Redskins v. Steelers – Fourth Quarter Thoughts


  • Well, if the last quarter ended as grim, I’m not quite sure what this one dips down to at the start. The Redskins just cannot seem to get things together, and the Steelers now lead by 17, 23 to 6. At the rate things are going, this is a mathematically insurmountable lead.
  • Jason Campbell is just under constant pressure; Coach Zorn would’ve had to conduct those escape and evasion drills with a firehose or something to simulate this. The biggest play of this quarter so far has been a roughing the passer call on a failed fourth down conversion that even I can’t credibly defend. At least based on the replays I saw, that was a very generous call from the officials.
  • With the Redskins facing fourth and goal from the one, the crowd goes completely nuts, waving Terrible Towels and cheering on the Steelers defense. I’ve been to games at FedExField that felt eerily quiet, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen it be completely overrun.
  • And, incidentally, the call on that fourth and goal leaves something to be desired also. I have no objection to play action pass in that situation, but trying to force the ball in to a tackle eligible — and a DEFENSIVE tackle eligible at that — feels like someone being needlessly cute.
  • There’s really not much to say about the offense’s performance today. After the defense forces a punt, the offense takes over with good field position and for just a moment, it looks like they get things going. Then it all just falls apart, ending with a fourth-down sack of Jason Campbell for a fourteen yard loss. Whether it’s related to injuries, exhaustion, confusion in the face of the 3-4 defense, or just generally being overmatched, the offensive line hasn’t been able to adequately protect Campbell at all. He’s getting knocked around like a pinata, with seven sacks tallied so far. It’s just brutal to watch.
  • Also brutal to watch: Redskins fans streaming for the exits, leaving the stands filled with happy Steelers fans. Here’s the depressing view of them from the press box:



  • Not the way anyone had hoped to start the bye week, obviously. The only good news is that they have plenty of time to heal up and get good and angry to come back against Dallas in a couple of weeks. Bad, bad game, although Obama supporters who believe the whole Redskins Rule thing can be a little optimistic, I guess. I’m sure they didn’t mention that on the broadcast at all.

14 Responses

  1. I love the Redskins! And I BELIEVE in Jim Zorn! I BLEED Burgandy and GOLD! But tonight, huddling up and wasting 25 seconds EVRY F’IN play with 8 and 1/2 minutes to go……..STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!!! SHOW SOPME F’IN URGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m spending 2K to fly to Washington for the Dallas game……..We better get our heads out of our ass by then!!! HTTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is this coach semi-retarded?

    You are down by 17 points with a 4th and long from about the 12 yard line and you don’t kick a FG?

    There is absolutely NO REASON not to kick a FG in that situation.

    Zorn should be fired by tomorrow morning.

  3. Yeah “Man with Brain” – I nearly LOST IT on that call. But then I reeled it in with “It’s just a game, it’s just a game”. I don’t believe that of course, but when intelligent people make calls like that….it’s just totally confusing….and frustrating……..HIP HIP……ah, not this week…………We better take Dallas behind the woodshed or I’m going postal! HTTR!!

  4. First I would like to say no more burgundy on burgundy. Zorn is horrible. Even last week against detroit had a lot of questionable play calls. I am watching the postgame….it seems to me that the skins are using C-Rogers dropped pick as the game changing play. Hello……Didn’t we have the ball 5 possesions in a row with perfect feild position and we only come away with 6 points. I think zorn tries to get too fancy. And we need to do something about Season Ticket Holders selling their seats to visitor’s fans. That was unbelievable. I have not seen anything like that. Where is our pride? That’s one thing that I respect philly for. Very loyal.

  5. I’m truly disappointed! Offense needs a lot of work if we think we are post season contenders. I have to hand it to Steelers fans they are truly dedicated!

  6. How to preserve time on the clock……let 30 seconds reel off THEN call a time-out. I know, I need to chill, I just can’t come to terms with beating ourselves with ignornance!!! I expect that from the Cowboys, but not from the SKINS!! I’m out, PEACE and HTTR!

  7. Seriously? you call yourselves Redskins fans? If you don’t like Zorn’s playcalling, do you even REMEMBER last year or two years ago? he’s a rookie head coach give him a break. and theres no reason he should be fired “Man With Brain” . You just need to shut your trap and be thankful were 6-3. its not like were the bengals. the steelers were the better team last night face it. The fact that you all are so impatient is un-friggin-believablle. its disgusting. HTTR.

  8. are you guys fans or wut u want zorn fired thats ridiculous u love him when he wins i bet wut a stupid thing to say the man is doing the damn thing 6-3 for a first year coach wut did u want the Lombardi in wk8 or wut do every one a favor n dont use fansites to complain especially about a coach whose doing good go play madden and pretend u can do a better job

  9. I thought this was the worst play calling for jim zorn..alot of dumb plays and decsions..jason campell should of threw the ball down the field more and throw it to DEVIN THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!hes alot better than james thrash..this offense be alot better if we throw the ball to DEVIN THOMAs more than once and bench james thrash please he’s a special teams player!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I am really sick of ticket holders selling their tickets and allowing fans from teams like the Steelers to invade our home turf.
    That would never have happened back in the RFK days. It was a small enough stadium that those who were able to get season tickets actually cared about the games and attended. Now we have this ridiculously huge stadium that has a horrible location and so many seats that extras are bound to be sold on stubhub every week. Its pathetic.

  11. I dont think zorn is the happy to be in the position we are in.I think campbell lost his composure to quickly and panicked.I bet u dallas will have 8 in the box to stop portis cause they know campbell cant carry this team.maybe we should try fred davis and cooley as wide outs.

  12. i was at the game…way 2 many steeler fans-shame on us. carlos rogers -take the gloves off and catch a ball-that’s why u get the bucks u do. next…what a bone head play-1st- 4th and long and you go for it instead of a f.g.?? 2nd- 4th and goal -from the 2 foot line- and pass??? what crap!! p.s. ever hear of hustle??? down 17 points and taking 24 secs to start they play??

  13. Brian, have to tell you, dude, there are A LOT of Steelers fans who live in the DC area. probably a whole lot of those fans you complain about are actually Redskins ticket holders who are from western PA and still bleed black and gold, no matter how many years they live in the DC metro area.

    my sister and her hubby live in northern VA and gave us one pair of their season tickets (they own like four pairs!) as early Christmas gifts. we were thrilled to be there (my hubby is a native and huge Redskins fan). almost all the Redskins fans I met were friendly and welcoming. excellent hosts!

    I must remind you . . . it’s only a game! all NFL players have off-days “on the job” just like everyone else.

  14. Man what a great game. Managed to snake 8 tickets about a month after the schedule was released and was able to get 7 other steelers fans into the stadium (3 buddies from western pa, brother in law from central pa, sister from rhode island, and a friend and my roomate from northern virginia). Much thanks to your season ticket holders.

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