they lost their season would be over. Romo came back and rejuvenated these guys, it’ll burn out soon, no worries. Giants finish 14-2, Skins 11-5. Eagles and Cowboys beat each other up, Boys sneak in with a 9-7 or 10-6 record. And please…Colt Brennan will have his time, wait for JC to get hurt or retire before you start calling for him.

  22. Is anyone here old enough to remember the last Super Bowl win by the Redskins. In that year, Joe Gibbs had to implore the fans to support a QB that no body wanted…including many on the team itself. But Gibbs, as he was recorded on film, walked over to some fans at RFK and told them early and often, “support your QB.” The result, not only did we win that SuperBowl, but Mark Rypien played his boohooty off and was the MVP. Super Bowl XXVI.

    Now, no one is suggesting that Campbell will be this year’s Mark Rypien. But, I am suggesting that Campbell needs a bit more support than what some have allowed him to have to date. That said, this is business…not a family, as Portis would suggest.

    Campbell’s contract is coming due at the end of 2009…

  23. It’s not certain that the wild card will come out of the NFC East so let’s be careful there.
    I wouldn’t count Seattle, Cincinnati or San Francisco as wins just yet- we thought the same thing about the Rams, remember?

    I’m saying this team has developed a pattern over the past several weeks that just does not look good for them. Seattle has their QB back so don’t count that one yet.

    Yes, Dallas had a bye week to prepare and they won- that makes a big difference. Besides, before the bye, everyone was saying the ‘boys were a joke and they were folding like a cheap tent, then they come in and beat our guys so what does that say?

  24. What is the deal with the O line? They seem to be able to run block, but as many have pointed out, their pass protection is awful. When they can’t stop a four man rush and the defense can keep 7 guys back to guard what, 3 or 4 receivers, what do you expect a quarterback to do? Yes he has taken a few sacks, but I would rather take sacks than interceptions. Jason Campbell is the right guy at quarterback. No doubt about it. The guy only has three picks all year. Give him a break.

  25. duane if your a skins fan and you say that the skins are gonna make the playoffs and win one game then your a terrible fan i dont want the skins to just make the playoffs i want them to go all the way no matter how we do it or get there we need to make adjustmenst along that front line and lord can we get some pressure it was embarrassing we sent full blitzes and tony **** just had plenty of time to pick our dbs apart and i have no words for shawn springs only thing i wanna know is where is he at?

  26. OK. I’ve been supportive of Jason all this time and trying to buy time for Colt to watch, practice and learn. But even I am starting to feel that the offense needs to start a fire that can burn through 4 quarters for a win.
    I will let Davone Bess say it for me:
    “Fins Win! Skins Lose! I believe whenever they put Colt in, they will be very surprised. We all just want a chance….”

  27. One week JC is the man the next he needs to be benched. The game wasn’t his fault at all the oline is terrible in pass protection. They didn’t even have to blitz…just rush four and drop seven.Maybe we need Heyer back the deep ball worked the games that he started.

  28. I like Zorn and his enthusiasm, but play calling needs to be looked at.

    In order to open up the middle for the west Coast slant plays, you need to keep the safties and corners honest and that means, keep them back thinking that you have a deep threat. By the time we reach the third quater and we haven’t even attempted a deep throw yet, they start moving in, crowding the center of the field, making it impossible to throw short or to even run the ball.

    I don’t care if Moss catches it or not. They need to throw that ball deep once in a while to keep those guys back and make some room in the middle of the field.

    That is entirely on Zorn.

  29. you guys need to catch up your history on colt he is not ready gp back and look at his college career hawaii is a pass friendly school look at the guy that came before colt . chiang he also broke all tyoes of records thats what they do in hawaii you wanna see the real colt in a big time game go watch the hawaii and georgia game from last year he faced a prostyle defense and he couldnt handle it so he made a few passes on third string defenses go back and look at him and his competition and see if you want him in there j.c is undoubtably the best we got and im not the biggest jc fan but its not all on him there defensive rush just kills me when they blitz and the qb is still standing i almost wanna jump in the tv and we gotta have more passes to devin he is a beast get him the ball

  30. First time I have really been disappointed with Coach Zorn. After a bye week we should have been more on top of our game. We lacked hustle, intensity and ferocity. It was across the board and the Coach has to take the blame for that. And where is the spark… the imagination and the passion …. we didn’t see it in the offense last night. Yawn.

