On the Field for Practice – 11/14

The weather today looked — from inside — much like yesterday, so this time I went out prepared … only to find that it was actually fairly mild and just a little drizzly. An odd start to what seemed like a generally odd practice.


  • Practice itself felt odd because it was, again, very high energy, and yet a lot of what I was seeing on the field seemed somehow ragged. A few more dropped passes than usual, a very uncharacteristic Jason Campbell underthrow that should’ve been intercepted, things like that. Nothing I could specifically put my finger on, and there were certainly plenty of positive signs, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was unusual.
  • I asked Casey Rabach what he saw at practice, and he said “Football players.”
    What were they doing? “Practicing.”
    Were they doing it well? “Yes.”
    Excellent. “I also saw coaches. They were coaching.”
    Were they doing that well? “Yes.”
    What else were the coaches doing? “Yelling.”
    When I first got here, everyone told me that Rabach was one of the best interviews in the locker room, but this is the first time I’ve really seen it in full effect.


  • One thing that definitely did not look ragged was the defense. They were, to borrow a phrase, fired up and ready to go in just about all phases of the game. Rocky McIntosh made a terrific leaping interception in the end zone, prompting Greg Blache to yell “Take it back 107, Rocky!” DeAngelo Hall broke up a few passes, and Carlos Rogers also pulled down an INT. They look completely ready for the game.
  • That was an impression that was confirmed when I talked to Rogers afterward. “Besides me looking good, I think the vibe was good also,” he said. “You know, I think everybody had fun, not only today but the whole week. Everybody was focused on their jobs and what they had to do. I know it’s a big week and everyone gets amped up for the Dallas game, but this week seemed like it was a bit different, you know?” In a good way? “Yeah, in a very good way.”
  • I also asked Rogers about DeAngelo Hall‘s first week with the team. “Oh, yeah, he’s been fitting in real good. We let him know what we’re about early, and we’ve been having fun, talking about each other. It’s about us having fun when we get out there, and it’s about getting work done. We’ve got a good rotation going and that’s what it’s gonna take, you know? All of us. There’s a chance here for the team to be real special.”


  • Chris Cooley had a couple of nice catches in practice, but that wasn’t what he wanted to talk about afterward. “I think one of the interesting things about Fridays is to see Zorn’s quarterback competitive side come out. We have an individual period and he gets out and throws passes to all the quarterbacks. I know it’s not for them to warm up at all, it’s just for him to throw some passes. I think that’s something interesting about Fridays.”
  • He was also blocking hard during the running practices, but that wasn’t what he wanted to talk about either. “Another thing that’s interesting for me is that it’s a weigh-in day. We weigh in every Friday, and Zorn’s adamant about us weighing in. So I usually have to go pretty light Thursday night, and I wind up weighing four or five pounds less than I do any other day of the week. What was interesting today was that it had rained and been cold all week, so I had rain gear and wet rain gear, and I think I felt about twelve pounds lighter today. And I think really I was about twelve pounds lighter, if I had stood on the scale with all my pads, so I felt awesome today.” (For those of you who are curious, Cooley’s target weight is 254 pounds, as determined at the start of the year.)


  • The injury situation, at least, was much improved. Clinton Portis was outside at practice getting what Zorn calls “mental reps” (i.e., not participating), and Anthony Montgomery is not going to be able to go on Sunday, but everyone else who has missed time this week was back in and participating to one extent or another. Zorn still lists Portis as a 50-50 gametime decision, so that’s something to keep an eye on.

88 Responses

  1. How about Shawn Springs and Ladell betts? Are they out on the practice field?


  2. Matt, what about Kelly?

  3. Yep again. Didn’t see him do anything particularly notable (good or bad), but he was out there.

  4. Cute Devin :)

  5. Awesome Matt, I know Zorn said he likely wouldn’t be active Sunday Night, but if that knee holds up this week, we just might get to see him next week.

