Redskins v. Cowboys – Why the Linebackers Are Fired Up

I mentioned that the team — and especially the defense — seemed extraordinarily fired up today. Things like this are one reason why. Just listening to London Fletcher deliver this speech to the linebackers in pregame left me wanting to run through a concrete wall, where under ordinary circumstances I’d be lucky to run through a sheet of paper like they do before high school football games.


7 Responses

  1. can we get a transcript of what hes saying? cant make out a word!!! hah.

  2. sounds like they are fired up;

    Matt any chance you have a pic or video of portis coming out with the taylor jersey with the flag?

  3. I don’t, actually, but as soon as I find one, I’ll post it.

  4. Yeah, a transcript would be great

  5. I’m ready to see Todd Collins. Campbell is too safe of a QB to me. He really messed up that 4th and 4. I’m getting tired of his play…I’m ready to see something different.

  6. How about it’s not our player’s that are messing up. It is play calling. How many times did we go to Thomas…he doesn’t deserve the ball. Give it to cooley on 3rd and long. Not Thomas! In a game like that go to players that are going to make plays…not players that you’re trying to get in the mix.

  7. if this were a throw-away season i think a lot of people would have the same sentiments CT, but the fact is Jason Campbell got us this far and we’re still in the hunt for a playoff spot.

    Besides I don’t think Todd Collins immobile-@ss would do any better with such poor pass protection. And can you picture him getting that 22-yard run on third down? makes me laugh just thinking about it…

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