    Why don’t we see if Jason Tayloy can be productive at Right Defensive end…. I’m not worried about hurting Carter’s feelings…. he’s not doing much just like the rest of the D-line.

    I hope that Danny Smith or the conditioning Coach puts Plackmierer on a diet and strengthening program. He simply looks bad out there.

    Please can someone return punts who doesn’ dance. Besides Randle El has lost a step.

  31. I also don’t blame JC. He is getting hit entirely too often.BUT, he also needs to learn to get rid of that ball.

    We’ve known all year that the O-line was bad at pass blocking. Why hasn’t Zorn come up with more roll-outs to keep the pressure of of him?

  32. Come on guys, you can’t seriously put that one on JC. No QB, not even Tom Brady OR Peyton Manning can get rolling with no pass protection. From what I remember, JC had 2-3 second TOPS for get the ball, drop back and throw the ball . . and STiLL he would get hit at the end of the play. Couple plays where his protection was half decent, he made something happen (for example the 20+ yards gain to Randle El and then the deep ball that Moss SHOULD HAVE caught).

    Portis is the man for stepping up and being a work horse, AGAIN. Whoever made the call for Springs to stay out of the game made the right call, because if he was not 100%, he would have just been a liability out there and Dallas would have exposed him as often as possible.

    What happened to our Pass rush? With Andre Carter and Jason Taylor (not yet 100%) on the ends, one would think we would be getting a couple sacks EVERY game. Someone needs to be held accountable for that one.

    When Dallas went for it on the 4th down and pass to a WIDE OPEN Barber in the end of 4th qtr . . my question . . WHY the heck would you go all out blitz and leave COMPLETELY open and uncovered the ONE Cowboy that has been ripping your D apart in the 4th? I know Zorn said “Barber had been contained the whole game” . . I really don’t consider that being contained. Cowboys got 1st down after 1st down by simply running Barber . .

    When it comes down to it, something needs to be done about both our O-Line and our D-Line. After that, we need improvement with the play calling part of the game.

  33. I would also like the team to take some accountability doesnt seem like it bothers them that they lost i mean you hear other teams calling the whole team to step up not just offense or defense everyone they all need to take accountability coaches especially im tired of seeing the 4th best defense in the league lose bc we cant score they constantly play hard and eventually let down in the 4th qr bc they have been on the field the whole time

  34. A bit off the subject, but does anyone know if Suisam is hurting? The 40 yarder he made at the end of the 1st half looked like it barely made it. And his 46 yarder in the 2nd half barely made it into the end zone. Also his kickoffs weren’t as deep. I haven’t read anything about this today anywhere, but then again haven’t been looking terribly hard. Just wondering if anyone has seen anything on this topic.

  35. btw- Colt is not in college any more. He is in the NFL.
    This is what I want to see sparking from the Offense… let Jason or Todd do it… or let them do this:

  36. Of course hind-sight is 20/20 but I guarantee you Vinny is kicking himself over drafting size over the best receiver on the board when he grabbed thomas and kelly. We will still make the playoffs at 10-6 but imagine the punt/kick return issues along with the impact slot receiver troubles erased IF HE JUST WOULD OF GRABBED DESEAN JACSKON(who was available on the board). The Patriots and Steelers have shown that small ball at receiver can be successful when it’s the right small people.

