DeAngelo Hall a Redskin Pending A Passed Physical

Photo courtesy of Mr. Irrelevant

Photo courtesy of Mr. Irrelevant

Assuming he passes his physical tomorrow — and I have no particular reason to believe he won’t, although anything’s possible — DeAngelo Hall is a member of your Washington Redskins. As the comments here have shown, this will make some people very happy and other people less so. Once all the details are released — length of contract, money invested, etc. — we’ll be able to form much more rational opinions, but if it’s the prorated one million that ProFootballTalk is reporting, it seems like a reasonable gamble. Also, Hall, like Shaun Alexander and Jason Taylor, is really excellent if you’re building this team in Madden 07. So that’s another plus.

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Irrelevant, last year and again today. Thanks, guys.)

32 Responses

  1. Matt, do you know if Hall will be used as a returner? Or just a corner?

  2. Signing Hall is a “nothing to lose” scenario, but
    adds experience. If he perfoms nicely, its great; if not,
    no big deal. Its a veteran lockeroom, & the
    DB’s are hurting, so having another CB is nice to

  3. Who is going to be cut to make room for him? Any idea?

  4. Redskin fans are in for a treat. MEANGELO, as he is so called in Atlanta and Oakland will become your cancer. You may ask why I am even on this blog. Well, it is to ask why did the ownership do this to the REDSKINS? Give it 2 weeks and you will understand. Look for T.O. to have a big weekend. And look for MEANGELO to seperate himself from the rest of the team. Call me what you want but you will see. The only cure to this cancer is to plead with the doctors conducting the physical to fail his no talent self.

  5. ATL FAN, you’re obviously bitter about the loss of De’Angelo, Cowboys watch out next weekend!

  6. The saving grace here is that he won’t cost alot of money, the ‘Skins could use the depth, and if it doesn’t work out the Redskins are off the hook after this season. If Blatche can’t get the guy to work, no really big deal. I’m a Hokie, and I like to see Hokies do well, but if he screws this up, I’ll be the first to say good riddence.

  7. LOL @ ATL Fan. Odds are the bugger won’t start the Dallas game, and we’ve got better ways of covering Mr. Owens than having midget corners chase after him all day.

    But that aside, its more interesting to see who gets cut from the bottom of the roster to make space. I guess Malcolm Kelly is starting to look like an endangered species at Redskins Park.

  8. Money aside, how big of a loser do you have to be to be cut by the Raiders at mid-season? I mean, damn! His coverage skills are grossly over-rated and his people skills are even worse.

    My guess: dudes like Blache, Fletch, Griff, Philip Daniels, etc. are gonna have to check his @$$ pronto…

  9. I’d put Kelly on IR before I’d cut anyone. Theres a decent article at that Bucky Brooks wrote explaining why DHall might be better off here.

  10. Bucky Brooks at has a pretty decent article on why Hall might do ok here. We’ll see.

    I’d put Kelly on IR before I cut anyone.

  11. Money aside, how big of a loser do you have to be to be cut by the Raiders at mid-season? I mean, damn! Dude can’t cover anyone yet flaps his yap like he’s all-world.

    My guess: Blache checks his @$$ with the quickness.

  12. hes got the talent, but quite possibly the worst attitude. the depth is wonderful but i dont see this being a good thing… dont mean to be a negative nancy but im a bit nervous to see how this plays out.

  13. Mucho el double posto…

  14. everyone check out this awesome hilarious video on it’s funny as heck! You will love it. It’s called “0ur class is a joke” it will blow you away!!

  15. If Shawn Springs is healthy by the Dallas game he should take TO leaving Rogers or Hall to Roy williams.

  16. he is a good fix for the short term, for some reason we are starting to patch up leaks with pro bowl players at a cheap price, its just good timing i guess, BUT if they want a good hokie, they should draft Victor Macho Harris in next years draft, and with springs there, they can develop him unlike what ive seen from leigh torrence. but i think of having 4 good cbs will make the d schemes even harder to read. blache is gonna have a field day. the cobra d might see alot more changes and exitment now. with laron and horton in safetey, the best mlb and the most solid olb, as soon as we get taylor back, this D will start making offenses shake…..

    can’t wait honestly, but i hope our new cb keeps quiet.

  17. Uh, I’m not really high or low on this. If it’s a one year one million dollar deal, then we aren’t losing anything really. I figure Tryon gets moved to the practice squad (where he should have been in the first place) or maybe this is another sign that Malcolm Kelly or someone else is getting moved to the IR.

