Posing For Pictures: So Easy, Even blah blah blah

Guess who’s posing for pictures on the sidelines pregame. HINT: It isn’t Johnny Damon.


Today’s game is presented by GEICO, whatever that means, so the caveman is making appearances wearing a Jason Candle Campbell jersey. For what it’s worth, the makeup looks much better in person than it does on TV or in photos.

And, for those of you who made it down this far, I’ll confirm that it’s white jerseys on burgundy pants; Dallas is in the blue jerseys.


5 Responses

  1. Ew ugly

  2. that Jason Candle commercial is hilarious! “No! It’s Jason Campbell!”

    “What?! Jason Candle?
    “No! Jason CAMPBELL!!”
    “Jason Candle?”

    hahhahahaha lol!

  3. Darn redskin inbreeding….

  4. No, I’m pretty sure that is Johnny Damon.

  5. Perfect compliment to Tom Cruise!

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