  37. Everyone needs to lay off Campbell… The Skins have two bad games and its amazing how everyone starts pointing fingers. Football like many other sports is a TEAM SPORT! When Campbell made that great hot route against Detroit everyone was in here saying how great he was. News flash he is extremely talented and still very young. This is his second season and he still has yet to play a full season. Eli Manning struggles tremendously before last year when he won the superbowl MVP and until the playoffs he was very mediocre at best. Leave the guy alone I think Colt Brennan is solid but he is not the answer Campbell has thrown 3 TDs to every 1 INT, what is he supposed to do with four guys getting to him by the 4th step in a 5 step drop. It’s a TEAM folks and as fans we need to stick together and keep supporting them. I challenge anyone in here to go try and play against Dallas’ and Pittsburgh’s defense and let me know how easy it is. If you light them up then you can criticize Campbell and the Redskins will officially name you the starter. Go Skins!

  38. Nick,
    Two bad games? I think it’s more than that my friend and that is why I have been so worried about this team.

    They lost to the winless Rams, who have been outscored 71-3 in the first half of their last two games; they struggled mightily with the Lions; escaped at the last second against the Browns on a missed FG; got manhandled by the Steelers and lost to a not so good Cowboys team.
    That is not a blip, it’s a pattern and the offense has been horrible. We can blame the O-line (they deserve a lot of it) but Campbell deserves some as well.
    I want to see some creativity on offense and I want them to take some chances too as they have become fairly predictable. Getting Mike Sellers involved again was a step in the right direction.

    I’m disappointed in Springs not playing but I don’t wish him gone, he is just too good when he is playing. I just wish he could find his fire again.

  39. Springs fire burnt out he is collecting checks now thats all no player should miss 5 weeks with a calf injury i hope they cut him after this year like they shoulda did last year im tired of him doing nothing but staying hurt

  40. Im a lifelong Dallas fan living here in God’s country (Dallas of course), and I’m getting a huge thrill listening to the foreskins whining and B**tching fans. Face it, you guys aren’t that good to begin with. You shouldn’t have beaten the ‘boys the first game, and started to think you were the Beasts of the East after the Philly game. You guys have looked TERRIBLE every since then…You got lucky against a bad Browns
    team, just face it your o’line is old, defense is slow,and no playmakers on offense.

  41. Here in Dallas, we don’t even consider the foreskins a real rival anymore. Your owner is a snotty nose Jerry Jones want to be and you haven’t had a real coach since Joe Gibbs circa 1991 (since then he’s been a joke too)…Watching the game last night it was evident to me that the only guy who has heart on that poor excuse of a team is Clinton Portis, other than him you guys are terrible….We all know that Boys have had some injuries and have struggled without Romo, what’s the foreskin’s excuse?

  42. Hey fellas. Pretty good game we saw last night. I told you all your offense would be your downfall. I would like to say some things to Chris H. I know he’ll get on here prob just don’t want to leave a comment after repeating over and over the Redskins would stop Barber. They usually are successful against him, but our o-line has finally become completely healthy, as seen with the boy’s dominating the line of scrimmage. By the way Chris I live in TN now but I was born in Dallas. My dad moved us here when I was 10 when he accepted a job offer from the Nissan plant here. So there isn’t any bandwagon jumper here. I will live and die with my Cowboys. I remember the 3 consecutive 5-11 seasons. Great game glad we came out on top.

  43. shon ur an idiot and if u think the cowgirls looked good last nite u might just be plain out retarded Dallas is going no where so shut the hell up

  44. Zach I never sd we looked good last night, but to be totally honest had we not shot ourselves in the foot with penalties and Romo’s slow start, we would have blown yall out easily, it shouldn’t have been a close game at all….Foreskins fans really show their stupidity by wanting Colt Brennan to play instead of Jason Campbell, Brennan isn’t nearly ready to start in the NFL, Campbell is actually a pretty good QB he just has a line that sucks and the West Coast offense doesn’t fit him….Boys RULE

  45. I know our lines (offensive & defensive) should shoulder a large chunk of the blame for the obvious deficiencies in pass blocking/pass rush, but as far as the blocking goes… Jason had a while to stand in there on a few of those throws, and either he’s not making the decisions quickly enough, or the receivers aren’t getting open quickly enough. Either way, it’s an issue I hope coach Zorn will address as well as giving the lines something to fight for. I’m disgusted. I almost threw up after that game. Dallas!? At Home!? On Sunday Night Football!? With 2 weeks to prepare!? And THAT’S all we can come up with!? U-N-A-C-C-E-P-T-A-B-L-E!!!

