Redskins v. Cowboys – Third Quarter Thoughts


  • That vague sense of disorientation that started when nearly half of the second quarter disappeared out from under me is being exacerbated by the halftime entertainment. Every pregame, the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders are introduced and do their signature routine. It’s become comforting and familiar to me, even though there’s at least one song in there that I can’t stand. ANYhow, that routine got preempted by the Darrell Green/Art Monk ceremony, so the cheerleaders are doing their thing now, and it is deeply unsettling.
  • And again, the Redskins run a drive that seems to eat the entire quarter — or, at least, six and a half minutes of it — but ends without any success. I had really gotten used to Jason Campbell‘s interception-free streak, to the point where I actually didn’t believe that his pass could’ve been picked off there.
  • Okay, that disorientation thing has reached terminal velocity. Leaving aside the fairly standard postmodern OMG-the-future feeling generated by the fact that I’m watching a YouTube video of the Austrian broadcast of the TV coverage of a game that’s in front of me live, this is just completely surreal. Here, check out the Fred Smoot greeting I mentioned the other day, and then see this blog get coverage on the Austrian national TV station.

    I am clearly HUGE in Austria. I think that was the strangest experience of my life, or at least this evening.

  • Hey, there’s Video Rocky McIntosh, imploring the crowd to cheer. It’s working, too, as Dallas is tagged with two penalties, including one false start. Nice work, Video Rocky McIntosh.
  • As Jason Campbell gets knocked around a few times and the officials don’t seem too concerned, I mention out loud that the quarterbacks aren’t being overprotected today. To my right, someone says, “Yeah, by the offensive lines.” Tough to argue with. Campbell is getting battered out there.
  • And the quarter ends the same way it started, Redskins 10 – Cowboys 7. Frustrating.

4 Responses

  1. UGLY – thought we had them at the half… Dad-gum

  2. Zorn and Blache’s worst coaching job of the year and it came in a game they had 2 weeks to prepare for… Nice job guys. You don’t win games putting up ten points. No pressure on Romo, etc. etc. Letting Barber run all over us on the final drive…Give me a freakin headset…

  3. The lack of cheerleader professionalism, as seen in the above pictures, clearly cost the Redskins the game.

  4. Speaking of the cheerleaders, any thoughts on where I can get one of those vests? They’re not on the Redskins site (yet?).

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