Monday Redskins Links – 10/3

Some reading to keep you busy during the long, never-ending day before tonight’s big game.

  • Hey, did you know that the Redskins have a new head coach? And that he’s quirky and quotable and interesting and has led the team to an impressive start? Oh, you did? Huh. Well, if you want to read a mid-season profile on him anyhow, Barry Svrluga has one in the Post, and Ryan O’Halloran has one in the Times. And, in all seriousness, they’re both pretty interesting, even given the overwhelming volume of Zorn content we’ve all read in the last nine months or so.
  • ESPN NFC East blogger Matt Moseley has a good profile of Santana Moss that offers some interesting insight into his motivation. Plus I love that Gary Clark called him out — it’s good to hear that Clark hasn’t settled down any since his playing days.
  • Post Game Heroes is a very well-done blog (that I don’t link to nearly enough) whose staff is made up largely of Steelers backers and Redskins backers. So they’re in their glory as we head into tonight’s game. Pretty much anything at the site is worth reading, but I’m especially impressed with their detailed breakdown of the Redskins offense.
  • And Tanner Cooley has a profile of punter Ryan Plackemeier, which should be especially useful for those of you who invested an entire offseason in learning about Durant Brooks and now need a crash course on the new guy.

9 Responses

  1. thanks, matt.
    pretty good articles by the post and times about zorn.

    today is easily one of the longest days of waiting for a MNF game ever

  2. This is why I hate Sunday night and Monday night games. I can’t concentrate on anything today.

  3. MNF, Skins, and Steelers…..what more could a guy ask for! Oh yea a Redskin W! And here is what we need to do to get there. First off and Greg Blache knows this as well. We must! And I mean we must! Get to the quarterback! This game is too important to have a lax pass rush while depending on our outstanding but banged up secondary! Come on guys you front four have to get it going tonight. Ben has to be horizontal tonight for us to win this matchup. Another thing fellas if we are going to be in the business of putting together monster long drives then we should also be in the business of finishing those drives so that they end in 6 instead of 3 or 0! That’s so much of our problem right there! Not punching it into the endzone! Tonight were going to need the pass and in a big way! JC you know what that means brova! Gotta air it out kid and not worry about the turnovers and all that other crap as long as you keep us in the game hell I know with the way JC is playing he is very capable of winning this game on his arm alone. But the O-line has to get started early getting people moved out of the way. This is a smash mouth football team just like us so we need to be brutal early. Also I don’t know the status on Santana Moss right now but that’s going to be huge if he is not in the game in which case Devin Thomas and Fred Davis are going to have to step it up big time! Look fellas there is no reason we cannot win this game and have these guys fearing the NFC east! So long as we execute and play our brand of football. But hey imma leave it along and let you guys play it out because yall know better than me what yall need to do. And as for being the underdogs and no one believing in yall remember that the skins set records every year for attendance and that the Redskins stick by their fans threw thick and thin weather we are 3-13 or end up 13-3 as long as we win one a year against the cowgirls Redskins nation will never shun or turn their backs on you all. Keep and Gritty fellas and get that W for Mr. “O” on election night!


  4. Hail, ya’ll

    I know, I know. The wait is almost unbearable (and I thought the 4:15 games on Sundays were hard to wait for). But here’s a great way to keep yourself busy. Go into the Dallas Cowboys website and read their blog posts after the loss to the Giants. And if you’re really up for some fun, check out the real-time comments posted DURING the game!!! Pure entertainment.

    And, yes, I know that it would have been better for us if the Cowgirls had won; but still…….their pain is my pleasure.


  5. This is another interesting article involving the Skins in relation to the Election (thought it was appropriate since we are on the eve of a history making election!)

  6. hey matt, that post game heroes is a great blog. do they break down the redskins offense like that every week. Its the first time I ever heard you bring this site up.

  7. That detailed breakdown on post game heros was ridiculously long! dont those guys have jobs?

  8. says “Word has it that the Redskins are expected to wear burgundy pants and burgundy jerseys for Monday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers” Matt, can you find out if its true!

  9. Yea and god forbid the worst happens then coming to work in the AM is gonna suck way more! Down with the Terrible towle!

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