Friday, November 7: One Last Note on the Stretching Thing

Photo by Brian Murphy

Photo by Brian Murphy

In case you missed it, there was a bit of fuss in the run-up to Monday night’s game about the Redskins cheerleaders stretching in the opposition tunnel.

“I’m not a big fan of playing there because it is loud, they’re really good at home and they try to make their cheerleaders stretch in our tunnel before we come out of the locker room. That’s just not good,” Roethlisberger said yesterday.

The practice by the Redskins cheerleaders was so legendary around the league that when commissioner Roger Goodell sent out a memo to all teams last year banning the practice some dubbed the “Redskins Rule.”

(For the record, I talked to Mike Sellers about it last week and he dismissed the whole thing, but that’s really beside the point.)

Anyhow, walking around the stadium before the game on Monday, I ran into the guys who run the flags around the field at the start of the game and after each score. Seeing them in uniform and ready to go an hour or so before gametime is not unusual, but finding them at the visitor’s tunnel instead of the Redskins tunnel … that was a little strange.

“We’re doing our stretching here,” flag guy Josh Keller told me. “The cheerleaders can’t do it, but we can.”


Ooooookay. Isn’t that in violation of the league rule, though?

“Well, we didn’t put on chaps or anything,” Keller said. “Besides, I don’t think this is what the rule was put in place to look for.”

I’ll be honest with you: the flag guys are really nice, and running with that flag looks immensely draining, so I guess they’re all in pretty good shape, but somehow I don’t think this is exactly what Roethlisberger was concerned about.

Keller laughed. “Maybe. Maybe not. You never know. And hey, if someone drops a wide open pass, maybe it’ll be because of us.”

Given the way things turned out, I think it’s safe to say that this gambit didn’t work, but I give the flag guys all the credit in the world for their efforts.



17 Responses

  1. Whats up with the DeAngelo Hall reports? Are the skins actually pursuing him? Doesnt seem like he is a “core redskin” type of guy.

  2. The only way this makes sense to me, the Hall thing, is if they sign him to a 2 year deal that is heavily based on incentives. Even qualifying for the second year would be tied to his ability to produce in whatever portion of the game he was involved in, either special teams or defense. Clearly Carlos is going to be the guy, and Shawn is in the process of turning that title over. But the depth beyond Smoot doesn’t inspire tons of confidence, and with the DB position being one where there have been injuries both this year and last year, getting some solid depth there will pay dividends late in the season.

    The biggest question about Hall is not whether or not he still has it, playing in Oakland could crush anyone’s spirit, but his ability to step into a different scheme and not make mistakes. With more than half the season over, it would be difficult to bring him and have him truly be effective in a team scheme like the Skins D is running right now. The only place I could see him contributing immediately is on returns, but that would also require the punt team to provide better return blocking. Too many times ARE has had to take a fair catch because the gunners just blow by the guys who are blocking them.

  3. Agree that the only benefit this year for acquiring Hall is for returns. Barring injuries, Springs and Rogers are excellent starters, Smoot is a good # 3, and Torrence is ok for a #4. Hall is also questionable in man coverage and would have a steep learning curve to get familiar with the scheme of the D.

  4. I would think DeAngelo Hall would be a good punt returner, and let ARE rest, and let him focus on his WR duties. It’s the same thing that Hester did back in the day, he was only the kickoff/punt returner, and never a secondary role.

    If the Redskins want Hall, I would sign him to 2 years, laden with incentives, just to see if Hall can get back to these 3 wonderful years with the Falcons. And, we all need to remember that he is only 24. So, he can play football a lot longer. He just needs a good system to be in and on a good team, and the Redskins have both.

  5. Vinny said on his radio show that the Skins are interested, but only at “minimal salary”. That sounds good to me. We don’t have a large enough need to spend any real money on the guy right now, so if he wants to come here, sign him for this year, see how he plays, and take it from there.

    Outstanding punt returner, better than Torrence as the 4th (or 3rd) corner. Nothing to lose. If he turns out to be a malcontent, then just cut him.

  6. Adam Schefter
    Redskins land free-agent CB Hall

    Posted: November 7th, 2008 | Adam Schefter | Tags: DeAngelo Hall, Washington Redskins

    The Washington Redskins have reached a one-year contract agreement with free-agent cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

  7. WooHooo!

    One year deal, perfect!

  8. I know people are worried about him being a distraction and not fitting in, but the Redskins have a lot of mature veterans who can work with him. I mean, Portis and Smoot are pretty big personalities, but they never said anything too outrageous. Plus, Jim Zorn doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would take that crap.

    I’m going to be optimistic about this, and if Hall produces, as a CB and returner, you just can’t argue with results.

    Plus, it just wouldn’t be the Redskins if we didn’t have high risk and expensive signings.

  9. This is all because of Josh Keller and the Flag Wavers!

  10. Aren’t they just male cheerleaders?

  11. WOW! We got Hall at …. only one year!

    This is perfect. He can become our kickoff/punt returner, and a backup CB to Rogers/Springs.

    Welcome to Washington, Mr. Hall!

  12. least sounds like we busy in our off-week. He from the Va area to so he be close to home. I can see him fitting in. One year deal so I imagine he’ll be working his butt off for that new contract next year. I think it a good move.

  13. This is a great signing if you ask me because Springs just can’t seem to stay healthy and Rogers looked like…well, Rogers, against the Steelers and I worry about the pounding that Smoot takes.

    As soon as the Raiders released him I knew the Skins were getting him. This is a very good fit. Does anyone know who will get cut? This defense ought to be nice- now we just need to get the offense going.

  14. Who amongst these posters has watched a game all year? Because if you did, I don’t know how you can be singing the praises of Carlos Rogers. He is an abysmal corner that occasionally makes a big play. His dropped pick against the Steelers could have turned that game around. He has let more 3rd downs become firsts than I can even count. What games are you guys/gals watching?

  15. Can we stop blaming Rogers for last weeks game…Am I the only person in the whole USA that notices Zorn’s horrible play calling. JC just needs to take control and do what he feels comfortable doing. And on 3 and 7…..let’s keep a back in the backfield to pick up the block. I’ve noticed the two times we’ve gone with no back and they have turned into sacks…at key moments of the game. As for D-Hall…..stay away from #21. You haven’t and will never earn that number as a Redskin.

  16. Do these Flag Boys have a calendar? I’ve got a thing for bald asians!

  17. Hail flag guys! Great job guys, keep up the figure 8’s!!!

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