Redskins v. Steelers – Postgame Locker Room Quotes


As you can probably imagine, the postgame locker room was a quiet, unhappy place to be.

Pete Kendall addressed the offensive line’s issues bluntly. “Some of it was coverage, some of it was losing one-on-one matchups, some of it was scheme. In a situation like this, first of all, it’s hard to tell exactly what it was until you review the film. But it’s very rarely just one thing.

“We had our chances tonight, and if a couple of things go differently, it’s a different game. I know the scoreboard doesn’t look great, nobody would dispute that. But it was a good team, and we knew that coming in. Anybody who thought we were going to have 400 yards of offense and 40 points is kidding themselves. We knew it was going to be a field position game, a game of big plays and momentum swings, and ultimately they made more big plays than we did and we lost the game.”

Chris Samuels put it even more succinctly: “They just made plays. They were physical. They executed and we didn’t.”

* * * * *

This team has been on the go since late July, and guys were understandably looking forward to the upcoming break.

Jason Campbell: “We just need to learn from it and move on. We’re 6-3 and we’re at the break point, and we’re getting a much-needed break, so we just need to bounce back when get back in here next week. We can’t get discouraged. We’re still in a good position. We just need to come back from teh bye week rested up and get some guys back healthy.”

Fred Smoot: “We’re gonna go, and we’re gonna get healthy, and we’re gonna get ready to come back and play the Cowboys. Now we get to start playing our NFC games at home, and we’ve gotta take advantage of that.”

Clinton Portis: “We definitely need the bye week, you know? Just to get away from football, you know, guys have been playing football for a long time, everybody’s banged up, so we get away, we get a fresh week, recover and don’t worry about football — that’s what Coach said — and then when we come back, we’ve got Dallas.”

Samuels: “It’s been a long season up to this point, now we get a break to heal up. We get a rest mentally and physically and come back for the second half of the season.”

* * * * *

Ryan Plackemeier was extremely frustrated with himself for his blocked punt, calling it “one of the plays that really changed the momentum of the game.” He had nothing but compliments for his blocking crew, though: “We had nine punts in the Cleveland game, and this is one of the best protection teams I’ve ever been around. So tomorrow we’ll see what happened, we’ll fix it, and move on.”

* * * * *

Tomorrow, guys are in at Redskins Park for treatment and media availability, along with Coach Zorn’s press conference. We’ll see what, if anything, can be gleaned from this disappointing game after a night’s sober review.

41 Responses

  1. Ugly Loss. But then again the Skins looked a little worn. A bye would be great. I thought Redskins “D” did a great job.

    The offensive line kinda sucked but of course they were up against the Steelers. Really gotta watch how Peyton Manning adjusts to this kind of pressure. He is the master. But then again Colts have a different type of offensive scheme.

    Anyway, I think Campbell can learn from this kind of game. I thought if he got rid of the ball quicker the game would have been different. Of course that’s so easy for me to say.

  2. The greatest victories emerge from the greatest adversities.

    Go Redskins!

  3. Hey, Redskins keep your heads up high cause you guys are still the second best team in the NFC east. Big ups to the redskins Defence they played a heck of a game against one of the elite teams in the NFL… This bye week is just wat the doctor orderd cause the team is banged-up…. and then come back in two weeks with a heathy team and kick some Cowgirls ass!!!!….. All in all it was a great game with two of the NFL classy and well respect franchise…. all eyes was in d.c. The steelers have the #1 D-fence coming in last nights game and I know dat Jason Campbell will get better in the game against the Cowgirls all he needs to do is to watch the films on the steelers game and learn from the mistakes….. SO HOLD YOUR HEADS UP AND GET HEATHY HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!…

  4. Loss or not this team deserves a rest. A most welcomed bye is here. Repeat the first half of the year and the playoffs are here. HAIL!

  5. it is embarising to be a redskins fan today….homefield advantage is nothing at washington….how can season ticket holders sell out there tickets to fans of other teams like they do….Snyder something needs to be done about this

  6. Ok … so not a great result on Monday night.

    Having said that if at the begining of the season you’d offered me 6-3 at the bye week … I’d probably have taken that.

    Looking at the rest of the schedule you’d expect us to beat Seattle, SF and the Bengals which would take us to 9-3. The key game will be at home to the Eagles I think but if we go 2-1 on the home conference games then we should make the playoffs.

    As newbee said, the O-line didn’t look great, but one bad game doesn’t make them a bad group. CP is still the league’s leading rusher which says something about the quality of the O-line play so far.

    JC threw his first INT but overall he’s had a good solid season so far. He’s starting to put together performances you’d expect from a first round draft pick.

