Monday, November 10: Trying to Avoid a Repeat of the Steelers Fan Thing


Now that it’s a week after the fact, I didn’t feel like there was much left to the whole OMG STEELER’S FANS!!!111!!! thing from last Monday’s game. I mean, sure, I thought it was the main storyline of the game even while the outcome was still in doubt. But plenty was written about it afterward, and I felt like most angles had been pretty well covered. Heck, Chris Louis over at RedskinsHeads even wrote a song about it.

The picture above is from pregame in Dallas, but based on the numbers the Ahern Inquirer found last Tuesday, it might well be a preview of Sunday at FedExField. Here’s what they found when they searched the popular online ticket brokers to find out how many tickets are available for the Dallas game.

Craigslist DC (active only): 290 pairs.
Stubhub (active only): 1498 pairs. (active only): 501 pairs. (active only): 523 pairs.

That was last week. Rich Tandler ran some similar numbers today, and the results are not particularly encouraging there, either. His results?

It’s not unreasonable to think that there will be 10,000 silver and blue clad fans in the seats on Sunday night in what is shaping up to be the biggest game of the year for the Redskins.

The problem is, in the angry message board threads about how disappointing the crowd was last Monday night, there are an awful lot of sentiments like this one:

I can’t believe so many people would sell their tickets to the opposing fans. I’m a Redskin fan damnit, give me your tickets.

It’s that “give” that presents the problem. The tickets are out there, but people who have already paid for them are understandably reticent to just give them up for free, regardless of what the result looks like on national TV. (And, no, the team does not receive a cut of StubHub individual ticket sales.)

So the opportunity is out there for people who can afford it to attend this week’s enormous NFC East showdown. The only question is what team those people will be rooting for. I really, really hope I’m not taking pictures of cowboy hats Sunday night.


32 Responses

  1. yea the tickets are too expensive for us regular folk to come into the big city and watch the game.

  2. Why doesn’t Dan buy all these tickets?

  3. I sold my tickets. On eBay. Who knows if it’ll be a Skins fan or not in my seats. I hope it’s a Washington fan, but who knows.

    Here’s the thing..I’m not rich. I live by the paycheck like most hard working folk. My tickets are my one luxury. To help afford them I have to sell a couple of ‘in-demand’ games to ensure that I can be there for all the rest. When the time came to sell I went around to the fan boards and tried my best to sell them to other Redskins hundreds of dollars under my cost. If nobody takes them though, what am I supposed to do? I can’t just give them away. So up on eBay they go.

    So I try to sell to homers first. I try to unload them on other skins fans at under value, a big loss to me. Yet when nobody steps up and buys them and I’m forced to the online sites to recoup some of my costs (I never profit, mind you), I’m the one who’s going to catch the heat for “selling to the enemy”.

    You know what? How about y`all step the hell up and buy the tickets instead of the opponents? Obviously they care more about going to the game than you do. Stop whining because nobody is giving you the tickets for free. Stop complaining just because you aren’t willing to give up what the other team’s fans are to be there. The problem isn’t that there are tickets for sale, it’s that other Redskins *aren’t buying them*.

  4. i think it was the sttelers themselves..they are known for having the most fans away from pittsburgh…has this always been a huge problem?

  5. I think there needs to be an outlet where Season TIcket holders can offer them to folks on the waiting list first, then do what you need to do.

    Financially, no one can reasonably be ticked off at a fan “needing” to sell his tix, it’s just the way it is.

    It’s a shame, but it’s the way it is. But it really doesn’t matter. What matters is how the Skins play, if the Skins are kicking ass, any other fans are going to be pretty dam quiet. So it’s up to the team more than the fans.

  6. People like you Slug are why ‘Skins season ticket holders suck. You should go above and beyond to make sure who you sell your tickets to are ‘Skins fans. If you can’t afford to go to all the games then don’t buy the tickets!!!!! There are 100k other people waiting to get on the season ticket list. I HATE YOU!
    p.s. there is NO WAY you were trying to sell your tickets at hundreds of dollars below cost to Redskins fans, if that were the case you’d be able to get rid of them in a heartbeat.

