Look! It’s DeAngelo Hall!

DeAngelo Hall made his Redskins debut today, talking to the media from the interview stairs. It was exactly the sort of small, well-contained group that usually accompanies a bottom-of-the-roster move like the cutting and signing of a third (or fourth) cornerback. Here’s the view from the landing looking down the steps behind Hall.


Hall was, as you’d expect, full of praise for his new team. He claimed that all the teams expressed some level of interest in him, but “I just kind of feel in my gut that this is the place for me.” He acknowledged that he had only signed a short-term deal, but clearly hopes that it will lead to a longer tenure here.

Fred Smoot shrugged off concerns about there being too much depth at the cornerback position. “The first time I walked into a meeting room,” he said, “it was me, Deion Sanders, Darrell Green, and Champ Bailey. So I’ve seen worse.”

Hall has initially been issued number 32, but there are persistent reports the he and Reed Doughty will be working something out for number 23. (Doughty, for what it’s worth, told me that “I haven’t even spoken to him.”) If a deal gets done, it would be the second time THIS season that Doughty would’ve turned some kind of a profit by selling his number to an incoming ex-Pro Bowler signed as a backup. That’s a niche market if I’ve ever seen one, but if you want someone to pick lottery numbers for you, you could probably do a whole lot worse.


13 Responses

  1. Man Lord I hope Hall snaps back to Pro Bowl form and makes an immediate impact!! ASAP early, not late! Sign a new deal next season, and we go from there, building up… One player @ a time. Need some pass rush like… today man!

  2. 2 INTS this sunday for the best secondary in the NFL.

  3. Thats a ridiculous depth chart we had at corner when smoot first came to town.

  4. I hope he plays like he’s back at v-tech. He said he was a redskins fan growing up. Hopefully he put on 4 the city this sunday. Oh yeah is my man Malcom Kelly out there today, i hope he is

  5. Everyone remembers the last time the Raiders released a former pro-bowler right? His name is Randy Moss and we all know what he did last year.

    In Oakland he was playing for a team that didn’t fit the kind of corner he is. He succeed when the defense around him is solid and he is able to jump routes in pressure man and zone coverages. Oakland played nothing but man no matter what the situation was and all that did was play to Hall’s downside. The only reason he went there in the first place is because he wanted to get the hell out of Atlanta.

    I don’t think it will be long before Hall returns to form. His attitude will improve because he is where he always wanted to be in the first place. He is also in a defense that plays to his strength. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is starting alongside Rodgers by the end of the year and Springs moves to safety.

    Concerning that, I know everyone is in love with Chris Horton right now. The thing you have to realize is that both Horton and Landry are big play safeties. They make big highlight reel plays, but their coverage skills are just average most of the time. Springs would allow for some coverage consistency in the back and not really cut down on either Landry’s or Horton’s playing time. Remember also that Horton is a rookie and has plenty of time to learn, and who better to learn from than Shawn Springs, one of the best coverage guys playing the game today.

    Unless Hall someone hurts our locker room with his antics, which I think is very unlikely with all the veteran leadership in it, I think that this is a win win situation for the Redskins and Hall. Welcome to the Washington Redskins.

  6. I used to get scared whenever I saw Torrence go on the field but now that we have Hall I feel more confident. Hall will take one of Romo’s passes to the house sunday. I guarentee it. Maybe he can teach Rodgers how to catch the damn ball. HAIL

  7. Matt,

    I think a lot of fans have been watching Hall get burned in Oakland (at least that’s how it’s been portrayed), but are still happy with the signing due to the depth above him at CB and the relatively low price tag. I wonder if anything has been bounced around about using Hall in the return game.


  8. How bout the game this weekend. I think we will loose to Dallas this time. They are fired up right now. Our game last time look awful. What ya’ll think!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I think redskinerabegins is high ur on a redskins blog saying u think were gona lose to dallas WOW i think were gna crush dallas and im excited about D Hall and what he can bring to the Redskins for hopefully years to come

  10. I can tell you guys this , Hall can flat out play when in the right situation. I live in Augusta Ga , so I have seen D hall play alot. I remember him shutting Ocho cinco down when Atlanta played cincy a few years ago.He is very fast ,and yes In the return game he can make plays.I still think this year when Shawn Springs is healthy he should start because we know when healthy hes a shut down corner. I love the depth, I just want to see a healthy Jason Taylor. Whwn that happens watch out That defense can be scary good ! HAIL

  11. redskinserabegins, you have no faith in our skins. What kind of fan says your gonna lose? Maybe if your a fan of Detoit or something. So what the cowgirls are fired up, so are the skins. We will blow these clowns out and send them back to Dallas with their tails between their legs. HAIL

  12. robert Landry is one of the best cover corners in the NFL. His numbers are not huge this season because his side is rarely tested.

  13. i called it Matt, didnt I? yeah, i hope he does play well like he used in his pro bowl years. even if he doesn’t he is still better than having a rookie back there.

    go SKINS!

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