Wednesday Redskins Link – 11/12

Photo by Ned Dishman.

Photo by Ned Dishman.

Just one link today, but it’s a good one: Sports Illustrated has a feature article on Clinton Portis in this week’s issue, covering his resurgence this year, some thoughts on Sean Taylor, and the potential future of his costumes. Absolutely worth your time.


6 Responses

  1. Beautiful article- and tribute to ST whose spirit still lives in CP!
    Thanks, Matt!

  2. will we see the dark jerseys this sunday

  3. Wow!

    ‘nuf said.

  4. That’s one heck-uv-an article!

    I think it’s already been determined they are wearing the white jerseys, but we don’t know which pants they are going to wear.

    It’s time to get another roll here, we’ll see what they get going.

  5. i cant wait to get the si issue thats in

  6. Great article. Natee, I think I read it’s white jerseys with “britches” to be determined.

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