    Go Skins!!!

  6. Matt, do you think Kelly could be activated this week???


  7. Any word on Kelly? Who will take up those last few roster spots?

  8. Where Thomas or Davis involved more than usual? I hope so…

  9. Or were (for those gramar freaks;)

  10. How di Devin Thomas do in practice (he will no doubt be active)? Is he seeing more passes thrown to him? I for one would certainly like to see him be involved in more plays. At this point of the season, and after a bye, there should be no more excuses in this regard for the Redskins’ first draft pick.

  11. Thomas and Kelly were both part of practice. Zorn gave no indication that he would be changing his mind on deactivating Kelly, although I suppose anything can happen by gametime. I didn’t notice either of them getting more or less work than is usual, and neither of them did anything that jumped out at me or made it into my notes.

  12. Is anyone upset or concerned about any of the personal milestones for Portis? Like being under 1k yards or not being the leading rusher anymore?

  13. who will be the featured back on sunday….betts or alexander?

  14. Did Marcus Washington suit up? How did Blades look in his place?

  15. Wasn’t Malcom told he wasn’t going to be activated for the Saints game? Their is still a chance. Skins fans are ready to see this gezelle w/ hands get in the game!!

  16. I hope Betts is the starter on Sunday. He can run like an animal when he’s the featured guy. I don’t want to see Alexander out there as more than a change of pace guy. Not saying he’s bad or can’t do it or anything, but I like Betts’ “violent” running style more.

  17. Matt,

    Kelly might be active just based on the numbers game. Figure inactives due to injury are: Portis, Montgomery, MWashington, Springs (come on…you really think he’ll play). Brennan is the 3rd QB. That leaves three healthy scratches….EJames/RJackson will be one, and then the Fabini and Rhinehart combo that’s always inactive. There’s the list

  18. with Portis probably out and Betts questionable… I would love to have Marcus Mason on our team right now

  19. Thanks as always Matt.

    I have a great feeling about Sunday.

  20. Good update! We have to win Sunday.

    Go Skins!

  21. I’d take Rock and Shaun Alexander over Marcus Mason any day. No offense.

  22. Watch your mouth, Pete! Marcus Mason is a golden god!!

  23. I’m looking for the defense to come out FIRED UP for this beatdown of the Cowgirls. Our “D” will win this game. Good stuff Matt. HAIL REDSKINS!!!

  24. What about Santana Moss, is he gonna be full go on Sunday or what. I need to know if I should start him on my fantasy or not.

  25. Good luck with the supposed beatdown u hogs think is going to happen. It’s going to be a long night in the nation’s capital when America’s Team comes to town and slaughters the foreskins. The same D ya’ll ran last time will not be effective this week cause now there is another pro bowler on the opposite side who I dare the deadskins to single cover as they did Crayton the week before. And I surely hope they single Owens caused we know what will happen remember that 4 TD game. Man, all I can say is,”GET YOUR POPCORN READY!”

  26. Hail the Cowboys! You hogs are going to be leavin at halftime, you better hope they do the induction for Art and Darrell before the game ha ha ha, otherwise the unloyal crybaby pieces of shi$t that are supposed to be deadskins fans will be gone. HAIL THE COWBOYS!

  27. Hey Dallas Cowboy fan, you’re a kook just like the rest of your weak fanbase. Beat it clown

  28. Malcolm Kelly is listed as probable.

    Just sayin’

  29. HA I’m just returning the favor cause it seems like their is more redskins fans commenting on our site then on their own. So I figured I’d come on here and do the same. Weak fanbase is funny remember we are America’s Team and are in the top two in fanbase (Cowboys, Steelers) Try to get educated clown before you make ignorant comments, but wait the Deadskins do have the dumbest fans along with the Gnats and beagles.

  30. To: “Dallas Cowboy beat Foreskins”

    Why does a “Dallas Cowboy beat Foreskins” …
    Did Jessica Simpson break up with *omo?