  46. points we need points if we would average 24 we would be 10 and 0. the d is doin their job but the o is wearing them down. theyll be done by playoff time

  47. here’s my take ….

    intangilbles…adversity….vs. composure

    I’ve been a ‘Skins fan from NY since 1987…Redskins vs Broncos…I could’nt stand Phil Simms( my dad’s team) he intercepted too much. So I said whomever wins this game I would stick with for the rest of my life. And so 21 years later here I am.
    One thing I can say is of the 18 or so QB’s(countem’) we”ve had since winning the Super Bowl against Buffalo i see enough things to give this guy his due.
    He does not get rattled when hit(Patrick Ramsey positive trait)
    He has wheels when he chooses to use them(Mark Brunell in his younger years positive trait)
    He has the deep ball(Mark Rypien positive trait)
    Quiet leader(Joe Thiesman positive trait)
    He can be accurate 64%(Mark Brunell)
    He’s relatively smart with his throws(Eli Manning NEGATIVE trait ….before last year) had to throw that in there.
    He’s capable of throwing up huge yards(Mark Rypien positive trait Super Bowl Year)

    Of all this I consider the intangibles…..
    Can he be like a Brett Farve? (like the Giants game last year where he throw to the reciever in the endzone almost falling over)
    Can he be like a Michael Vick?( minus the dog thing and tear up 1,000 yards)
    Can he be like a Tom Brady with accuracy with the deep ball?(last year)
    Can he be like a Joe Montana?(Leadership)

    and the adversity……
    Can he be like a Doug Williams?(First Black QB to win a Super Bowl)
    Can he be like a Kerry Collins?( washed up and headed towards a great season this year)

    Think about these things and the past QB’s through the years….

    I think he’s capable of many of these. While like many of you the thought of Colt Brennan makes me excited for what he’s capable of we need the patience to see this through. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be the one sayin “Yeah I remember Jason Campbell…he started with the ‘Skins …yeah, yeah, yeah I know we didnt give him a chance but the QB we just drafted looks awesome”

    I’m tired of starting over….How many times should we go through this… The Giants waited while many called for Eli head he had consistency and eventually he got it and now he’s on a whole new level.

    Something like SEVEN offenses in eight years …. thats crazy for a QB…

    In the end take a QB that does’nt make mistakes COMPOSURE wins in the long run….So while we may have O-line issues and a medicore deep threat(minus Santana Moss) give the guy the tools….

    Take those things out of the mix and THAN we COULD see him FLY!!!!!!!!

  48. hey i dont think with the way we are playing we will be able to make it to the playoffs
    the skins need to be as urgent as those cowgirls…

    we either win or call it another season of a new coach and all that bs which i think we should open the playbook use our weapons
    hit the big plays as well as the west coast offense plays..have our running game going. besides we need our defense to start rush the pass real bad…


    lets make it to the playoffs SKINS

  49. we lost…take one game at a time. This only allows and magnifies/amplifies the obvious problems to be adressed (which I hope they are today and tomorrow during film). Playing the way we have for the past few weeks is not going to get us into the playoffs, however there are ample opportunities for the coaches and players to step it up. Seattle is on Sunday and we have no choice now but to take one game at a time and have a shot at the wild card. Remember, anything happens when the playoffs start…

  50. Wow.

    Let’s see, we have a head coach who was a position coach with no prior coordinator experience in the NFL. Said coach implements a new system, something that normally takes two+ years to settle in.

    Given that, did anyone here honestly expect the Skins to be 6-4 right now? Further, did anyone expect the Skins to be tied for second in the division with a legitimate shot at the playoffs? People here are whining as if the Skins are behind the curve, rather than ahead.

