Wednesday, November 12: T.O. Calls Out Redskins Fourth Cornerback

Photo by Ned Dishman.

Photo by Ned Dishman.

The headline on the Dallas Morning News Cowboys Blog sounds like serious bulletin board material, up there in big, boldface sans-serif type: “T.O. on DeAngelo Hall: ‘At the rate he’s playing, I’m looking forward to a big day'”.

This seems like an awfully roundabout way of saying “I hope the new guy is covering me, because the two guys they had on me last time really shut me down,” and Dallas blogger Tim MacMahon doesn’t hesitate to call him on it.

Of course, T.O. will probably see a lot more of Shawn Springs and Carlos Rogers than Hall this weekend. And he didn’t fare so well the last time he saw them despite Tony Romo forcing 18 passes to him.

The Dallas Morning News blog, in fact, is just a constant ray of sunshine for the Cowboys. The titles of recent posts paint an exceedingly cheery picture of the current state of the team:

On the whole, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an outlet of the Dallas media seem so … down about the Cowboys, so devoid of swagger. It’s actually a little scary. If you believe that the cornered team is the most dangerous — and I do — stories like this from the hometown media should be a cause for concern.

One other note from this blog: I’m pretty sure Tim McMahon is being sarcastic with this post about Jason Campbell going to Disney World, but no one in the office here was quite sure. Either way, I find it amusing how angry his commenters still are about Romo’s pre-playoffs trip. If they had won the game, everyone would’ve credited it to his relaxed attitude and desire to “just have fun”. It’s worked for Brett Favre for years.


12 Responses

  1. T.NO hands has some nerve talking. He hasn’t even had a 100 yard game all season and the only reason why he got the catches he did in the last meeting is because the secondary started playing soft coverage. He will get shut out again on Sunday and continue with the crying that he is known for. HAIL

  2. I hope the skins have a good game and win. They have some issues though, can’t block a pass rush, Clinton/Moss aren’t 100% and Jason Campbell has seem to gone backwards the last game, holding balls that he could of thrown away, no long ball threat at all. If the Cowboys bring serious heat this could be a long, long day. Having been a skins fan for 35+ years, I am always nervous playing the boys in prime time.

  3. I agree wit Ant T.NO hands is a big cry baby n then he wants to talk big tough game plz T.NO hands skills have dropped tremendously this year, i will admit last year he had a big game against our 2ndary (in which i was pissed for like 3days bout it)but this year its a diff chapter to the Zorn and company book. I love the way the defence is and adding Hall is just big time come on now you got our aggresive d-line and Taylor could be back this week, our LBS which have been like playmakers especially Fletcher (i love this guys love for the game and team big respects) then the CBs and DBs other than Rogers dropping his easy picks (its ok youll get them sooner or later) they have been dominant so if T.NO hands thinks he is going to have a big game i laugh to that hahahahaha because if Landry or Horton get you one-on-one pray to whomever you do that neither of them knock you out neways he will get shut down and his lil remarks, he will stay quiet for a long time

  4. If Rogers had great hands he’d be a wide receiver. I’m sick of reading how he has drops. I know it sucks but I would much rather have him break up the pass than give up a catch, and I’m sure the coaches feel the same way. He played absolutely lights out against Pitt and has a dropped pick (don’t get me wrong that was a huge drop) and all the sudden he’s getting dogged again. The best corners in the NFL have drops. Leave the guy a lone they’ll come

  5. T.O.has B.O.


  6. Just wait…I’ll burn any corner they got on me Sunday night…150 and 2 tds.


  7. T.O., if by ‘burn’ you mean in reference to a communicable disease, well, then okay. All you can do is try, right? And try you will. We’re certain of it.

  8. Just give me Hall-I’ve got 2 years of saliva waiting for him..

  9. Exactly.

  10. See T.NO HANDS needs our fourth corner to cover him what pitty o wait thats right the other 3 kept you shut down last meet im so sorry that your “burning” skills didn’t exsist then but will now please how ’bout this when you get shut down again why dont you go crying to the media again “he’s my QB he’s my QB” hahahahahaha your such a actor you should look into that instead, cause your last couple of games with out your “he’s my QB he’s my QB” have been pathetic besides you all have been playing awful before that remember the Cardinals the ones who hurt your beloved “he’s my QB he’s my QB” (man that never gets old) newho I don’t suspect you having a big game at all more from Williams then from you!

  11. All of you ‘Skins Fans’ need to learn how to spell !

  12. Ha, you Deadskins fans are funny. You reall think TO’s skills have diminished? That is not the case, the actuality is teams every since week three have been double and even triple teaming him to take our best weapon out of the game. I like to see teams take that same approach now, cause Roy will beat single coverage, and don’t forget about witten. Going to be real hard for any team to stop all of our weapons. Can’t double TO and Witten like prev. and get away with it. Ya’ll really think ya’ll shut him down last game……we’ll when ya’ll were devoting double coverage at all times what WR is going to catch that many balls. He still got 7 and a TD. Ya’ll know that no one on your team or in the NFL can cover him one on one. So stop hating its going to be a long night in the nations capital after the boys spank that a$$. Hail the Cowboys!!!!!

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