Rumor Confirmed: It’s Burgundy on Burgundy

I started hearing the buzz as soon as I pulled up to the stadium, people asking me if the team was really wearing burgundy pants with burgundy jerseys, and I didn’t really know what to say. I hadn’t HEARD anything about it, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t happening. So I confirmed it the best way I could think of: visually.

For the first time in recent memory, that’s a burgundy jersey up top:

And burgundy pants in the locker:

Most of the people I’ve mentioned this to, guys who have been fans forever, said things along the lines of “I’ve been waiting for them to do this since I was six years old.” I haven’t actually given it all that much thought, but I suspect it’ll look pretty cool. Pictures of the uniforms in action once I see someone actually wearing them.


26 Responses

  1. yay!

  2. Please say it aint so!!!! Why cant we keep being the classy organization that we are and look like pros and not some college or high school team??!!!! I dont like it at all. The burgundy jersey and white pants looks nice, but the jersey and pants all the same color is not for me.

  3. Not yay. Oh well, as long as they win it won’t matter. If they lose…this’ll go the way of the thowbacks from last year.

  4. There was an expirement a while ago that said wearing red increased your chance of winning

  5. Yes, yay! I have wanted this for a long time. That’s good joojoo.

  6. Looking forward to seeing how they match up against the Steelers. Hope that Devin Thomas will finally contribute in the passing game…

  7. Pshh, some blogger you are, Matt. A truly dedicated quasi-journalist would have thrown on the jersey himself and taken a picture for all the world to see, long before anybody else could break the story waiting for actual players to trot them out.

  8. At least they won’t be wearing red – uh, burgundy – socks!

  9. I think it will be a good match, red on red. Its the
    “war paint” take no prisoners!!!!

  10. I’m wearing my Burgundy jersey to work today. GO SKINS!!!

  11. Matt, you should adjust the times for daylight savings time

  12. Ithink they wore all burgundy in their late season 2005 run. I also believe Taylor/Portis did wear burgundy socks.

  13. Adjusted the time, but you’ll have to envision it for the earlier post. Good catch, Steven.

  14. and it looks sharp

  15. i think it’ll look REALLLLLLLLLL good… kyle i understand where your comming from but the redskins only pull out white on white or burgundy on burgundy for REALLLLLLLLLLLLL special important games this is one of those games PLUS dark colored clothing works well in cool environments its an advantage it helps attract heat just like white on white helps repel heat its still a really really really really SMALL MINOR advantage but hey any advantage for the redskins ill take hahahahahaHAHAHA HAIL TO THOSE SKINS…………..pleaseeeeeeeeeeee redskins players we need this game soooooooooo BAD so we can show the world the redskins are for REAL

  16. sea of Burgundy baby !!! cant wait ….HAIL!!

  17. Urghh!

    That combination is for FCS College Teams and maybe an NFL Expansion Team but not a classic NFL Franchise.

    Who’s freaking idea was this??
    Portis? Zorn?

    I like classic, period.

  18. They never wore all burgandy. They wore all white in 05.

  19. Huh… We shall see how it looks.

  20. Ugh. Burgundy on burgundy = epic uni fail.

    I thought it couldn’t get any uglier than white on white; I stand corrected.

    The ‘Skins should rock the burgundy on gold uniforms of the George Allen era.

  21. OK Halloween is over. I think that it’s time for this team to look like a professional team, not some small college that just started a football program. I have been a SKINS fan since 1971, and it’s hard to watch them winning or losing with the ugly uniforms (white on white/ red on red). What is wrong with the Gibbs or Allen era uniforms? Personally, I like the 70s look. Skins are an old franchise like the Packers, Lions, Browns and etc, and they don’t do this week in week out. Dan Snyder, PLEASE stop the madness!!

  22. I’ve been a fan since”84″ See that’s what’s wrong with alot of ppl’s mind set, U think just Bcause they waer a new color seem that, it will provide a win. No thats not the case at all, what u should pay attention 2 is that, who we play, how good r they playin wen we play them, and how good r we playing at that time. Plus they had the #1 defence n the nfl, it’s was going to b a ruff game. hey mayb if {C.Rogers} makes that pick n the 2nd. qrt. the game mayb would b diff. S#!t don’t forget they blocked a punt min. later, which was the play of the game. Plus it’s time 4 a new look. I mean we wore the {all white n “05”} and we’ve won and lost n those uniforms, So now they decide 2 rock the {all burgundy} just give it time. if they wear it more often they’ll win more gms in them.

  23. We need to lose the crazy burgundy on burgundy. Those colors looked absurd last night – like circus costumes or something. Of course, being at the game felt wacky with all those Steelers fans so maybe it worked.

  24. lets never wear burgundy on burgundy again. wear the white jerseys at home, like we’ve done for 30 years, and focus on winning games.


  26. LOOOOVED IT! who cares if we lost, it wasnt bc of the unis. bring em back please!!! They looked SO sharp

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