Saturday, November 1: On the Field for (a Short) Practice

This week’s game, obviously, is on Monday night, which means that there’s an extra day in this football workweek. That extra day is today, Saturday, which becomes pretty much Friday Revisited. This meant that the team was out for an 11:00 practice, although it did not nearly match yesterday’s in length or intensity — more of an extended workout.

Nothing major to note beyond a Santana Moss update: according to Coach Zorn, “he got to run a little bit today, but all just straight ahead.” Still, Zorn calls him a gametime decision. Chris Samuels is also going to be a gametime decision depending on how his knee feels.

Carlos Rogers was limited again in practice, but Zorn expects him to be there for the game. And LaRon Landry was all over the practice field again, disrupting passes and doing all those Landry-esque things.

The Monday Night Football crew was here, watching practice and having their production meetings, but other than that it was a fairly quiet day.


6 Responses

  1. Hey Matt, who has been getting the reps in Moss’s place?

    Where has Thomas been lining up?

  2. At first glance it looks like Soup and Sellers are holding hands.

    And as for reps in Moss’s place, I just read on Skins Insider that if Moss can’t go, Thrash will take his spot and Thomas will be a lot more involved.

  3. LOL, I thought they were holding hands as well. I thought, “hey, whatever works.”

  4. I hope i see devin thomas more involved in the offense esp it santanna can’t go..I hope jim zorn starts realizin that the offense be alot better if devin thomas was the 3 receiver and not james thrash!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think with or without Moss, this game is the opportunity to get Thomas going. With his size and speed, this defense’s aggressive nature presents a perfect opportunity for the “slot” receiver to make big plays.

    Davis could do the same thing in this game, I won’t be surprised to more of both of them in this game.

    Go Skins!

  6. If Samuels can’t go we will lose this game. James Harrison will eat up Heyer and Jason will spend most of the day on his back.

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