Tuesday, November 11: It’s Washington Week!

Photo by Ned Dishman.

Photo by Ned Dishman.

It seems like every time the Redskins and Cowboys square off, there’s another round of articles and blog posts trying to figure out if the Skins/Boys rivalry is still alive and relevant. There’s been something of trend recently claiming that the Redskins (or at least their fans) take the rivalry vastly more seriously than the Cowboys (and their fans) do, sort of a professional football version of the “Not our rivals!” chant that Maryland gets from Duke in college hoops.

Earlier this season, in fact, Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog made a fairly compelling Google-based argument on that very point:

See, if you Google Redskins and “We Want Dallas,” you get more than 2,000 returns. If you Google Cowboys and “We Want Washington,” you get 60, and none are about fans chanting. The top return for a “Dallas Week” search is that Washington Post story about the Cowboys, although you also come up with stories about Eagles fans looking forward to Dallas Week. The top return for “Washington Week?” A link to Gwen Ifill’s Web site.


Over at the Sportatorium, The Official Sports Blog of the Dallas Observer, Richie Whitt is taking something of a different approach this time around. (Link warning: The picture on that post a) contains strong language, and b) makes Redskins fans look no better than Philly fans. Just so you’re prepared. Anyhow, on with the quote.)

But this week, with Sunday’s game in D.C. much more crucial to the Cowboys than the Redskins, let’s make a proclamation: “Washington Week.”

If the Cowboys – with Tony Romo and Felix Jones and Kyle Kosier and Terence Newman returning from injury – are who we think they are, they’ll win this game. Sitting at 5-4 and needing to go at least 5-2 in their final seven games to sneak into the playoffs, dare I say this is even do-or-die?

That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Well, then. I suppose we can lay that one officially to rest, then.

Whitt then goes on to count down his ten most memorable Redskins-Cowboys tilts, and it’s a bit strange to see how many of them remain the same no matter which team you root for. The Mark Brunell/Santana Moss Monday Night Miracle is there, as is the Sean Taylor Blocked Field Goal Return. (Sadly, in recounting the one game that could conceivably immortalize Nick Novak, Whitt consistently calls him Jeff. Presumably he’s thinking of the old offensive lineman, although it’s conceivable that he’s a big fan of fashion photography.)

I’d probably lose his number 3 choice, the overtime season opener from 1999 that ended on an Aikman to Ismail touchdown, and replace it with my beloved NFC Championship game before Super Bowl XVII, and I’d definitely reshuffle the order a bit. But when fans of both teams can acknowledge the greatness of more than ten games regardless of if their team one … that seems to me to be as good a definition of rivalry as any, really.

14 Responses

  1. Just checking out the blog today and noticed the date you had. It’s actually Tuesday the 11th.

    Great blog though. I check it out every day to see what’s going on. Unfortunately I’m stationed at Fort Hood, TX right in the middle of Cowboy land.

    Thanks for all the info you put up!


  2. Fixed. Nice catch.

  3. Hey Matt, do you know which jersey’s they’ll be wearing Sunday night?

  4. dan Steinberg googled “We Want dallas” should already know that’s a standard saying that came from the 1982 playoff run from the Redskins. No wonder it gets way more hits than on Dallas’ side. Not a very scientific way of verifying a rivalry, and makes no sense if you actually know the history. Of course no hits will show up on Dallas’s google.

    Man, googling something to see if there’s a rivalry. How about going to a game and seeing what it’s about? Or knowing the history. Go have Steinberg sit down with Tandler and get a lesson or two.

  5. I love Washington Week, it is a great show.

  6. My brother is diehard Cowboys and as kids we had to watch the games in seperate rooms . I can tell you from going to a game in Dallas that they continue to hate us more than anyone else but it has dropped because the Eagles and Giants have been more competitive of late. Once we consintently make the playoffs as we did in the 80’s it will get going more.

  7. I’d really like to see Zorn use Sellars at Tailback. Pound him the way the Giants use Jacobs.

  8. I live in Dallas, and while Redskin fans are more passionate for their disdain for the other, it is heating back up esp since ’05. It was awesome to beat Dallas esp the night they inducted Aikman, Emmit and Irvin into their Ring of Honor. Cowboys fans always have excuses, esp when Washington came down here and bitch-slapped the Cowboys in front of their own fans.

  9. Did Hanrahan say Potis is out 2-4 weeks?

  10. If you look up Cowboys “Deadskins” you get a much better picture of the rivalry, and it very much exists for the Cowboys fans.

  11. It still exists in no small part to the players, even if it may be more of a friendly rivalry to them. You can find stuff all over the place about players egging on the other team, picking on their fans, etc. It’s good times.

  12. So, apparently if you suck, you can just say “Hey, we dont try” and that then makes it okay lol? The Redskins only win because they are the only ones trying?

    I would say its time for Dallas fans to grow up and stand up like real men, but thats never going to happen.

  13. Made a song for this game too.. Definitely should be hearing it at some tailgates Sunday..

  14. You know that kid with the middle finger is an internet meme right?

    (Arguably offensive pictures of a little kid with his middle finger raised below)
    See also: http://msp279.photobucket.com/albums/kk155/adamsera/kid-middle-finger.jpg

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