Redskins v. Cowboys – Fourth Quarter Thoughts


  • Well, the fourth quarter certainly isn’t starting off very strong. The Cowboys move steadily downfield to score a touchdown, and the drive includes one of those little Brett Favre-lite Tony Romo plays on a shovel pass to convert a third down. Just having fun out there, gunslinger, etc.
  • Very grim — the Redskins have another promising drive stall out from under them on a failed fourth down conversion. The Skins took a timeout between third and fourth downs to think through their options, and the Cowboys were actually trying to get their fans fired up for the defensive stop. It didn’t work — at least, not noticeably — but still a strange moment.
  • And the fourth quarter is made up of only three possessions. The Cowboys score, the Redskins don’t, and the Cowboys kill the clock. That’s about it.
  • After the Steelers game, it seems important to note this: the performance of the Redskins fans is one of the main things I can compliment in an ugly and disappointing loss. They stuck around to the bitter end, and seemed loud and engaged throughout. I have very little good to say about this one, so I’m curious to hear what Coach Zorn has to offer.

22 Responses

  1. With betts hurt again alexander had a perfect chance to show something and he didnt, after the seatle game we should cut alexander and look for another free agent running back and let cartwright come behind portis against the seatle this week and let ihm show that he has the same kinda running style let portis hitting the hole hard.

  2. Ugh, this is not going to be a good week.

    Why do their have to be so many dallas fans in the VA/DC/MD area?

    I think ugly is probably the best way to describe our effort tonight. Still HTTR

  3. Redskin losers you’ve been on our site all week and now you’re hiding. Feels so good baby yyyeeaaaahhhh

  4. We need to send moss deep more then 2 times a game for the short game to work. Plus we need to get the rookie wrs more touches. With that said great game guys its dallas and it wasnt going to be easy and its not over at all 6-4 is not bad.

  5. Someone needs to inject some life into our offense. The annWell another tough one to watch. We are in some serious hot water. Our offense has grown defunct. If not for a good special teams return we would of finished this game with only 7pts. Bout the only good thing we can say is we did manage 2 picks. though nothing became of either. The playoff picture is getting uglier, with another giants game and philly game we are hard pressed to make a run. ouncers nailed it on the head, we aren’t keeping the db’s honest by stretching the field at all. All our dink n dunk passes are getting jumped on for minimal gains. But on that note, and pass longer then a 3 step drop and release is resulting in Campbell getting hit. What the hell is going on? For all the excitement I was feeling at early season this is definately the other extreme.

  6. Would it be a bad idea to give simone rice a look with jason taylor not getting sacks and his contract is going to cost us, rice would be cheeper and we will be able to sign hall to a long term deal.

  7. Simone RIce is done and would be worse than Taylor. There is a reason why he has been cut and not in fball anymore. Heard he was done on NFL Radio. And my God, 6-4 is BAD!!!! We were 6-2, take a look at the NFC South, 3 losses at home TERRIBLE. That is not a playoff team and still have Ravens, Giants and Eagles. After how we have looked since the rams game who are we beating besides seattle and cincy??? Don’t be surprised at a 9-7 finish and no playoffs.

  8. God when are heads going to roll. At best we are looking at Wild Card at best. No home playoff game AGAIN. Year after year after year at best we fight tooth and nail for a 6th seed. You look at all the playoff teams or teams in playoff picture they all can score points. Where are our points? Our line on both sides is old, we have ONE WR and ONE RB and a TE combine that with an old slow line that wears down as the season grows and our ONE WR and ONE RB can’t do anything. We get inside the 30, take away moss put 8 in box and it is FG time.

  9. Lets draft another punter and maybe another WR who is full of himself, thinks he is better than he is, does not workout during the offseason and does not know how to read a playbook.

  10. No offense again no going down field D Thomas sucks Zorn needs to open up some down field passing and please shawn springs play a game and quit acting like an over paid lil sissy ur wasting out money if portis can play with an MCL injury u outta beable to do something in the past 5 weeks

  11. 1 more note D Hall did not dissapoint

  12. Great point about Springs. Tired of his 4 or 5 games a year routing. At least Smoot and Portis gut it out. And do we EVER HAVE A PASS RUSH. Gee wonder why we can’t score and were once 6-2, now have lost to THE RAMS, have lost 3 home games, can’t rush a QB and can’t score…. Sorry that is not a playoff team.

  13. Again no offense and the defense never showed up for the second half !!!! How are you going to win a game with only one pass for more than 10 yards a game; and as I have followed most of the Redskin games this year it is the same thing every game. Remember the movie Ground Hog Day!!!! My high school coach could have called better plays. They should call this the BS Offense or Lack-of-Offense and not the West Coast offense. I am puzzled!!! I watched Jim Zorn and Steve Largent connect on numerous 50, 60 and 70 or more pass plays a game. Before the game John Madden said that Jim Zorn told him that he needs to attack. Hello!!!!! I canceled my NLF Ticket two years ago as I was tired of the same old pathetic Redskin games. I started to follow Redskin games on the NFL website and watched the televised Redskin games. Not any more!!! I am not going to waste my time watching this pathetic coaching. Gee I should become a Detroit fan!!!

