New Jewelry for Darrell Green and Art Monk


In addition to a football game that is apparently somewhat important, Sunday night will also see Darrell Green and Art Monk, the most recent Hall of Fame Redskins, receive their Hall of Fame rings during a pre-game ceremony.

If you’re attending the game, be sure to get to your seats early for the ceremony. Also, the first 50,000 fans into the stadium will receive one of the much-discussed Redskins Rally Rags, so there’s even more incentive for you.

Pictured above is the booklet that the PR department put together to hand out to Sunday’s media. It contains the press release about the event, statistics and old clips about each of the two guys, and a whole mess of quotes about them both. Here are just a few of those quotes, to get you ready for the pregame festivities.

Joe Gibbs on Art Monk:
“When you’re looking at the value to a team or the value of the person who’s playing–Art Monk was a big strong guy who wasn’t afraid to go inside and catch the ball in the middle of the field. He caught most of his passes in the middle–I think he had the toughest yards. Of course, we could have played him outside all the time, but we didn’t do that. I always thought that went to his credit–his stats actually could have been much more.”

Joe Theismann on Darrell Green:
“Darrell played 20 years at a small size, but you could never measure him by anything other than heart. He was a fast player, but he was always full of energy, loved to play the game, and anytime he got his hands on the ball you would hold your breath because before there was a game changer like Deion Sanders, there was a Darrell Green.”

Daniel Snyder on Art Monk:
“Art may be the classiest Redskin ever. He never let up on the field, and in his off-the-field activities he let his work speak loudly for itself. His entry into the Hall is long overdue, but that is all behind us now. We’ll be celebrating with him and for him for years to come.”

Jerry Rice on Darrell Green:
“Probably one of the best defensive backs to play the game and I think a credit to the game off the field, also. Whenever it came time to play Darrell, I had to get myself going and I knew it was going to be [tough] because he was going to come with everything. He is one of the guys that you draw inspiration from and I’ve enjoyed playing with him.”

John Riggins on Art Monk:
“I think Art, for me, will always be the definitive person when you think of grace. I think everything he did on the football field, off the football field, in the locker room- just a very reserved, yet well spoken young man. He was a guy that really you looked at and followed a motto that I have come upon late in life and that is just do your job and don’t give yourself an excuse to fail. I think Art Monk personified that very slogan. The honor that is, I don’t want to say bittersweet, but certainly Art is a guy that could have been there a lot sooner, but maybe he can appreciate it more. I don’t know. I felt very bad for him numerous years every time the vote would come out and I was as shocked as everybody that Art Monk was not in the Hall of Fame, but he finally made it and we can all rejoice.”

John Riggins on Darrell Green:
“I think Darrell was one of those guys where his mind gave out before his body did, that he had other things he wanted to do with his life. Therefore, he decided that it was time to move on. I’m not so sure Darrell Green couldn’t still be playing for the Redskins. That is the kind of talent he had and certainly that is the kind of knowledge he gained after 20 years of experience. He is another guy; first-round, certainly most deserved and I congratulate both of them.”

Ring Ceremony booklet (PDF)


10 Responses

  1. Hey Matt, how much will it take for you to grab one for me? :)

    It’s going to be a beautiful night….

  2. Hey Matt,

    Do you know if the ring presentation will be part of the NBC telecast, or if TV will carry video of the event?

  3. Any chance of getting a PDF of the booklet on this website? Thanks!

  4. Great suggestion, MAX. There’s now a link at the bottom of the post. TV may have video, but probably not until later in the week.

  5. Matt,

    Do you know what the towels will look like? If you dont can you find out?

  6. Matt – thanks a zillion for the PDF booklet —

  7. Awwww Man…I went to the 980 contest at D&B and came 4th for best potser….I think we had the best. We deff put in the most work like Larry Michael’s said. Biased crowd…..that was my only hope of going to the game.

  8. When you say “Get your seats early”, how early are you talking? I am going to the Giants game (my first game at the stadium) and Sean Taylor’s Ring of Fame induction is that night and I don’t want to miss it!

  9. Washington had a #2 pick Named Walter Murrray, a WR from the University of Hawaii back in 1986. A raw talent with great speed and good size. The classy Art monk could have molded him into a fine WR. However Murray had an ego the size of the planet earth. He was later released. Became a WR wanna-be.
    Now ART MONK is a Hall of Famer. And Walter Murray.. he missed a chance to learn and play along side one of the best. And one of the Classiest.

  10. As a Cowboys’ fan, and I hate to say this, it’s great to see Monk and Green make it to the Hall. Great players for a high class team. Good luck Sunday

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