    Bring on the playoffs.

  7. Veryyy pissed off bout the game. But hey our guys r banged upp soo bye week is necessary were gonna come back and readyy to beat the cowgirls… Letss go redskinsss!!! Anddd one more thing, the crowd ? Jeez were we at fedex ? Cz it sure as heck didn’t feel like it..not cool…..

  8. I thought the Redskins defense played a great game. The blocked punt realy hurt us,up until that point it was realy close.If carlos holds onto that pick ,he scores and the Redskins would have had a13 to 0 lead. The bye will help. Once we get Jason Taylor back,and Shawn Springs healthy, look out ,thats a scary good defense the skins have. Hail

  9. Good to see so many fans here that are NOT of the “give up” sort, ya know the ones I’m talking about, the “OMG! this team sucks now” types?

    The bye is seriously needed, and they will be ready for the ‘Boys on Sunday Night Football.

    Go Skins!

  10. This game was just a rough hard nose battle with the #1 defense in the league. It was like an arm wrestling match held in a stalemate right up until the punt was blocked. I think that was a huge factor in the game. anytime you have 2 teams physically beating each other up like they were, something like a blocked punt is what it takes to just break it away. The skin D played really well too, just the offense couldn’t get that one play to change the momentum.

    its alright fellas, looking really good so far this season.

  11. Please hire me as a consultant.

    For instance on 4th and long with 4 minutes left and down 17 I’d “recommend” kicking a friggin field goal to make it a 2 score game.

    You watch next week. There will be a game when a team is down 9-11 pts and face a 4th and 2+ yards inside the 20 with around a minute left and they will NOT kick a FG. Instead they will go for it on 4th down and miss it and game over

    I will only require a salary of $250,000.

  12. you would never see so many visiting fans at a Steelers game……shame on us!!!!!!!

  13. I guess we’re never wearing burgandy on burgandy anymore

  14. Hard game and hard loss. However, I am very proud to be a Skins fan. This team has so much character. They have played with injuries and compensated.

    A bye rest will heed us well. We anticipated the Steelers would close in on Portis; I was just hoping others would open the game.

    Zorn will figure it out. Glad Jason has the INT behind him – we don’t have to worry about jinx talk any longer.

    How about another after practice session with the QB’s throwing passes to the defense.

  15. WTF???!!! That was just horrible. I know there is alot of football left this year, but games like that are statement games that you must take if you are thinking post-season. I know Campbell is doing well on the stat line, but I question if he really has this offense’s trust. At home, we let the steelers (not just the team) come in and do that in OUR HOUSE!! We knew they were gonna do everything to stop CP, so why the confusion when Campbell has to throw most of the game? I just don’t know. Very dis-heartening.

  16. Two best things to come out of last night’s game:

    1. Red on red uniforms. (I know, burgundy.)

    2. Carlos Roger’s shoes.

  17. Like my boy says, “sometimes you drink the bar and sometimes the bar drinks you.”

    It was a bad loss, but this is still a good squad; the bye will do us proper and we should bounce back against the Cowgirls.


  18. PS – No, ‘Skins fans, the sky ISN’T falling.

  19. i gotta say, even tho it’s disappointing to see that loss, there were some bright spots. the main thing is that the guys need rest. everyone of my buddies have been saying how tired they all looked out there. i wish it was a closer game but HAIL TO THE SKINS! You’ll see… we’ll be back… AND ON SUNDAY NIGHT AGAINST THE HEFFERS IT WILL BE GLORIOUS! ahem. get some rest guys, at 6-3…i’m a happy camper. especially when the saints and cowboy fans around here try to talk some smack… lol! HAIL.

  20. Just a couple things…
    1. Yeah, the uniforms look good but who cares they don’t win football games.
    2. I thought there were alot of cowboys and eagles fans when I went to those games in the past but the steelers roll deap. Washington DC is the international city of the world. It draws people here from all over for jobs. This is never going to change and as long as there are fair weather skins fans who sell their season tickets to make money be ready to see opposing fans.

  21. How in the world Samuels gets voted to the pro bowl is beyond me. Play a rookie, maybe he won’t stand around with hie hans on his hips!