    The Skins are playing with the house’s money, as far as I’m concerned.

  51. I liked the way you was trying to get devin thomas involed in the game i also thought you should of sent moss deep earlier in the game so that the under routes could work but i really think you should let carwright be portis back up cause betts is still hurt and alexander should be cut after the seatle game. We also need to find a pass rush casue jason taylor didnt come close to romo all night and he cost to much. Great pick up with hall at corner but maybe give him a shot a punt return cause randle el is not getting it done. Moss 80 yard return is more then all of randle el return yards put together. I think you call a great game you just have to get carwright a shot, he kinda has the same style as portis

  52. Ike, I agree with you, but we all know the Cult of Colt is going to start up again. Nothing like a rookie 6th round pick from Hawaii to lead us. I like Colt’s prospects, but let’s get serious.

    Cambell’s not only not getting time to throw, our receivers aren’t getting open. That’s a fact. Moss can get open and that’s it.

    That’s why we need the growth of Devin Thomas and need Malcom Kelly. We need guys that are open because they are big, because opposing DB’s aren’t allowing our smaller receivers to get open. That last play to Moss Terrance Newman had him one on one across the field, and covered him like a blanket. NO quarterback is going to do well when his offensive line isn’t blocking and his receivers aren’t getting open consistently. (Except Cooley). No QB will put up big numbers that way.

    I love the way Jason is playing this year. He’s moving the ball (just not a lot of TD’s) and keeping the turnovers down in his First year of the West Coast offense. Who else has done that, in their First Year in a new and probably most complicated offense in the NFL? Keep thinking, no one will come to you.

    So he is holding the ball some, he’ll get better as our team gets better and our receivers get open more. The fact that this is the LEAST experience he’ll ever have in the West Coast offense and doing this well now speaks great for what he can do as he gains experience.

    And the Matt Ryan example is ridiculous. He’s having a better rookie season than Peyton Manning’s first rookie season and might be the best rookie QB in twenty years. Put apples against apples.

  53. Quite contrare Duane… How the heck you gonna win a palyoff game and you can’t score points. Earth to Duane… The D-fence lays it all on the line every game! But if the D don’t score, who will!!? We need to improvise for the lack we have on offense… Coach Z, so what your not a fan of the shotgun, put the plays in! Help the quarterback if the line slackin, the gun will give him a extra second or two to throw… I do ? JC reads @ times, Moss is not our only target… Also coach, how bout a lil bootleg every now and then!!

  54. Warren, Rypien also had the hogs to sit behind man…

  55. Ok, folks stop, sit back and think a little about the ignorance being spewed from whatever little you retained after hearing a talk show guy say during your drive to and from work yesterday.

    Yah we beat the boys once and should be able to do it again at home and coming off a bye. But If you pay a little attention the cowboys had a blueprint, courtesy of the Steelers, of how to shut the offense down using a similar 3-4 scheme and a bye week to perfect it. Hold the Coyboys with their starting QB to 14 pts…. no complaints.

    About the QB issues, THERE ARE NONE! This is a west coast style offense, the ball has to be out in 3 seconds,. You cant do that with a short QB (Colt is a solid backup), you cant roll out without setting up the play action by running, and you use the play action to set up the deep ball after you see the safeties crowding the box becoming a routine (from quick screens, slants and a few running plays).

    Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly both fit in perfectly to the offensive scheme, as the main thing needed at this time is a big physical target to help finish off drives with a TD and win 3rd down throws we havent been able to win in the past. So, technically this offense is rebuilding, and doing a great job at 6-4 with a rookie coach, and a QB that only has 3 picks.

    On the punt, you have 5 seconds to get off a block and 50 yards downfield, you see that ball bounce before the line, you do whatever you can to knock it back down, it was a hell of an effort by Rock, but unfortunate that the ball hit whoever was behind him. Everybody did their job, the ball bounces funny because its not soccer.

