Tuesday Redskins Links – 11/11


  • So Clinton Portis mentioned on John Thompson’s radio show on ESPN980 that he has a second-degree MCL sprain, which is what prompted Coach Zorn’s 50/50 assessment yesterday. Portis held out hope of playing on Sunday night, but I was a bit unsettled to find that a second-degree MCL sprain is what knocked LaDainian Tomlinson out of the playoffs last season. Not entirely encouraging news there, to say the least.
  • Fun fact about NBC4’s Dan Hellie: he has an excellent collection of colorful ties. He also has a lively tour of Chris Cooley’s house. I caught part of it when it was on the air, but it’s online as well for those of you out-of-market folks, and — as with so much else Cooley-related — it’s an amusing way to spend some time. (Hat tip to the Sports Bog for noticing the online version.)
  • And, lastly a bit of shameless self-promotion: The Zone Blitz has, for some reason, an interview with me. So if you’re consumed by an overwhelming desire to know what books I’ve read lately, NOW IS YOUR TIME.

5 Responses

  1. Hey Matt your links are doubled up… The link “lively tour of Chris Cooley’s house.” is directing me to the same espn article as the “knocked LaDainian Tomlinson out ” link.

  2. After that kind of news, I’d have to say Portis will be out for at least a few games. But with Sellers blocking for Rock and Shaun, and possibly Ladell, we should be fine. Dallas has had a pretty soft D so far this year.

  3. Matt – tell me you are going to have something to say about LaVar Arrington making a complete ahole of himself yesterday. Please give us some insite on that!!

  4. I doubt we will hear any opinions from Matt. This is after all the “Official” blog of the Redskins and therefore very non-threatening…which is not a bad thing. I do love all the great behind the scene pics and anecdotes.

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