ESPN’s Moseley Takes On LaVar Arrington


In addition to the comment earlier today, I’ve also gotten a few emails asking for my take on LaVar Arrington’s comments in the Washington Times the other day — the ones where he calls Joe Gibbs a coward and so on — and … well, I thought that ESPN’s NFC East blogger Matt Moseley had summed it up pretty darn well. Here’s one of his milder reactions, one that doesn’t include the words “gutless” or “joke”:

LaVar, maybe no one else is willing to say it because they don’t want to sound like a complete idiot. Gibbs said he was walking away from football after the 2007 season, in part, because he wanted to spend more time with his sick grandson. Call me gullible, but I’m going to take Gibbs’ word on this one. I think Sean Taylor’s death and the subsequent playoff run had a draining effect on him, and he didn’t have the energy anymore. And that’s why “coward” is the last word I’d use to describe him.

Chris Mottram expresses similar sentiments from a longtime fan perspective over at The Sporting Blog, but Moseley’s piece says a mouthful.

15 Responses

  1. Yea I think Mosley’s title summed it up pretty good “from the sour grapes department”. Its a shame that a man who does so much good for the community would come out and blast good people publicly because of personal differences. Being the bigger man is clearly something LaVar does not know how to do.

  2. LaVar is one silly, petty man. Sadly, he hasn’t matured enough to take responsibility and ownership for his end of a sorry and bitter relationship with Snyder, Gibbs and Williams. Maybe if he wasn’t such an undisciplined meathead, he would have started ahead of Holdman.

    I read the Times article and in it he stats that around the tail-end of ’04 he lost his fervor for football. Maybe that explains why he entered ’05 fat and out of shape, subsequently losing his job.

  3. LaVar, I was with you on Sean Taylor’s funeral. But I’m afraid I can’t be with you on this one.

    Yet I still wonder, if LaVar ever got drafted in 2004 when Williams came along and they got along great. Then he would’ve been in the same system for his 5th year and would’ve drastically changed his career God forbid any injuries. It’s definitely a sad ending story to such a talented player.

  4. Lavar didn’t get along with Williams and Lindsay because he didn’t know the playbook and wasn’t in the right spot often. Plain and simple.

    Why he chooses to blame Gibbs (who as we all know had almost nothing to do with the defense) for his problems with them is beyond me.

    This sound similar to the “look at poor me” article Lavar did the week before the Eagles playoff clinching game in 2005.

    It’s Lavar’s world, we’re all just living in it….

  5. Absolutely, LaVar is so wrong on this one… after everything that went on last year and how Gibbs kept this team together and even made it to the playoffs, coward will NEVER be a word even associated with Coach Gibbs.

  6. Following LaVar throughout his career–from Penn State, to the Redskins, to now having his own sports bar, and doing appearances on Washington Post Live, LaVar craves the spotlight; and he will say anything to get it. You just take what he said with a grain of salt, realize that most of what he said was to get that attention he craves, and keep it moving……so…..what’s the status of Portis and Kelly for the game on Sunday? LOL LOL

  7. I agree with the sentiment that Gibbs packed it in because of the emotional nature of the season and his personal life.

    The notion that Gibbs left without really accomplishing anything is ridiculous, he brought this franchise back to respectability. How many times had the Skins been the the playoffs between Gibbs 1 and 2? Yeah, once. As opposed to 2 times in 3 years, even if we did get bounced pretty early.

    Looking forward to the practice report.

  8. I actually thought Lavar did a decent job on the Comcast post game show, but these comments really make him seem dumb as rocks. Really, Lavar, WHY? I don’t understand where he thinks this will get him. Doesn’t make any sense. Definitely NOT supersmart.

  9. Hope LaVar runs his sports bar better than he runs his mouth! And just when I was beginning to think that maybe he had finally grown up based on his post game appearances. Well, guess I was wrong about that. After the latest installment in the LaVar “Poor me I was the best thing to ever happen to the Redskins, but they treated me wrong even though I was out of shape and out of position and injured” Arrington saga, hopefully he won’t be back for any more appearances on the Comcast post game show! If he is I’ll be watching the NFL channel.

  10. The way I look at it is this-LaVar really has no room to talk. We used the 2nd pick on him expecting him to become the next Lawerence Taylor..He wasn’t. Then, after a pretty lousy career with the Redskins, he leaves and signs with the GIANTS! Then after the ruptured achilles ended his career, he came crying back to Dan Snyder to give him a job on Post Game Live, so HE could make money for HIS restaurant….He’s the coward.

  11. Oh no he di’ent! Oh no he di’ent!

    Yes he did. After more air tackles than DHL, LaVar attacks Coach Joe. Great more, loser. Don’t let the door @ Comsuck hit your overrated ass on the way out.

    Here hoping the Redskins give #56 to some underrated rookie free agent special teamer in camp next year- someonw who can tackle more than air.

  12. I don’t understand why ESPN thought the public would be interested in the opinions of a mediocre former LB that never lived up to his potential.

  13. Hey Lavar. Anyone who calls Joe Gibbs a coward will never get my business. I hope your crappy restaurant goes under. And BTW. Stop wearing Redskins jerseys because you are an ex-Giant and you hate the organization remember? Mr. Nickles? I hope Snyder never allows you to retire a Redskin. For all the money that man paid you and you slap him in the face accusing him of ripping you off.

  14. I gots to comment this:

    Lavar is the biggest idiot ever like seriously I can’t believe he said all this stupidity lets be serious Lavar is a-never-was, (I used to remember that when I was younger he was my idol for about a year then as the lil pathetic career he had with us went by all he did was whine like a lil ass baby I want more money I want more fame and the funny thing was that when I was in high school I played LB wearing his jersey number and I noticed wait this guy is a GIant now nope change up left being a LB and became a FS wore #36 (my boy Sean Taylors first number as a Skin) and had a good year.) writing crap and saying dumb crap is pathetic, about Gibbs, even tho I will admit him coming back wasn’t all that but you still gotta respect the man he brought Super Bowls he put us on top in the 90’s. Besides with the dramatic season we had last season he took it alot better than most coaches would.

  15. My favorite part of the article in which he calls Joe Gibbs a coward:

    “My wife has made me mature more as a man because of the responsibility that she forces on me.”

    Looks like she still has some work to do. I wish her luck.

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