  31. Comment to Cowboy fan – who the heck came up with the term “america’s Team”? Oh it must have been the same knuckle head that labeled the Atlanta Braves “America’s Team” in baseball. You probably didn’t know that either. And why is it when you have an argument with Cowboy fan’s that they always say “we got five rings”. Pound salt dude. So do the Niners, and Steelers. I never hear those fans throw that out. Pittsburgh fans don’t , because they actually live in the here and now. Niner fans don’t, because they have not been good or done anything in what ,12 years. Kinda like your team.

  32. Lets hope we alot of passes thrown to Devin Thomas and hopefully Malcom Kelly not James Thrash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. One more comment to Cowboy fan: the Redskins were picked to finish last in the East, and you team was going to the Superbowl. The Cowboys do have more talent then the Redskins- which makes your situation even more of a joke. I expected the Skins to win 6 or seven games with a new coach. Already done that, so they have exceeded my expectations. Your team- another disappointment. See, football is a TEAM sport. Your so called team should be playing tennis. Now that’s a good “individual” sport. Maybe that is why Romo is so good at golf?

  34. go to you tube ,put in Mike Jenkins in the search. Watch the replay they show against Derrick Ward. That will tell you how much “heart” the Cowboys have” It is titled “mike Jenkins soft/no heart

  35. we are americas teem because in world ward too we had a game vs the eagles. i am almost shure it was a home game at the cotton bowl. and when perl harbor was bomed. we had some of our players go into action. thats thre true americas tteem, men who bleed red white and blue and silver. GO BOYS!

  36. Uh…dallas LOST to “St Lewis”

  37. he’s just trying to irritate people, ignore him.

    It’s sad really… he was probably born into it, his deadbeat father trained him in redskin-fan-irritation as his father did before him. And he will train his dirty children the same

  38. Dallas is is OG man…one of te first teams to join the leege. Yes it is true we have 5 super bowls, but you cant forget all the championships we own before the super bowl eara…the deadskins only beat us what???ONCE IN THE LAST $ YEARS…yall won a a game last year where all our starter sat…and barber still ran for over 100 yards…we got the better barber…mareon is better than his brother tiki…that foo left and got no ring….

  39. andreas you are my son.

  40. I love how Dallas Cowboys beat Foreskins is all over the redskins blog. Like you are going to impact the outcome of the game. Get a life man.

  41. Dallas Cowboys beat Foreskins

    Dude!! Out of all my years of reading forums and blogs. These have to be the most illiterate posts I have ever read. Oh my bad..I forgot your a Cowboys fan. It makes total sense now. Or how you probably would put it. It makes cents now..lol

  42. Tomorrow night the Cowpatties will be ‘udder’ly destroyed!
    T.O. stands for Totally Obliterated!
    You losers can enjoy the playoffs on the big screen TV at Valley Chicken Ranch!

  43. You Go ‘Dallas Cowboys beat Foreskins’! It’s a shame that the nation’s capitol’s team cannot be ‘America’s Team’! BUT – DATS D’ WAY IT IS!!! Even Zorn was a COWBOY once (and a fan)! You guys will lose! Cowboys 33 Redskins 17!!!!!

  44. these cowboys fans posting on our website are very uneducated, un-original, low class fans. im sure they started liking the cowboys in the 90’s. having michael irvin as your hero isnt cool.

  45. also, TO is a huge pile of cow crap!

  46. Boy, talk about ignorant!!! You SKINS fans take the CAKE! Cowboys 33 Redskins 17

  47. Oh, and by the way… our ‘pile of crap’ will score at least 2 (TWO) touchdowns – Please have HIS popcorn ready!!! Cowboys 33 Redskins 17

  48. hahahahaha, popcorn. that wasnt funny when he said it a year ago. what makes you think it would be funny now!