    I cant believe you guys want to throw away a shut out corner like springs. He has a frame that is great for quickness, similar to Moss, Randel El; but taller. Athletes with these types of frames get most of their injuries in the calf, ankle, and groin. Without their speed they are ineffective. And these types of injuries could heal in a few days or a few weeks, you never know.

    So all the bright ideas about changing players within positions (Colt… nah), players switching positions (Jason Taylor and Andre Carter are good where they are at), yah think the coaches might have thought of that, tried it, or maybe even played the person who has performed best at practice…. But, yah keep suggesting it, maybe the 53rd time you say it, it will then become an original idea.

    If you listen to the Coach, apparently he tells you what happened there…. From what I saw, we had a few mental errors, miscues and instances where our players didn’t win their individual assignments. In an NFC East rivalry game and in any game you have to win those to move the chains and you have to move the chains if your going to score. Wow, who would have thoght the head coach knew so much about his team… Good job Zorn, keep it up, and good fight skins, we’ll beat them next year after they miss the playoffs!


  56. That’s the truth ESM, I thought never hear someone say that!! I been crying for Thomas to get the ball for weeks now… Everyone uses there rookies well except us! There shining all over the league! I don’t think he’s that dum to know the plays! I think were that dum to not give him more opportunities!!! What will it take!!? JC needs to stop eyeballin Moss all the time man seriously! I won’t throw him under the bus, but I would like to see more sharing the ball sheesh!!

  57. 6-4, I expected worse so I’ll take it. I love how everyone goes crazy after a loss. Anyways, hopefully it’s becoming apparent to Vinny that we need to draft for both lines, like we should have this past year. Look at any solid team in the NFL…it starts up front. The Giants look unstoppable, mainly because their o-line and d-line manhandle everyone.


  59. A Shon, stop perpetratin like yall good or somethin! Don’t be stupid… You barely beat a team that doesn’t produce enough offense truthfully! You’ll go right back to your losin ways when you play a team who can score… I admit our defense outplays our offense every game! But don’t get ahead of yourself champ, your not that good! We’ll see how you look the rest of these games…

  60. Man James no body wanna here that same sob story about what we expected… We expect more man! We go out and draft three pass catchers to help the sputtering offense, one can’t play cause he’s a broke d…! The other they don’t even throw enough his way, or use him in the scheme! How bout punt return or somethin sheesh! Randle ain’t gettin it done! Guess Fred Davis is to dum too I guess to play, We talked about about using double tight end sets, where’s it @!!? No I expect more, no more dag on excuses year after year!! It’s a lot of new coach’s, quarterbacks, and systems in this league, and they all seem to be further along than us! Ravens, ATL, Green bay… If they had our defense they be fine! They sure score a lot more than we do!

  61. I too am disapointed in the past few weeks at our Offense. In the Steeler game and Cowgurl game, we needed to continue running the ball. Portis, Betts and Alexander can run, however you cannot dig a hole and expect them to pull us out in the 4th quarter. What was up with the quick short, build confidence, passes. Run the ball and let the run set up a play action pass.

    I am a huge Redskins, and Colt Brennan fan who happens to live in Kona, Hawaii. With that said we need to allow Campbell to continue to play because we need continuity on the team. Especially if we are trying to get into the playoffs. I too saw the past few games and watched how Campbell reacted. I too believe that he was rattled and his passes were slightly off. Even if you are a fraction of a second off the pass will not be in the perfect spot, causing the reciever to make a spectacular catch or drop the ball. We haven’t gotten into the endzone, even with Campbell playing (according to many), great/good.

    As for the O-Line, they looked a bit off and was getting beat constantly. Allowing Campbell to feel pressured and get hit alot.

    Defense was playing awesome …Horton is an animal and I am glad he is on our team.

    My Opinion: Continue playing Campbell for the next four games as we need to get atleast ten wins to possibly go into the playoffs. If we do not win than let Collins and Colt play the remainder. We need to continue to run the ball all the time to set up the pass. Defense should continue to play as they do because they keep us in the game.

