Redskins v. Steelers – Second Quarter Thoughts


  • Fred Smoot is one of those guys who could very easily come across as insufferable, but what seems like posturing in so many other players seems like genuine ebullience and enthusiasm in Smoot. Which is a long and roundabout way of saying that I don’t mind his celebrations after he makes a play.
  • You know, Tony Kornheiser was very friendly when I spoke to him earlier, but based on the emails I’m receiving I’m pretty glad I’m not able to hear the Monday Night Football telecast. Nobody’s specified anything he’s actually said, but people seem pretty grouchy about it, whatever it is.
  • A tough pass interference penalty on Carlos Rogers is the biggest play of the game so far for the Steelers. It looked like one of those penalties, though, where the defender was beaten and it was either commit the penalty or let the ball be caught. From that perspective, not a terrible decision.
  • Demetric Evans has been playing really well at defensive end, although largely as a run stopper. So it’s gratifying to see him get a couple of sacks already in this game, on national TV. Nice guy, too — it’s not everyone who has a day dedicated to them in Shreveport. (Or maybe it is. I’ve never been to Shreveport, and so would have no way of really knowing.)
  • The flipside of that is Carlos Rogers dropping interceptions on national television. He’d gotten so much better about that, too. That’s just disappointing to see.
  • There’s a fan somewhere down and to the left of the press box who has what sounds like the loudest whistle in the world, and he is not shy about blowing it. It is deeply, deeply annoying, not to mention confusing. There shouldn’t be a whistle blowing every time the ball is snapped. That’s just backward and wrong.
  • Ryan Plackemeier’s good day of punting screeches to a halt with the Steelers first punt blocked since 2006. That is going to lead to a lot of Danny Smith yelling, and probably a lot of nasty things being written about the special teams around Blog-o-world.
  • Going into halftime trailing by four wouldn’t seem that daunting, if the offense were moving the ball and/or were converting on their third downs. As the Redskins meet neither of those criteria at this point — less than 100 total yards and 0/8 on third downs — it’s a grim place to be at the half.



8 Responses

  1. What is going on with our offensive line? Why has Campbell been sacked so many times in one half????? Coach, can we get him some RESPECT AND PROTECTION???!!!???

  2. I hope Plack’s ok. That looked nasty on his ankle/foot.

  3. Roughing the kicker???

    Backup QB is in for the Steelers.

  4. With The Redskins Solid Defense And Colt Brennan as Quarterback…The Redskins would be The Best Team In The League…Hands Down…

  5. Dang- int

    Let’s go, ‘Skins!

  6. Hmmmm not lookin good for the skiins… It is wha it is…. Let’s go skiins!

  7. I love the Redskins! And I BELIEVE in Jim Zorn! I BLEED Burgandy and GOLD! But tonight, huddling up and wasting 25 seconds EVRY F’IN play with 8 and 1/2 minutes to go……..STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!!! SHOW SOPME F’IN URGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m spending 2K to fly to Washington for the Dallas game……..We better get our heads out of our ass by then!!! HTTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The reason for this lost tonight is the o line they both are too old and slow get rid of them. They did not protect Campbell tonight.

    GET rid of them both!

    Sad fan today of the same old O line problems Hail to the defense Cooley MOSS Randle EL and Rogers, HOrton!

    Sad Skins fan in NC

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