  49. Not meant to be funny… Just a fact… HE scores and expects HIS popcorn. YOUR job is to have someone in the end zone READY WITH IT!

  50. I forgot to post… Cowboys 33 Redskins 17!!!

  51. have you guys scored 33 points in agame yet this year.? does little pinky have it in him?

  52. Pinky’s healed!! Week Two – Cowboys 41 Eagles 37, Monday Night Football. Sunday night… Cowboys 33 Redskins 17!

  53. To: Dallas Cowboys Beat Foreskins
    First, the skins have beaten the cowgirls in 5 of the last seven match-ups, including the last 3 at home. Second, “America’s Drug Dealers” haven’t beaten the skins in the playoffs… ever. Third, when was the last time you all won a playoff game? Forth, please learn how to speak english. Fifth,
    To: Go Cowboys
    “Get your popcorn ready” was supposed to be funny, and it wasn’t. TO hasn’t had a 100 yard game this season… In the first game AT DALLAS this season, we did single Owens with Springs, and then with Rogers, and were extremely successful. Also, his pinky is not healed, he is going to play with a splint on. Just wanted to get the facts straight

  54. This is the Real Dallas Cowboy Beat Foreskins. We had a couple others use my name but its ok. I haven’t said one word about our past 5 superbowls….they are in the past. What I can’t get over is the complete ignorance of the deadskins fans. You would have to be a moron not to notice the difference between my post and the others. All of my post were posted on Nov. 14. Chris, what has your team done in the past 20 years? Oh yeah not crap. All you have to do is watch NFL Films to learn the story behind Dallas being labeled America’s Team. It’s because we have the largest fanbase hence the name America’s Team…….. another moron to add to the dreadful list of ignorant foreskin fans. To, To Cowboys fan: Yes we were averaging 28 points a game before all of our injuries occured: can’t say the same for your pitiful offense whose largest margin of victory is 8 points. Oh wait and that was to the winless Lions. Man what a joke. I admit your D is solid, but the O will be the deadskins downfall. Hail the Cowboys. We our America’s Team traveling to America’s capital to put the smackdown on the team we call the Foreskins. ”WE WILL WIN THIS BALLGAME.”

  55. Lets talk about the cowboys for a second…
    Their defense gives up as many points per game as your offense scores (24). They give up nearly 110 yards per game on the ground, Romo averages nearly a pick per game (and he is playing with a splint on his pinky), they haven’t won a playoff game in forever and a day, “America’s Team” of the 90’s had as many players spend time in jail as the more modern Bengals. In another note, its fairly ignorant for you to believe that we could guess it wasn’t you posting. Is it not possible to post on consecutive days? You are so desperate to come up with an insult that you become irrational. focus on football, not petty whining. Obviously the cowboys are not the worst team in football, they are in the most dominant division in football. On another note, our offense averages more yards per game than the cowboys and I look forward to them solving their td issues against the cowgirls.

  56. Is Betts going to get the bulk of the work?

    what is his status?

    is Alexander really going to get the most carries?

    what’s the story today?

  57. Matt- What are the percentages that Kelly is active on Sunday night?

  58. Well Skins Fan you make an educated argument unlike your fellow fans. First off wouldn’t you think the stats are a tad skewed? I mean look how the offensive production fell when Romo went down. It’s called the trickle down effect, without Romo we started scoring 13 points a game far worse than the 28 with him., which also led to the poor performances of our defense. What D in the NFL can play consistently when our offense could not sustain drives or score points? How can a defense be successful when their on the field nearly 40 min out of 60 as was the case in the Rams and Giants game? So don’t try to justify anything with those BS stats your throwing around. By the way if you read my first posts then read the others I didn’t write: you should have noticed a change. Also, you all probably do average more yards per game then us due to our 2 outings with under 300 yards. I hope you don’t think that would have been the same if we had stayed healthy.

