Tuesday, November 4: Zornchatter On the Day After

Coach Zorn just had his next day press conference. As you’d expect, it was a more subdued affair than previous. Not just because he didn’t pound the podium, but I don’t think we even introduced a new word into the Zorn Lexicon. (He did use “knifed” a lot to refer to safeties rushing the quarterback and the guy who blocked the punt, but not enough to really own it the way he did with “sudden”.)

Photo by Don Wright

Photo by Don Wright

  • Zorn’s main focus was on the players’ execution of the schemes. “We’ve got the guys working hard, we just have to have them execute better throughout the season,” he said. And, later, “Against a good team, execution is at a premium.” And “We can put [a player] in the right position to block the scheme … after that, it’s up to the player.”
  • And one more, as his summary of the season as we reach the bye. The postives? “In my broad view, I think they’re playing really hard. Our guys are committed, they understand the schemes, and they’re trying to push at all those levels.” And the negative? You guessed it: “The execution.”
  • Asked how he wanted the team to think about their current record, Zorn laid out his mathematical approach to the season. “What I generally do is break the season up into quarters. We’re 0-1 in the third quarter. We’ve been 3-1, 3-1, now we’re 0-1 — that’s all we are.”
  • One thing that seemed to tremendously frustrate Zorn was the failure of the communication equipment. “Everybody could hear me but Jason,” he said. “We lost communication almost the whole fourth quarter. It was unbelievable. Our guys work very hard to make that a flawless and seamless operation, but it happened.” This led to an elaborate analogy regarding cleat selection, the final point of which was “Because [a guy] can choose any cleat, he has to choose the cleat will help him not slip.” It wasn’t exactly a perfect analogy, but you get the idea.
  • For the blocked punt, Zorn held one of the blockers responsible — “he ducked his head and the guy knifed by him” — but didn’t say who, and specifically said that the punter didn’t slow down or anything like that.
  • Injury update, and it’s a long list.
    • Lorenzo Alexander suffered an AC sprain.
    • Ladell Betts and Malcolm Kelly are “coming along.”
    • They’re “still being cautious” with LaRon Landry, even though he played the whole game and showed some speed.
    • Cornelius Griffin looked good.
    • Shawn Springs and Jason Taylor should both be back for Dallas.
    • Anthony Montgomery strained his achilles.
    • Santana Moss’s hamstring “didn’t limit him early, but there was fatigue.”
    • Clinton Portis suffered a bruised knee, and should benefit from this week of rest.
    • Chris Samuels is suffering from chondromalacia — which took me twelve trial-and-error googles to find — but will “be fine,” according to Zorn.
    • Marcus Washington suffered a rotator cuff strain.

    All of these guys will benefit from the bye week, and none of them seemed to cause the coach any major concern.


2 Responses

  1. Get well soon guys…there is an ass whooping to conduct on 11/16.

  2. I’ve had problems with both AC joint and Chondromalacia “runner’s knee”. Rest, low impact exercises and stretching helps dramaticly.

    Posterior chain muscle imbalance can cause a lot of strain on the front of the knee (knee cap area). Also cutting back on pro-inflammatory foods such as peanuts (arachidonic acid) could relieve some of the swelling.

    Skins should be fine after a week rest and proper rehab :) GO SKINS!

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