    If it is a long term deal then I hate this move. Hall isn’t the most team oriented player, and I don’t think his mentality will fit in with the current team chemistry.

  18. Good short term move, the secondary is banged up and they could use the help. Will Springs play again this season? If Hall turns out to be a problem or not up to his potential then part ways at the end of the season.

  19. “A source close to the Redskins said Hall spoke with Redskins coach Jim Zorn and some of Zorn’s assistants before accepting a contract, and that team owner Daniel Snyder met with defensive captains London Fletcher and Cornelius Griffin to gauge their opinion of the move.” From the ESPN article on the trade

    The fact that Snyder checked with Fletcher and Griffin makes me think this move made sense. Who knows how valuable their input might have been, but at least he talked to them, instead of introducing him to the locker room on Monday as a surprise.

  20. I think S. Alexander should be the one to be released, Betts should be back next week.

    Excellent, “nothing to lose” situation. Good job Vinny and Dan.

  21. D. Hall is a cancer, he is very much overrated. This is one move Washington would regret. T. Owens destroyed him in their last meeting….it makes no sense! I disagree with the move but I’m still a Redskin fan.

  22. He is much needed. Especially since Springs can’t stay healthy. So he is a good 3rd back. Better than Torrence or any of the other backups. Only got a year contract. So there is nothing to loose. If he is a cancer he will be gone. Believe that..

  23. as long as he doesn’t use 21 I’m good he better know that if he wants to be close to home he has to check his ego, the locker room won’t let him off easy. 23 or bust

  24. To all of you who keep saying he’s a “cancer” or he’s going to have a negative effect on the teams “chemistry”:

    Do you really think the team is going to let some young 24 year old guy come in mid-season and mess things up? Do you really believe that guys like Randy Thomas, Cornelius Griffin, Mike Sellers, Andre Carter, etc. are going to put up with any bs and/or allow this guy to act a fool on or off the field?

    I don’t think so…..homie don’t play that game~

  25. I would move tryon to practice squad, then wait a week to make sure betts is healthy and cut Alexander, re-sign Anthony Mix. I think the Hall signing is a better move than Alexander. He just doesn’t fit our running style. Like Prime Time says Tiptoe burgler hahaha

  26. At least his contract is simple enough that if he starts to cause problems we can cut him. That would be awesome, a Pro-Bowler cut twice in the same season.

    As for personnel moves, I agree with you, Jeff.

  27. I think Deangelo Hall was like a gift that fell in our laps. Leigh Torrence was horrible and got beat bad weekly. The only negative comment I would make about the signing is that the diminuative one, Lil Dan had to get into the middle and “talk to a few of the Defensive players”! Lil Dan, your the owner please start acting like it! The GM and Head Coach do these things, not the check payer who wouldn’t know the difference between press man and a cover two! Dan and Jerry Jones need to just go away!

  28. Great move to acquire Hall, but in my opinion, not a good idea to loose a good special teams player when our punting and kickoff teams are at best average. Although we may have gotten better in the secondary, I think we loose in terms of opponent’s starting field position. Opposing team starting field position is a major factor for any good/great defense. I hope that Hall’s impact will outweigh the absence of Torrence’s excellent special team play.

  29. Never a great move when you acquire a below average player. D. Hall will not have any impact going forward..he will not make the secondary better. He’s never been an impact player and never will be.
    My opinion; Washington acquired a problem player that can effect the progress going forward…especially in a division with very good QBs and WOs. He will surely be tested!

    I’m done….but still a Redskins fan!

  30. All you people hating on D. Hall are crazy. The man has been in the league 5 years and been to 2 pro bowls. So what he was having a bad year in Oakland. Who doesn’t have bad years in Oakland? Look at Randy Moss in Oakland and look at him now. This is a big upgrade from Torrence’s sorry @$$. All of you saying this is a bad move will eat your words by the end of the season.

  31. Correction, bad year(s)…Atlanta included.
    Washington is not New England, major difference in both systems.
    Moss is an impact player…D.Hall is not.
    I hope I eat may words.

  32. Wake up coaches and management. Jason Campbell is a loser. How many home games where we are favored do we have to lose for you to see this. Campbell can not lead, motivate, or inspire a team to dig down and come up with a win. The defense and special teams did their job. With Campbells lack of productivity he demoralizes his own team.
    Jason Campbell is a L-O-S-E-R

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