  59. I’d like to see Alexander in there.

  60. Skins Fan, yes Romo is playing with a splint. It will not effect his throwing like you all are hoping. You really think they singled covered TO. O’ man thats funny; we all seen what happened when the Deadskins attempted that……4TD’S. The last game we played Springs/Rogers was jamming him at the line, but with help over top every time. So if I were you I would go watch some tape of the game so my facts would be straight. That will not work this time around. I never said the Cowboys beat the Redskins in the postseason. Same question can be asked to you; when is the last time your team won a game in the playoffs…..what about the Superbowl? All of our issues will be solved tom. night. After my Boys win I’ll come chat it up with you weeping hogs.

  61. Wow this thread blew up! Let’s see if Marion Barber can get negative 6 yards again like he did last time the cryboys came to DC.

    Redskins 25 Cryboys 16

  62. to Dallas cowboys beat foreskins: look, lets be honest. you are on this site because you are concerned. Your checking the injury status of our players, mainly C.P., because if he does not play, well, maybe you have a chance. It is truly sad that one guy(Romo) has such a drastic effect on your team. When our QB went down, last year, we didn’t miss a beat. We did not make excuses when the best safety in football was killed, we lost probably our best corner for the year with a blown out knee, two pro bowl caliber offensive linemen (Thomas and Jansen) after week three; I can go on and on( Moss, Randel El, Rabach etc. etc…) I’m sure you would not be so confident if Romo was still out based on your last month’s performance. The fact is, all your players were healthy the first meeting, and we won. Portis is a big loss, but we are stacked at running back. Ladel Betts does not see the field because Portis is that good. Betts would be a top level back on many a team. Betts is playing tomorrow by the way. Do me a favor, look up Betts’ 2006 stats- the year Portis broke hand and seperated shoulder, and tell me what you think. I will give you a preview-Betts only started in six games and had over 1,000 yds, avg. about 140 a game in those starts. What is going to happen if Jason Taylor, who is now completely healthy for the first time this year, comes around the end, and pulls a Tom Brady on your QB? what kind of rest of season will you have? Look, I’ll quit talking; your concerned, I am to. ZFootball is a game of emotion. You all need this more than we do. It would not surprise me if you do win, however, do you really know what Romo is going to give you after being out a month? No. Your hoping he is money, but you really don’t know. If he is off a little, you all are in trouble. Like it or not, the Skins have a top notch “D”. It will be tough for you all. Talk is cheap. good luck tomorrow.

  63. we have won two playoff games since you all did anything, and were not to many years behind winning a Superbowl since your last. Stop living in the past. What have you done for me lately? Honestly, again, the truth is both the Redskins and your team have been mediocre at best for the past decade. But the Redskins have over achieved in recent years, where your team has done the opposite, which tells me , the Redskins have more heart and character.

  64. Chris Helmick, related to Michael Helmick? I worked with him a while back. Just curious.

  65. News Flash….Redskins 35…Cowgurls 3.

    Jason Cambell 250 yds passing…2 TDs
    Ladell Betts…120 yds rushing…2 TDs
    Shaun Alexander…98 yds rushing..1TD
    Chris Cooley…110yds rec…1 TD
    Santana Moss 140yds rec…1 TDs

    Tony Homo, oops, Romo…100 yds passing
    Roy E. Williams…30 yds rec.
    T. Hoe,oops, T.O. 30 yds rec.
    Jason Witten…40 yds rec.
    Nick Folk, good kid,…1 field goal.

    Oh, almost forgot, Jessica Simpson stalks our Emergency QB, wanting a autograph from him because she is a card carrying member of the Cult of Colt.