  7. Oh and Matt, you need to tell the Danny that the gameday experience sucks for the fan at FedEx. There is no reason for a season ticket holder to come to a night game when they have to work the next day because they know they’ll be waiting 2+ hours just to get out of the parking lot. They also know they’ll be spending a ridiculous amount on food/drinks. We have the worst jumbotron on the planet. I really hope the Danny isn’t putting any money into this stadium because he has a master plan to build a new one very soon in the District.

  8. Riggo, you have no clue. Go to CL. Go to the Classified board on ExtremeSkins. You’ve got people trying to unload Clubs for $500 or less for a pair plus parking. And they are having trouble moving them! It’s unbelievable that our fans aren’t willing to grab them.

    As for your first “point”, I can only assume that you can’t fathom the sacrifices people make to afford the overpriced season tickets. Real fans do whatever they have to in order to be there for their team. If selling two in-demand games is the price I have to pay in order to ensure I am there for the other 10 games year in and year out, then so be it. Me and others like me are dropping thousands of dollars a year so that we can be there every season and support our team, but other fans aren’t willing to spend a few hundred bucks on a single game and then call *us* the problem? Go screw.

  9. Riggo is right. This is the most embarrassing thing we’ve dealt with as Skins fans. The largest stadium in the leauge, a loyal fan base that rivals Green Bay, but we are worried about this? If you can’t afford all the games DON”T BUY!!!!! Stay home and watch like the rest of us broke skins’ fans.

  10. Blu – Have read many of your posts and find your thoughts rationale and offer suggestions – especially the idea of having a Redskins fan outlet for selling tix…. However, on the home page that is what StubHub cites to do??

    Yes the play will will quiet the fans — hopefully the play will quiet the visiting fans

  11. I buy tickets to see the Redskins everytime they come to Seattle. My son & I fly down from Alaska to see the game. Most times there are a few other Skin Fans there. I have not seen them win in Seattle yet, been 4 times including playoffs. Lets make this trip different!! Win the damn game!!! Worst stadium as a Redskin fan is Texas stadium, went once and nearly got murdered by drunk Cowboy Fans. I had to be the only Skin Fan in the place! Now Lets go and Beat the Cowboys and then Beat the Seahawks for us Alaskans!!! Go Zorn you were great in Seattle when I was growing up.

  12. Now the Redskins are giving away 50,000 white towels for the Cowboys game. This is wroong on so many levels.

    First; Dan Snyder is copying the Steelers because the organization was so embarrased last Monday.

    Second, the terrible towells are bought by Steeler fans with the proceeds going to a charity. They are not handed out by the Steeler organization.

    Third, the terrible towels are a spontaneous outburst of enthusiasm by the fans, they were conceived by a local Pittsburgh sports coometator named Myron Cope, the terrible towels are not some marketing gimmick conceived by the Steelers ownership (actually I am surprised Snyder is giving them away and not charging for them).

    Finally, if you are going to wave towels at your home games, don’t wave white flags of surrender – at least use Burgundy; unless is Dan too cheap to dye them.

  13. Slug, I have to TOTALLY disagree with you. If you can’t afford your seats for all 10 games, don’t buy club seats. I am a season ticket holder as well. Yes, while I don’t have club seats, I drive from Tennessee to attend all the home games. If I cant make any home games , IT IS MY JOB TO INSURE SKINS FANS ARE IN MY SEAT.

    You claim the seats are so overpriced, then why do you have club seats?? I understand its your one luxury, but you can buy club seats on ASCTickets for way under face value. (by the way, clubs go for about 125 a ticket on there). Especially if you are just selling the two in demand games. I like being a season ticket holder, and knowing the other season ticket holders around us.

    You want to know why people on Extremeskins wont buy your clubs and parking for $500? Because most people on there, know where to buy clubs and other tickets cheaper. You claim that they need to step up and buy them from you, so you don’t have to sell to opposing fans to re coup your money. No offense to you, its not their job to help you re coup your money. IT IS YOUR JOB HOWEVER ,TO SUPPORT YOUR TEAM AND MAKE SURE A SKINS FAN IS IN YOUR SEAT. You know, many of them are like you said and live paycheck to paycheck. They are doing the smarter thing though, and just buying games that they can afford to go to.