  22. 1st, the defense played pretty well, but wore down in the 2nd half. Still not enough pressure on the QB. Carlos rogers has been having a great year, but he gets paid a lot of money to make that pick. He takes that to the house and I believe it’s a different game and possibly a different outcome. Offensively, I was certain they were going to minimize Portis. The passing game is way too coservative, but you can’t open it up and go down field with that porous effort of pass protection. jon Jansen got whoopped all night. he should be ashamed. Zorn has done an outstanding job this year, but he was out coached badly. Way too conservative in the 2nd half down 17. Should have been no huddle, shotgun the entire 4th qtr. Worse off though was the amount of Steeler fans there. Can understand a few thousand but that was nuts. how embarassing on national TV to have the announcer refer to it as a home game for the visitor. Any Redskin fan that sold their tickets to Steeler fans should have their season tickets revoked. No true Redskin fan would sell their tickets to the opossing teams fans. They should be banned. Not throwing in the towell though. I believe we’ll re bound, but we must get a real passing game going to do so. Hail to them !!

  23. I’m not going to lie I was at the game yesterday and was pretty pissed we lost and those freakin Steeler fans didn’t make it any better(touche’ owen ramsey) but now that i slept on it and have a binge free mind, it wasn’t even a divionsal game and we’re still 6-3 with 3 divionsal home games left. Theres hope!


  24. A visiting Steelers fan…

    I want to commend the majority of the Redskin fans I met at the game during tailgating and the actual game. As a visiting fan, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I received only laughs, respect and a few trash talk jabs that were tasteful.

    I had a great time in Sect. 418 (on top of the world it seemed). I do agree though it was CRAZY to see 40-60% of the fans were wearing black and gold.

    G’luck against the Cowboys, as I’ll be rooting for the ‘Skins that game.


  25. Yes that was embarrassing to see so many steelers fans there.Lets not let that happen again. Redskins fans are the best in the World, so from now on it needs to be 92,000 of us there. If I was able I would drive all the way up from where I live in Augusta Ga to be at every game . Theres no way if I lived nere D.C. I would ever miss a game. I cant wait till after the bye,because I think this team will get better . Zorn is doing a great job! Every team has a game like this atleast once a year, it will wake us up .Now lets go out and vote Moss, Portis,Cooley,Rogers,Griffin,Thomas and the rest into the Pro Bowl.

  26. Good game for the defense horrible game for the offense..I thought campell was scarred the whole game..he didn’t even take that many shots down the field to open up the offense it was all short passes and dump offs not gonna win games like that against a good defense like the steelers..i like how we didn’t use or throw the ball to DEVIN THOMAS!! instead we throw it to james thrash and he doesn’t do anything..bench james thrash and throw the ball to Devin Thomas more than once and this offense be alot better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. How many steeler fans was it? In a 92000 sit stadium there could be 20000 fans of the other team, but I don’t call that taking it over. The Skins were not doing anything offensively so the steeler fans made noise so it made it seem like there were more then there really were…..

  28. 6-3 in the NFC East is still looking good. We get the Cowgirls next and “pinky” boy will be back for more of a beating. Skins D looked awesome, they got tired playing most of the game aginst the Stealers. You could tell that Campbell got rattled thoughout the game. Hopefully he bounces back to make the run into December. Good job to the Stealers for playing a good game. Good job to the Skins for playing their hearts out. Aloha.

  29. i think we gave up too early on portis.hed get the ball on 1st down and then we would try to short passes.running game is the key to winning.we definatly need another big play reciever.and a good pass rush.whats up with eramus james


  31. i was at the game…way 2 many steeler fans-shame on us. carlos rogers -take the gloves off and catch a ball-that’s why u get the bucks u do. what a bone head play-1st- 4th and long and you go for it instead of a f.g.??2nd- 4th and goal -from the 2 foot line- and pass??? what crap!!

  32. Being a Giant Fan…very happy that the Steelers took out the Skins…..Too bad for them that the Giants are an will remain atop the NFC East…Dont think SKins will make it to the playoff either..Zman sends