  66. Yes sir, are related- but he claims his alliegence to the Bengals. Now that is a respectable outfit.

  67. First, you are kidding yourself if you think the splint on his pinky is not going to effect him. Just because he can make the throws in practice does not mean he’ll be able to do the same thing 30-40 times (since we will shut down the run like usual) over the entire game. I understand that it might not be drastic, but he will have issues playing an entire game with that thing. Second, yes, those numbers are off because of the terrible production of your offense in recent games. However, injuries are a part of this sport. You are as good as your record and your stats allow. Don’t forget that your ‘boys were struggling before romo got hurt as well (loss to cards and nearly lost the the Bengals). And like Chris said, we won a playoff game in the ’05-’06 season against the Bucs on the road. We also beat the Lions in ’99. As for the playoff victories? that is just a fun stat, kind of like you bringing up the fact that the cowgirls used to be calle “america’s team.” Jamming receivers is a standard practice in the NFL. What springs and rogers did so well is that after they jammed him, they were still able to stay with him and broke up some of the 500 throws that Romo attempted to Owens in the game. The fact is, football is extremely unpredictable, and we’ll see what happens. its just funny, and typical of cowboys fans to place the blame on one thing when there are problems everywhere

  68. You all make valid points. I know when your last playoff victories were. It’s true both of our teams haven’t accomplished much in recent years. Yes we weren’t playing up to par before Romo went down, but the games we lost were winnable. We lost to ya’ll by 2 and in OT to the Cards(Romo did break his pinky the first play of OT) Yes it is kinda sad that Romo effects our team that drastically, but it’s the truth. All of the Cowboys fans thought Brad would be capable of holding the fort down, but looked what happened. All I know is tom. game should be a good one as it always is between these two teams. The splint will hider his ability, but the production will far exceed what we have seen recently with him out. I’m not trying to put the blame on that one thing, but everyone saw what kind of effect that had on the Cowboys with the inability of our backup. Yes I am worried but who isn’t when two NFC East teams face one another. It is always very hard to predict the outcome. This will be a great game, good luck to you all, but I’m still wishing for a Cowboy win. By the way I only came on here to spruce things up. Believe me there are more than enough Skins fans on our site. Just thought this would be a lil fun for all of us. I live in Tennessee so I really have no one to go back in forth with.

  69. Hey Dallas Cowboy beat Foreskins,



    lets go skinssss

    dirty thirty in the buildin

  70. LAST WORD… COWBOYS 33 REDSKINS 17!!!!! If you want Lotto numbers, it will cost you!

  71. glad to see that “Mr. Cowboy beat foreskins” actually stepped up and faced the music. Sounds like he has some intelligents. Yes there are plenty of Redskins fans on the Cowboys site for the same reason,checking injuries. They want to see Felix Jones’status, and if anything has changed with Romo. The game will be interesting, and for some fan, it’s going to be real hard to go to work the next day. Lets hope that fan is a Dallas Cowboy.

  72. If you live in Tenn., get off the Cowboy “band wagon” and jump on a winning won- Titans. support the home team. It is true, the Cowboys have a large fan base, but most of those fans around the country are “band wagon” fans. They have absolutely no affiliation to Dallas let alone the state of Texas. They like the Cowboys, because in the 90’s when the Cowboys were good, they needed a team to root for. Naturally. they picked a winner at that time. I totally disagree by the way in the “Cowboys” being labeled “America’s Team”. If you saw the Steelers game a couple weeks ago against the Skins- that my friend is “America’s Team”. That was an embarrassment to the people of Washington.

  73. Let me define ‘America’s Team’ – Look in Any dictionary and you will find ‘Dallas Cowboys’! This is due to the FACT that their TV coverage on ANY network CONSISTANTLY gets the HIGHEST ratings; and, their NFL gear for sale (jerseys, tee shirts, caps, watches, etc.) sells the most (often sells out). AND, they had a pretty good team in the 70’s also! Look at NFL.com and see the poll they are taking about the five Most Interesting games this weekend – It’s THIS Game and it Ain’t because of the ‘Foreskins’! This 2008 version is going to pillage and burn your Indian Camp today! Cowboys 33 Redskins 17!!!

