My Favorite Shirt At Redskins Park Today

Fairly often, someone at Redskins Park shows up in a very cool shirt. When you’ve got so many people with (relatively) common interests, many of whom have plenty of disposable income to spend on things like cool shirts, it’s bound to happen.

Clinton Portis modeled a good one for Mr. Irrelevant, of course, and we had Jason Campbell in the Redskins throwback last week. Today, it’s ESPN 980’s own Redskins beat reporter Frank Hanrahan — now also a blogger! — rocking the Washington Federals T.

I’m not claiming to be some kind of enormous Federals fan or someone who particularly misses the USFL anything, but I remember thinking it was very cool that there was going to be football year round. Hanrahan has pretty much the same memories from growing up in downtown D.C. “Finally, here was a chance to go see live football at R.F.K., since the Redskins were always such a tough ticket,” he said.

The shirt is a replica — “I bought it five years ago or something,” Hanrahan tells me — but still nifty for all that. ON THE REDSKINS BEAT, here’s the shirt:


Possibly even cooler, though, is Hanrahan’s ride: the ESPN980Mobile, captured here departing the park after an away game.

Photo by Bob (HOF44)

Photo by Bob (HOF44)

It’s no blurple Impala, that’s for sure.


4 Responses

  1. Hanrahan kinda seems like a tool if you ask me.

  2. Can’t we alljust get along? Tools Unite!

  3. Mahalo to the ‘Skins who lost last night – allowing Obama to win. I like what he said about having a playoff system in college football, btw. ;-)

  4. Matt Terl…you look ridic in that green sweater…

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