  33. I know people don’t want to hear this, but someone has to state the obvious. The Skins have been winning close games because of their coaching, a good defense, Santana Moss’s playmaking ability and Clinton Portis having up to this point an MVP caliber season but the Skins have no chance of going deep into the playoffs with Jason Campbell as their quarterback. The truth is the Skins could very well be 8-1 and possibly 9-0 with a good quarterback at the helm. Zorn has had to dial the offense down to compensate for Campbell’s deficiencies and this places the burden on Portis to carry the load offensively. People pointed to Campbell’s 0 interceptions prior to the Steeler game as evidence of him becoming a great quarterback but what difference does that make if your terrible in the red zone and on third down conversions. Mark Brunell demonstrated how you can manipulate the quarterback rating system by constantly throwing checkdown passes and placing the burden on your receivers to get yards after the catch. Your completion percentage will be high and your interception rate will be low. You will appear to be a fairly productive quarterback but your team won’t be able to score many points offensively. Campbell like Patrick Ramsey before him has a strong arm and can throw a nice spiral but he can’t read a defense, is too slow going through his progressions and is inaccurate. Last year when Campbell was injured , Todd Collins highlighted Campbell’s weaknessess when he showed how productive the Skins offense could be when you had a quarterback that could find the open man. The NFL is a copycat league and you can rest assured that the teams on the remainder of the Skins schedule will employ the same defensive gameplan the Steelers did and will focus on stopping Portis and force Campbell to beat them. If the Skins manage to secure a wildcard berth they will almost surely be bounced out in the first round of the playoffs with Campbell as their quarterback. It is absolutely absurd to have your best quarterback playing third string and your worst quarterback starting simply because you wasted a first round draft choice on him. Those of you who think that Campbell is a better quarterback than Brennan merely because he has more experience probably would have thought David Woodley was a better quarterback than Dan Marino prior to Marino getting his shot. If the Skins don’t make the playoffs Zorn will probably be fired and the Skins will probably waste another year before figuring out Campbell is a career backup quarterback at best. I just hope those of you who would tell me I’m crazy or don’t know what I’m talking about have the same enthusiasm in admitting I was right in the future.

  34. Actually It doesn’t look like Washington has the quick strike audible in their passing game. Or am I wrong?

  35. I couldn’t agree with Stone more. I don’t think Campbell is getting it. Check down passes are fine and dandy to keep moving, but it’s either lack of vision down field, or he straight doesn’t have the balls to attack down field. HOW IN THE HELL DID HE ONLY HAVE ONE TOUCHDOWN PASS AGAINST THE DAMN LIONS?!?!?! There is far too much talent on this team to be, that won’t be here much longer, to be dickin with this guy. Time for a change…

  36. Stone and Tony, you obviously don’t understand the WCO, nor have you been following Zorn very closely this season. Down feild passes are down compared to Al Saunder’s offense but completion percentages and passer ratings are up. Turnovers are down and JC’s decision making is uber-improved. You might need to visit extreme skins if you want to play the blame game. Me, I know we will pull through a tough loss against THE BEST DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE. No worries.

  37. Actually, I agree with with the coaches. The underneath stuff was what you do under heavy pressure. Take whats given and make them pay for the over pursuing. It just didn’t work cause the Steelers had an answer for everything.
    JC has had a good season so far. He has one of the Best QB coaches in football – Jim Zorn. I just wish JC would get rid of the football quicker. He’ll learn.

  38. I agree with Josh Galla. I was also a visiting Steelers fan at Monday’s game. MOST of the Redskins fans we met and talked to were great, gracious, fun to be with, and just a lot of fun. there were a couple of creeps, of course, and I wonder if any of them might have been the people writing in complaining about Steelers fans getting tickets?? what’s up with the “you suck” chant I heard in the first half? not very classy, Washington!

    my hubby’s a Redskins fan (native of PG County) so we cheer for both teams. so you’re saying because I’m a Steelers fan, I’m not allowed in your stadium? shame on you, Bob, B, and Joey!

    you all should be thankful to have us in town spending our money instead of whining about us daring to cheer for OUR favorite team! grow up!

  39. What’s with all the JC hata’s out there?

    Like Jessica’s pinky Romo or Slump Shoulders Manning would look good with a bunch o’ Steeler LBs in his face all day!

    Look at the other Manning, idiots. How effective is he now that his OL is in shambles. Even with his lightning release, he doesn’t look so fluid with rushers in his business, does he?

    Zorn needs to replace Jansen with Stephon. Jansen can’t handle speed rushers anymore. Hopefully, Jansen can handle the truth enough to realize that. At least “one knee” Samuels held his man. Better a penalty than a crushed QB.

  40. Hello all,
    I am an lifelong Redskins fan and i admit we played a horrible horrible HORRIBLE game against the steelers we were just over matched on offense our defense played awesome but they can only hold teams out for so long hell they played way to much and to long but if carlos would hang on to at least half the picks i think our record would be diffrent but it is not fair to put it on one person it still all comes down to the offense. but all of our fans/enimies have to understand we have allready played a full season of games our team has been going a heck of a lot longer than any other nfl team so i think this bye will help us tremendously and we will bounce back i promise all of ya and far as the steelers fans in our house i can go a couple of ways on that one but bottom line is this if we are playing like we should be then they would be quite and not even be a factor and probably would not come back but anyway all will be well when we win the super bowl yes i said it when we win the super bpwl this season. HTTR

  41. I agree about the ofense but I think that we will still have a great season. Keep your head up!

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