  74. Our defense will spank the D running game same as always. Therefore, it s up to Romo to win it against our shut-down corners. Ain’t gonna happen. Romo won’t be playing in the 2nd half and “The Predator” will be named Defensive Player of The Week again. BTW, watch the heavy dose of 2 tight end sets and the eventual beat down of the D defense. We won’t be settling for field goals this time, so…Skins 33; Dallas 10.

  75. Oh yeah. America’s Team? Give me a break. Attorney fees must be higher than the Bengals. Real quality and character guys.

  76. Yeah, we’re ‘AMERICA’S TEAM’!!!! All the rest are DALLAS COWBOY wannabes!!!!
    Cowboys 33 Redskins 17!!!

  77. One of your corners (Springs) used to be one of our best fans! But wait… he got his calf hurt and may not play or may not play well… so much for covering T.O. or Roy Williams!
    Cowboys 33 Redskins 17

  78. RWA – Even with the negatives (attotney’s fees, etc.)… WE ARE STILL America’s TEAM!!! Just a fact.

    Cowboys 33 Redskins 17

  79. I think the only intelligent Cowboy fan is the one from Tenn. You act like Springs is a game decider. Springs has not played pretty much all year. Carlos Rogers, while he has hands of stone, is by far our best corner. He matched up aginst Me.O. in the second half in the first game and did just find. Same will be happening tonight. As for Roy Williams_ you all act like he is some perenial super-star. He has had one year in his career where he made Pro Bowl, and that was the year he had over 1,000 yds, the only year in his career. What has he done since becoming a Cowboy. I think he has three receptions. The fact is , we upgraded at corner. Rogers will do just fine on Me.O., Smoot and Springs can handle Williams, and hall can handle Crayton. As for Marion Barber- check his stats against the Skins; not good. The reason he is so good , is because he is hard to bring down. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, the Skins are a good tackeling team. Maybe that is why he does not have bomb games against us. Good Luck . We will see.

  80. If we win, i will go down on Wade Phiilps myself. and i’ll let him ride em cowboy

  81. I came over to y’all’s website to see about Portis, but I was pretty damn happy to see that Green and Monk were going to get their rings at the game. Two of the best. Hopefully we can shake off some rust and beat y’all tonight because I love nothing more than watching a Cowboys vs. Redskins matchup! I worked at UVA for a year and that was tough wearing my ‘Boys stuff, but people were fairly hospitable. Good luck and pray for no injuries to either team.

  82. Oh, by the way, Springs is a pretty cool guy. You need to go on our website and read the story about his upbringing in Cowboys’ camp. Great story. His dad was a good player for my ‘Boys and I think he has turned into a top notch corner. I hope he plays tonight.

  83. Oh well, I guess I wasn’t inflammatory enough to get a response, or you’re all at church. Maybe I should go…

  84. COWBOYS 33 REDSKINS 17 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. alright boys’ here is the last word; Springs and Taylor are both goes for tonight, still waiting on C.P. can the screen name “Go Cowboys” write a narrative with a little substance. Is this an eigh year old on a Redskin’s website. You got to do better than Cowboys33 Redskins17 every post. If your writing from Texas, weather here is cold and windy; not to good for passing and the air is not good for a hurt pinky. If you saw the Cincy Philly , and Giants Ravens today, you see what I mean. With Felix Jones out , and only Marion Barber, definitely conditions favor Skins. Again Betts is a go, and Cartwright and Alexander should fill in well. Good Luck. Should be fun.

  86. last post for me. possible bad news for Cowboy fans; Comcast in D.C. showed Portis on field going through his tests, and he looks like a possible go as well. Don’t have any definite updates, but in a game this big, I figure him to be in the mix.

  87. “Oh, almost forgot, Jessica Simpson stalks our Emergency QB, wanting a autograph from him because she is a card carrying member of the Cult of Colt.”

    BAAHAHAHAHA that’s awesome.

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