Redskins v. Cowboys – Second Quarter Thoughts


  • Gorgeous interception by Rocky McIntosh, on a ball popped out by a crushing hit by Carlos Rogers. I can’t quite decide how to feel about the situation, though — that’s the second time the Cowboys have gotten that far into Redskins territory on what looked like surprisingly effortless drives, and I’m not sure how comfortable I am counting on getting a takeaway every time they’re down there.
  • And, wow, the quarter is suddenly mostly gone. Nothing quite like an almost-five-minute drive (yielding absolutely nothing, after the last two plays are a penalty and a sack) to just make a quarter disappear. A really remarkable designed run up the middle for Jason Campbell, though, for a gain of 22 yards. He’s a big guy, and he was bouncing off tacklers like a tight end on that one.
  • That guy with the whistle in front of the press box that irritated me during the Steelers game is back. He blows the whistle during Dallas offensive plays, and every time I assume there’s been a penalty blowing the play dead. This drives me insane.
  • Not as insane as that questionable challenge, though, on the spot on that punt. The chance of improving field position by twenty yards was really not enough potential gain to justify burning the last timeout. I’m slightly frustrated by this, but it’s making the people on either side of me apoplectic.
  • And even more apoplectic now that Dallas has scored a touchdown and the Redskins have no timeouts to use in an answering drive. That drive was exactly what I was worried about after Rogers’ interception.
  • Huh. I guess being that upset about the timeout was really worth it — a timeout would’ve meant another play there, in a strangely managed final drive. I can’t decide whether to be glad that the team is leading by three, or upset that they’re only leading by three.

4 Responses

  1. Matt

    Watching the game on TV, I can’t really tell, but it seems to me, on the long drive to start the3rd quarter, would have been a great time to take a shot at the end zone. I Send Thomas or Moss on a fly route and go for the end zone!

  2. The touchback was important as Dallas on the one yard line would have seriously changed their thinking on offense and probably would have punted from their own zone.

    From where we were sitting the touchback call was a bad call as the ball never made it to the end zone and neither did any of the Skins players. Should have been Cowboys ball on the one yard line. The replay that was showing on the jumbo tron reinforced it.

  3. I agree, LeeH. Rock’s rear may have rolled onto the line, but that was after he had already had the ball down on the one! There’s no way that should have been a touchback…

  4. the way dallas ran the ball and controlled the line of scrimmage it was likely they would have just moved out from the 1 and burned all the half away.

    a touch on punt coverage does not kill the ball; in fact it relieves the receiving team of the “muff” . the coverage must control and down the ball

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