  14. As stated last week…Brennan NEEDS TO BE The Starting Quarterback for this Team, IF The Redskins WANT To Win…With The Redskins Solid Defense, and Brennan as Quarterback, The Redskins would be The BEST TEAM In The League…

  15. I’m not ready to play just yet give me a year or two.We need a new oline and a new defensive line. We have weak protection and an even weaker pass rush. Romo was hit like one time the whole game.

  16. Even though we lost, Dallas still sucks. There is no reason why we could not throw the ball more and deeper on this sorry dallas secondary. We did it in the first game. How do not play better than that after a bye week and against a division rival at home? This is the same pathetic dallas team they played in dallas. Campbell is just too slow at at figuring out what to do with the ball which is why he has been sacked 10 times in the past two games. Zorn’s play calling is very simple and vanilla. Blache needs to blitz more to put pressure on qb to make more mistakes. Your playing against a qb with a hurt throwing hand and you dont sack him one time. That is the sorry part of the defense along with their soft conerback coverage. At 6-4, the way we look right now, I think it is time to put Colt in there to get him ready for next year. Colt can do everything Zorn has Campbell doing, probably better.

  17. If I were a Redskin’s fan I’d be worried. Look back at your past 5 games:

    Loss to the Rams
    Barely beat the 1-9-1 Bengals
    Barely beat the 0-10 Lions
    Loss to the Steelers
    Loss to the Cowboys

    2-3 in the last 5 with the only wins against 2 of the worst teams in the NFL in less than dominating fashion.

    As a Cowboy fan I can take solace that we barely beat the Redskins because the division/rivalry factors always level the field. However, beating this Redskins team based on the past 5 weeks doesn’t get me overly confident. The healthy Cowboys won’t be tested until Pittsburgh.

  18. I guess Newman was really hurt in the first game. He had me the whole game and made me look anything but special. Its a shame because after beating him when he had a sport’s hernia I felt like a man. I guess I’ll remember that time fondly but now must realize that I’m not as good as I thought.

  19. The O-line owes me steak this week. At least I made some new friends. Spent so much time with Ratliff and Ware that I found out they’re pretty good guys. We’ll be hanging in the offseason.

  20. Ok I have had just about as much of this goal line blown call talk as I can stand and here is why…………

    1. Even if they had given us the ball at the 1 yd line and you had gotten your precious little 2 points that takes the score to 14-12. And then we kick the ball to you so you could continue to do nothing with it. There is not a high probability that we were gonna turn the ball over to you in the endzone anyway so scratch the touchdown idea.

    Secondly you should stop whining because I need you to ask yourself a question. How many opportunities did the Cowboys hand us to put this game away? How about when my boy Romo threw you those two little gifts known as INTs. You did nothing with them. You got inside our 30yd line 3 other times and did nothing with it. We gave you back the ball on two other drives from false starts and an Illegal Hands to the Face penalty on False Start Flozell. You had a great return by Rock Cartwright all the way to our 35 yd line with 1:30 left in the 1st Half and you came away with only three points. You got the Second half kickoff which is always a huge advantage and you killed yourself with illegal formation penalties and then settled for a MISSED 46YD FIELD GOAL. In that last six minutes you knew EXACTLY what we were going to do. KILL THE CLOCK WITH MARION THE BARBARIAN!! Every single yard on that last 6 minute game closing drive was gained by Barber and you guys didn’t put anyone on him. He ran all over the field and slapped your secondary around like you were a bunch of rented mules! On 4th and 2 you knew the ball was going to Barber and you couldnt stop him.

    The fact is as shaky as our team was in the first three quarters you had every ample opportunity to lock it up and you didn’t. So please just give us our props and move on!! Guess what we had to take a good long look at ourselves over the last three weeks and we are still in that process. Maybe your team needs to do the same because this is the time in the regular season when these games count the most. So quit the hating unless its in the good spirited humor of the rivalry both of our clubs have enjoyed so much for so long.

  21. Where’s all those trash talking foreskins fans that were talking all the trash on the COWBOYS website last week?That’s funny,haven’t heard a thing out of you today. And you were the ones saying that you would be back on our website today,regardless of who won the game.Guess that just shows you are a bunch of sore losers,ok LOSERS,We’ll see you next year.We’ll be waiting for you.

  22. Our o-line and d-line are to old they run out of gas late in the games. get some fresh blood on them lines

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