Lorenzo Alexander Was Also Surprised

Well, now. Not only is there not a lot of good to talk about from last night’s game, there’s not a lot of bad stuff that I really feel like revisiting either. I did talk to Lorenzo Alexander today, though, to see what it’s like for a defensive lineman to become the targeted receiver on a crucial fourth down end zone play.

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

That was the first time you’ve been thrown to, right?

That’s the first time I’ve actually been thrown to, but the second time I’ve gone in a route.

You’re eligible a lot, but usually not to actually run the route.


Is it nerve-wracking to find yourself in that situation?

No, I wasn’t even nervous, because I did it in practice and I knew I could catch the ball. So I was more surprised than anything that we’d call that play at that time. I thought we were gonna try to run it in, which we’ve good success at this year. But I wasn’t gonna turn it down.

Is having your number called there a big deal?

For a D lineman? Yes, it definitely is a big deal to have the opportunity to catch a touchdown. That opportunity rarely comes — I just wish I had been able to get my hands on it, have a better chance of catching the ball.

He swatted it away before it even got to you?

Yeah, it didn’t even touch me at all.

Do you think you’ll have the chance to do it again, or will the coaches burn the play now?

No, because of the situation we were in, I don’t think we killed it. It wasn’t like it was done badly on my part. That’s what happens most of the time when they stop running plays — if I was going to get the opportunity and drop it, then you know what’s gonna happen. I think we’re gonna wait on it a long time, though, because now people are going to be keying on me.

Had you played offense at any other point in your career?

High school, that’s the last time. I was a tight end, but my uncle was an O-line coach and he took me from the skill position and made me a D-lineman. That’s where I’ve been ever since.


4 Responses

  1. They’d rather throw this bootleg to Alexander than running the ball? Okay, that question is asked a lot. But if you’re so sold on throwing the ball on bootleg or roll out, why not throw it to one of your playmakers (Cooley?) or utilize an overhyped 2nd round draft pick (I guess, either Thomas or Davis)…

    Try a fade? Thomas has the height advantage and leaping ability. They aren’t goign to line up their best corner against him, and that corner isn’t a starter (McFadden is out).

  2. Well, it appears that Alexander was the primary read on that play. However, it looked like they had Yodes on the outside there. I guess Jason didn’t want to risk the pick as the LB may have been getting into position to make a play on the ball if Jason throws it there. Still, Alexander being the primary read just seems really, really odd.

    I agree on the fade proposition. That’s the kind of route that’s hard to screw up, so I say, let’s see that after the bye. Can’t hurt to try, right?

  3. I thought Cooley was the primary read, and Campbell said that last night in interviews, LA was the number 2 on the play.

    Yes, they’ve been running it all year, but weren’t having much success at it last night, it’s awfully easy to second guess after the fact.

  4. I have been a fan of the Washington Redskins for over thirty years and have rarely been as disappointed in any aspect of our team`s play than in the woeful output of the offense during Monday night`s game against the Steelers. Granted , they were allegedly the number one defense in the league, but our defense wasn`t shabby either , so the respective offenses would have to win the day. This was apparently something that our offense didn`t understand or appreciate. In my opinion, the main source of trouble is in the inconsistent play of the offensive line. They cannot consistently provide a good run-blocking scheme against good defenses, and they certainly cannot do an adequate job of protecting Jason Campbell during blitzes . (When our QB takes a dirtnap seven times during a game , there`s a problem.) When can we expect to see some improvement in our offensive line play ?

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