    Trust me, I know about sacrifices in order to make the games. For you DC area fans, the game takes up your Sunday, for me, it takes time during the week to get things ready for the trip, and then with travel time, and the game it takes up all weekend. Cost of hotel, cost of gas (THANK GOD THATS DROPPED), But you know what its totally worth it. But no matter what, there will never, ever be an opposing fan sitting in my 4 seats.

    By the way, if you are so set in your mind that you are not in the wrong for selling your seats to opposing fans if need be, I have an idea for you. Next time you see Mike Sellers, (or any of the other players that were pissed about the Steelers turn out last Monday night), ask him what he thinks about you selling your seats. That is, if you have the guts to…..

  14. David O,

    I just read that is ESPN 980 that is doing the towel giveaway, and that the towels are in fact burgundy. And as far as towels go, I will be bringing my ST white towel for the Giants game in honor of 21.

  15. Skinsfan – You should know that Dan Snyder bought the radio station 980. Vinny Cerrato who is a Redskin official stated that the Redskins bought the towels for the fans on his show on the very same radio station.

    So it is really Redskins propaganda. Truth in advertising should require the Redskins to identify that they actually own this radio station now.

  16. I sympathize with “Slug” (if he’s being forthright).
    It’s extremely easy for those who watch the games from the comfort of their own homes — thanks to the fact that games are sold out, remember — to criticize those who purchase season tickets but must sell tickets to some games in order to be able to afford it.
    I suggest that others who have not made as significant an investment in the team as season ticketholders like “Slug” get down off their soapboxes and purchase some tickets off of ebay or stubhub or craigslist so that this won’t happen again.

    I will also, echoing John Riggins, say that people can do whatever they want with the tickets they buy (within reason). To suggest otherwise is to criticize capitalism.

  17. Over hyped story line. Just because tickets are for sale does not mean Cowboys fans will buy them all. Plus, teams with big fan bases travel to games. Anyone check out the Packers-Vikings game yesterday? The Dome was full of Packers fans and they were making it very noisy when the Vikings had the ball. This phenomenon is not limited to FedEx and there is no reason to believe that there will be any more Cowboys fans than there are any other year in FedEx (especially since they are a little down at the moment). There are tickets to the Redskins-Cowboys game for sale every year (I’ve bought tickets to the game twice in the past three years) because ticket holders can turn a nice profit on the game (same with the Steelers game last week). The difference is Redskins fans are willing to pay the premium to see the Cowboys game, they are less likely to pay the premium caused by Steeler fan demand in order to see a Monday Night game against an AFC opponent. It really isn’t that complicated.

  18. David–

    As most Skins fans know, yes the Redskins own ESPN 980. My point of the post was saying the towels are burgundy, and not white like you had stated.

  19. Skins games are always going to have an unfortunate number of opposing fans at the stadium no matter who we are playing. People move to DC from all over the country and they are more than willing to shell out the money to go to one game a season when their team comes to town. It doesn’t matter how die hard skins fans are, theres just no way that we can afford more than a couple games a season at best. As embarrasing as it was last monday, its not a some huge problem with the system. Rush hour traffic + Local steelers fans + awful stadium experience + skins couldn’t move the ball to save their life = the 30,000 steelers fans seeming much more prevalent than they would have been if the team had stepped up. Stop worrying about it. Lets get behind the whole organization. And most importantly, BEAT DALLAS.

  20. Skinsfan — Then I misunderstood Vinny Cerrato when he was speaking.

    I still feel it is lame for the Redskins to hand out towels to try to emulate the Steelers experience. Years ago when the Redskins were playing at RFK, the ownership did not have to tell the fans how to support their team.

  21. SkinsFanInTennessee – I too am an out of town fan (NJ) who drives south for the game every weekend. Travel costs and the whole nine yards. There are times however where I just can’t make it (work issues usually..which means this is most often national games as those are the ones that tend to interfere with the work week). The reason I have Clubs, despite the cost, is because I wanted to do anything to be there every week, waiting list be damned. If I have to drop a game or two a year in order to be there so be it.