  62. It might be time for Colt and the lost to Dallas cant be blamed on the fans either like the lost to the Steelers when it was said that there were to many Steeler fans at the game. O- line needs to step up and except responsibility for its play.

  63. well put don p. we never have used our rookies well. its like we have a curse.also we can get aguy like jason taylor and he wont do sqat for us,then leave to go play in the pro bowl for someone else.horton is awesome

  64. The Skins are in a downward spiral and most likely will not make the playoffs. Once this becomes evident, they should start Brennan for the remainder of the season to see what they have on their hands or perhaps deal him to another team (hint: Bears).

  65. You people who are saying start Colt need to get a life. Only way Colt is starting is if he becomes a pro-bowl O-Lineman. So get over it!!!

    The O-Line sucks and Our D-line sucks. Case closed. All you fairweatehr fans. Who football IQ is below zero. Get over yourself. Because if you are blaiming this all on Campbell and saying Cult..oops I mean Colt should start. Your obviously dillusional. Our D-line and O-line sucks!!! Point Blank PERIOD!!

  66. I gots to put my input to this cause man this is a hot topic in alot of the Skins blog sites.

    First off, the lost to Dallas was pathetic IDC what any of you say but I blame these following people: JC, O-line, D-line, LBs, Zorn, Blache (2nd half), and Frank Caliendo.

    Jason Campbell: I have gotten into alot of convos bout this so called “QB” and “Leader” of this team is the one of the worst QBs in the league yea most of you say he has been thru so many offensive systems, he will get used to it bla bla bla bla plz blow it out all yal a$$e$ and open your eyes, who in the hell took us to the play-offs and won us the last five games of our season last year it wasn’t Campbell from what I recall a like 60yr old back-up did who hasn’t played since they wore rubber helmets in the 20’s did and he did great. To be straight forward sit JC and get Collins to do his miracle like last year plain and simple, honestly I prefer us to get Vick when he gets out of prison I bet he will do alot better than JC does. Not to come off as this sounding racsist he is black run seriously scramble do something. When he did break that one run off for the 1st down man I got pumped that was great he needs to more of those.

    Moving On…………….

    O-Line, D-Line and LBs: To start off our O-Line is so pathetic I mean the biggest peace of crap of and o-line, you have all these old guys running after the d-line saying “plz wait no dont hit my QB wait for me to try and stop you”(ha ha) this is a sign Snyder and Vinny draft younger guys and develop them all our o-line are from like 30 to 40yrs old (pity) no protection means no time to get rid of the ball. 10 sacks in the past 2 games that is so sad.

    As for the D-Line the only productive guy we have is injured Carter lost his touch, Taylor is garbage, and Griffin worst penetration in the middle ever. The Giants D-line were a bunch of nobodies and look at them now they are elite I hate the Giants more than anything in this world more than Cowboys but you have to give there D-line credit. We had no sacks against Romo so sad.

    LBs ha this is a funny one our CBs and DBs had more tackles then our D-line and LBs put together our front 7 suck they suck really bad only one nice play and it was the into that was caught by McIntosh which was the only big play by the LBs and D-line its so sad how these guys are playing more High School football then our Redskin football.

    Moving On………….

    Zorn Mr. Jimmy Zorn: Seriously you need to learn how to play call and yell at your retarded line and QB when they do stupid plays and also learn when to change your QB when he is not productive and give some beat down practices I mean make these guys bleed some burgundy and gold seriously I think we as the fans have 10x’s more HEART AND LOVE FO THIS TEAM then you guys do!

    Moving On……………….


    Moving On………………..

    Frank Caliendo: I love this guy on how he was just making so much fun of the Cowboys I think he really hates that team for some reason but everytime he picks us we loose so stop picking us so we can win more but your still a funny guy!

    Overall I think that playoffs could be a possibility for this team I really do but man if we play the way we have been playin in the last 2 games with no scoring in the 2nd half yet no turn overs and no sacks you can all say good bye to this year and pray to God we have a good draft this off season. Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease.


