Texas Pete Hot Sauce Loves Fred Smoot

It’s always fun when boxes and boxes of stuff show up unannounced for players on the team. I doubt anything will match the sublime joy of Colt Brennan faced with dozen of fresh pineapples, but yesterday’s mail was certainly interesting: four cases of Texas Pete hot sauce for Fred Smoot.

(The picture, obviously, is from the pineapple event, but I wasn’t lucky enough to have my camera handy when Smoot was carrying the hot sauce to his car.)

Anyhow, Smoot took about half of it to his car and gave the rest away. Safties coach Steve Jackson was handing out bottles to anyone who wanted it, and the last bit wound up in the kitchen, close enough to the coffee machine that people were asking if you were supposed to add it to your coffee.

I caught up with Smoot during open locker room today to ask him what prompted this particular windfall.

“I did a show,” he said, “and I was just playing with the hot sauce that I had, and I said ‘This is sponsored by Fred Smoot and Texas Pete Hot Sauce,’ and next thing I knew Texas Pete sent me about 400 bottles of hot sauce, and I love it. Thanksgiving’s coming up, too.”

(I’m still not sure what Thanksgiving has to do with anything, and Smoot never really clarified it.)

So what do you put it on?

“Greens! Chicken! Everything! You can put hot sauce on anything. Even with food that’s nasty, you put hot sauce on it, you can eat it.”

I don’t love exclamation points, but Smoot was really emphatic, and it’s the simplest way to convey that. Chris Wilson chimed in at this point, noting, “You can put it on eggs.”

“Yeah!” Smoot continued. “You can put it on everything. It gets to the point that, like, your wife cooks something, you don’t want to eat that [stuff], you just put hot sauce on it.”

Okay, I said, thinking of the bottles in the kitchen, Do you put it in your coffee?

“Oh, no way,” Smoot said, looking at me like I was out of my mind.

So not quite everything, I guess.


19 Responses

  1. This is great. Vive’ Le Blog!

  2. Who doesn’t love Fred Smoot?

    I, too, put hot sauce on my eggs.

    Although I gotta kinda question the whole ‘Texas’ thing, especially this week.

  3. When you make turkey sandwiches with the leftover turkey slap a little Texas Pete on there. Then you’ll know why Smoot loves it.

  4. Hmmm. Never tried that brand. We have Tabasco and Tapatio which I keep on my desk at work as well as at home). I wonder if they have Texas Pete in Hawaii?

  5. Put the hot sauce on the Cowboys because they are done!!!

  6. “…but I wasn’t lucky enough to have my camera handy…”

    You have been saying this a lot lately. You need to have your camera attached to your wrist at all time.

  7. I love your blog Matt. You are doing a great job.

    I just wanted to say that me and my buddies roasted a bird one time and the only reason it was edible was because we put hot sauce on it. So Smoot is right, basically.

  8. Ok, unrelated to hot sauce question here.

    Its not the final 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, but your opponent is going for a game winning field goal. Despite the evidence that it doesn’t work, you call timeout as the ball is snapped to freeze the kicker. Ball goes through the uprights, or it doesn’t, but could you then throw your challenge flag to stop a second kick because you are challenging the spot of the ball?

  9. Wow…how did you come up with that scenario.. I hope that the skins are never in that position. Don’t want to burn a Timeout and a Challenge. That’s potentially 2 timeouts just to freeze a kicker.

  10. Man Matt…between you and Dan Steinberg, you guys make us white guys look so clueless.

    Please tell me its shtick…

  11. Lol. Hot sauce in coffee hahahaha

  12. Hey, don’t knock it — I’ve used hot sauce in some pretty unusual applications with perfectly fine results. Coffee didn’t seem completely unreasonable.

  13. Maybe its a southern thing, but a bottle of Texas Pete is always a necessity in the fridge, and not the small bottles but the big-ass bottles. I used Texas Pete for years on everything, like he said, but mainly fried chicken. Texas Pete and Fried Chicken is the best thing in the world. Now I make my own hot sauce, kinda of a combo between Tex Pete and eastern NC vinegar sauce. Texas Pete is the best tasting Hot sauce, not the hottest or spiciest but the best tasting sauce you can get.
    One question, its made in NC, so why is it called Texas Pete?

  14. The funny thing is that Texas Pete Hot Sauce is actually made in Winston Salem, N.C.

  15. It was just something that occurred to me as a way of freezing a kick 2 times in a row. Not really something that you would really ever want to do since hopefully if you’ve got more than 2 minutes left in the 4th you have faith in your offense to move the ball down and at least tie it up again to send things to OT.

  16. I LOVE Texas Pete!! I used to live in Winston-Salem, NC where it is made, and I put it on everything!!

  17. Man, I love that freaky deaky Dutch bastard!!!

  18. I can’t think of hot sauce on eggs without thinking of “Dexter”… then losing my appetite.

  19. I will try this if the Skin’s beat Dallas.

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