    As for selling to other ‘skins fans, I try. Believe me I try. But other than the boards what outlet do I have? StubHub/Ebay/CL etc all run the risk of enemy fans snagging the tickets. Local? Everyone up here are Eagles or Giants fans. So I go to the boards. And I offer the tickets for way under face. But if nobody cares to drop that kind of cash down to go, what exactly would you have me do? Leave the seats empty? Give them away and eat a ~$600+ loss? I can’t do that. I’d love to, believe me I would. But I can’t. I do my job and I make the effort to see a homer in my seats when I can’t be there, but if I don’t get any buyers from those fan-only avenues I have to roll the dice. I can’t eat the entire loss. Again, what would you have me do? Losing my season tickets is not an option. If you have some magic place where I can unload a game for $100-$200 under my cost and ensure that the buyer is a Redskins fan, I’m all ears.

    As for the players – Sure. I’d tell em, “Yeah. I sold that game. Maybe a skins fan was there in my seat, maybe not”. I’d also tell them that I’d been going to games since I was a child with my father. That I’m there week in and week out. That I’ve supported the team through the good times and the bad. That I lose my voice every damn weekend whether we’re home or away. That my kids knew ‘Hail to the Redskins’ before they knew their ABC’s. And if they still cry about me selling a pair of tickets, after their performance last week, then I hope they can console themselves with the fat stacks of cash they got paid for that game to miss blocks, drop balls and whiff on tackles.

  22. Slug,

    Thanks for the reply. Tell you what, the games you cant make, let me know, and I will buy your seats… And then I will be sure to sell our seats to other skins fans. I am dead serious. If are interested let me know and I can get you my email. Again, I think part of the bigger problem here is good ol’ supply and demand. The reason fans wont pay face for for club seats, is they know they can go on other sites and pay far less. And the reason being? There are just too many tickets out there. As much as we love having a big stadium, it does create much less of a demand for tickets.

    Remember the RFK days? With about half as many tickets available, and much less corporate involvement, tickets were muchhh harder to come by. Trust me, with the prices the Cowboys are setting for their new stadium, they will have the same problems that we are having.

    As far as other options you have, I would just suggest finding someone that would be willing to go in with you on season tickets, and take the games that you can’t attend. I know it sucks having to pay for pre-season games, parking passes, etc. If you are interested in selling your tickets etc, let me know…and we can talk more about it…

  23. Funny you mention RFK..every time I’m at FedEx I still reflexively stomp my feet even though it doesn’t do any good anymore since the stadium doesn’t move like RFK did. :)

    In any case, yeah. I don’t think there are any games left this seasons I won’t be able to drive down for, but if you are serious give me an AIM or email or some way to contact you for next year and we can talk.

    I also checked out that ASC Tickets..their cheapest Clubs for the upcoming game are $300 a pop. That’s $600 for a pair without parking and before any taxes, fees, etc. (I didn’t go all the way to checkout to see what those would be). I’d think that, seeing that, folk would think $450-500 (well over $100 under face for clubs already) for a pair with parking included would be a good deal (especially considering the opponent). But those folk on ES still were having issues finding buyers.

    I agree, availability is too high. Too many corporate seats. Too many seats held by brokers. Our stadium is too big and as a result we have too many people who go to games for the “party” and not the game. They’re just showing up in plain clothes and a VT hat to get drunk and play bag toss.

  24. The Redskins/Seahawks tickets I bought cost $275 each on Ebay for Club Seats. Playoff tickets cost me $400 each. I don’t know how you guys can afford to go to every game. Hotel & airfare cost as much as the tickets.

    My son & I would love to see the Skins play in FedEx someday.

  25. Slug,

    Hopefully this wont get me slammed with spamed email from bots. Take my user name above add to it, and thats my email. Look forward to chatting more…

  26. What ya’ll think about the game this weekend

  27. I think it is going to be tough again. Those Cowboys are really fired up and we do not want to repeat last monday night like some one come to our town and bust us.

  28. It’s going to be even tougher if Portis is out. I didn’t even know he was hurt until today :-(.

  29. I think we’ll smash em, but that’s just me.

  30. I have a white skins towel that was a handout a zillion years ago at RFK. It’s not a new idea.

  31. They dont have to give them away, but how about not jacking price up on the ticket. These douchbags are selling their tickets for like 50% more than they paid for them.

  32. Just realized the other day i was mentioned on here! Thanks for the recognition, I definitely do appreciate it. Oh and love the blogs and videos always.



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