Thursday, November 13: Redskins Flair

I’ve been wearing a Vote the Redskins Ticket pin for the last few weeks.

I’m not really sure why, to be honest — people keep asking if it’s mandatory, or if I just really like wearing buttons, or if I’m just THAT supportive of getting as many Redskins as possible into the Pro Bowl. I don’t have a particularly good answer, and each morning I just put the button on before I come into work.

Hey, Fred Smoot is wearing one in his recent video chat with Dan Steinberg, so it must be stylish. Anyhow, yesterday, a new button hit my desk.


I’ve never heard of the I Am Loved buttons before, but apparently they have a long and storied history as a Helzberg Diamonds advertising slogan that became a national fad. The Redskins are tied into this by way of a sweepstakes — full details are in the stores if you’re interested, but basically there are chances to win trips to the final two home games including limo ride to the stadium and all that good stuff — but I figured what the heck and put the button on anyhow, right underneath the Redskins Ticket one.

This experience has taught me a valuable lesson: wear one button, and people will casually question you about it. Wear more than that, and the only questions you will hear for the next twenty-four hours are about whether there’s a minimum amount of flair you have to wear to work for the Redskins. I learn these things the hard way so you don’t have to.

9 Responses

  1. What would you say…you DO here, Matt?

  2. How can i get a button Is my man malcom kelly out there today.

  3. I’m loving that “I am loved” button. Can we find those in stores?

  4. Yes… you can get those I am Loved Buttons in the stores… I know Tyson’s Corner has a helzberg…

  5. Matt, Player status updates yesterday were great…thanks.

    Anything more on Malcom Kelley today? Knee holding up?



    Does Shaun A look ready to take on a starting role if necessary?



  6. Jim, thanks a bunch! I’ll have to go out to Tysons and get one this weekend.

  7. i got my helzberg button at montgomery mall. so cool!!!!! you can register to win vip tix package to either the eagles or giants game-limo ride, on field before the game- i hope i win!

  8. whats up with samuels. is his knee all good. no one has really talked about him. Is that good or bad??

  9. I won it, REALLY!!!!

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