  67. plain and simple our offense is to bland i watch all three orimetime games and were just to easy to read we have no surprises we dont use our rookies i mean if you have fred davis and cooley on the squad please use them!!!!!! devin cant be that stupid i mean if they can dum down the offense in new york for brett dum down the offense for devin i mean let him make some plays you drafted him i would have hate to see what would have happened if we had drafted eddie royal or desean jackson would we have watsed them to would they have just been to stupid to play also and you see what there doin lets get some of those young legs on the field please…………….and get jason taylor,shawn springs and alexander out of d.c. we can use the money else where on other worth while free agents get it together vinny i want to go to a superbowl while i can afford it

  68. After reading all the post…Those who have no clue about Colt, need to do your research. Watch his game film and you will see a true leader of a team that inspires all to play beyond thier talents. Do not think for a minute that he is less than a starter. Do not knock his physical attributes because he will play great no matter what.

    Bears85…I hope and pray my Redskins do not let Colt go to another team. He really is that good.

    I agree with the Campbell Naysayers that he sucks right now. He cannot get the ball to the wideouts or tightends, in time. Watch him, he locks onto Moss and when he is covered then he panics and either gets sacked or throws incomplete.

    West coast offense is based on quick releases and timing. The ball needs to be at a certain spot within 3 seconds, any later on the release and it is off.

    Campbell is not talented enogh to improvise at this point, when he gets in trouble after 3 seconds.

    As I have said earlier this season, watch Campbells eyes during a play, he panics way to fast. He dosent see recievers, he sees pressure. Colt sees recievers and can feel pressure. That is the difference between the two.

    I think Zorn has poured soo much into Campbell that he is between a rock and a hard place, so he has to continue to play Campbell, even if he has no confidence in him. If he dosent than the whole team will fall apart faster. Right now he is trying to patch holes in the game plan and hopefully will be enough to get to the wildcards.

  69. ok ok enough of the Campbell Bashing i have every game saved via tivo. and what i see is poor pass blocking by our undersized offensive line. and in the dallas game how do you figgure he is locking on moss when he is throwing at devin thomas and cooly had 4 catches in the first qtr if i am not mistakein. i am shocking myself by saying this but none of this is campbells fault. its the o line not being able to pass block. its james thrash not being effective. its Randel El not being a legit Number #2 Reciver hate to say it but this is in no way campbells fault. if he has been sacked 10 times in the last 2 games but hardly none at all the first 8 then you do the math.

  70. and to that guy Danny. what game were you watching? our D held Dallas to 14 points.! 14! do not call out this Defense they have done more than whats been asked of them. there like a pitcher with no run support. if you allow a team to only score 14 points in the NFL thats a damm good job! how about our offense get 2 and a field goal maybe? or how about this the game was 14-10 going into the fourth quater and we came away with no points. so if your watching these games look at scoring around the league and i can tell you this much. No one and i mean No one has dropped 30+ on us this year so ide say our D is doing a great job. they got 2 picks off Romo so screw a sack! WHAT DID WE DO WITH THE INT’S?? NOTHING! THATS WHY WE LOST THE DAMM FOOTBALL GAME! when givin gift’s that good you should open them up and use it!

  71. I agree with the sentiment of putting Colt in when they Redskins are playing for nothing. What I expect Colt to bring is energy which the rest of the offense will feed off of. You folks will be amazed at how suddenly the offense looks alive.

  72. How could you ppl possibly say put colt in do you ppl know anything about football and skills have any of you guys actually played the game i mean putting colt i mean you guys clearly dont know anything about football that would be the stupidest thing they done since signing alexander you guys need to get a clue and actually go watch some film on colt past and present and get a clue he may be a starter some day but not now and probably not for this team bc its not j.c. fault and im not a j.c fan now im not sayin that he hasnt mad a few bad reads but what good qb doesnt make a mistake thats what makes them great to make a mistake then correct it gain knowledge you guys need to get a clue on colt and actually watch football

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