A Bit More From Zorn Today

A few more quotes from Coach Zorn’s postgame chat with the press, including a bit of a not-too-heartening elaboration on Clinton Portis.


On Portis:
“We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s something that’s just starting to develop.” He estimated that his chances of practicing this week were 50-50, and he uttered words that should terrify people who count on Clinton Portis in their fantasy leagues: “community position,” which is, of course, Zornspeak for “running back by committee.”

On the progress of Ladell Betts:
“We’re going to inject him into some parts of practice this week, see how he does.”

On what he saw coming back from the bye week:
“I saw everybody paying attention. I think we set new challenges for the last two quarters of this football season. It was good for everybody to have a break. I think the coaches as well as the players have a good outlook on what we’ve got going starting today.”

On last night’s Giants/Eagles game:
“It was tough to know who to root for in that. Now we’re going to need a little help to reach one of our goals.” This made me happy, because my wife last night asked who we were rooting for, and it led to me pontificating on my answer for twenty minutes. It’s good to know that, while my wife will never have those twenty minutes back, even Coach Zorn didn’t have a snappy answer for that question.

On biking with President Bush again over the bye:
“He rode me into the ground. He’s in tremendous shape, he’s a competitor, and when he has a chance to play hard, he plays hard.”

Someone — I think Joe White of the AP — asked if Zorn would be playing basketball with Obama, and Zorn laughed. “We’d have to play HORSE,” he said. He did own up to stealing some of Obama’s lines in offensive team meetings, lines about “Change” and “Yes we can,” and more that Sherman Smith is using, but hurried to add “That office is so different from what we’re doing. We should not compare the two; we’re playing for very different stakes.”


3 Responses

  1. “He did own up to stealing some of Obama’s lines in offensive team meetings, lines about “Change” and “Yes we can…”

    I wonder if on his inauguration day, we’ll hear Obama yell “hip hip hooray!” to return the favor.

  2. Well we already know that our future president makes a point of staying medium, and that seems to be pretty successful so far:

    “Berman: Well, we’ll get to that in a moment, don’t worry. Senator, it’s been a long campaign, maybe the longest in history. Looking back on it, what did you learn about yourself?

    Obama: Well, you know what I learned about, that I think was positive, was that I don’t get too high when things are going well and I don’t get too low when things are going tough. And I think that has helped me and the organization stay steady. You know, we just try to run our game plan and don’t get distracted too much. And I think that it has served us well and, hopefully, if I should have the honor of serving as president, that will serve us well at a time when things are pretty tough. We’ve got a big economic problem out here. We’ve got two wars that are taking place. And hopefully the same kind of organization, the same kinds of steadiness, I can bring to bear in the White House.”

  3. LOL, Adam! Hey, maybe we’ll see Warren Buffett lead the cheer too?

    It’ll at least make him look energized.

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