On the Field for Practice – 10/31

Well, either Santana Moss put on four inches and fifty pounds (and got a whole lot paler) or it was a Halloween kind of day out at practice today.

  • The big news from practice, amusing jersey switching aside, was that only two guys from the incomprehensibly long injury list really didn’t practice. (Well, five if you include Jason Taylor, Ladell Betts, and Malcolm Kelly, but they’ve all been pretty much ruled out from this week, so no surprise there.) Anyhow: Santana Moss wore the Chris Cooley jersey to sit on the sidelines, although like yesterday he was continually looking for someone to do stationary work with. “I’m always optimistic,” Coach Zorn said, “but we’ll have to just wait and see.” And Shawn Springs was also sidelined, although — as always — he was acting almost as a player/coach to the other cornerbacks as well.

  • But that means that Clinton Portis, LaRon Landry, Chris Horton, and Carlos Rogers all practiced at least to some extent, and that was good to see. Horton in particular looked pretty much healthy, ball-hawking as always, and nearly colliding with London Fletcher as the two went for the same interception. (Fletcher came down with it.)

  • Cooley and Moss weren’t the only ones who switched jerseys. Midway through practice, I realized that Jason Fabini was playing left tackle, and that he was a bit taller than I remembered, and that he was black. I’ll freely admit that I occasionally overlooked things, but it seemed unlikely that this was in that category.
    • Here’s how it broke down: Chris Samuels wore Fabini’s jersey. Randy Thomas and Jon Jansen swapped, as did Casey Rabach and Pete Kendall. And it looks like Fabini was actually wearing Samuels’s 60, making that a swap as well. It’s much less complicated phrased that way than it appears to be in my notes.

    • In addition to the interception mentioned above, London Fletcher accidentally hit Horace Gant a bit harder than he intended after a catch across the middle, and it really pointed up just how much the defense has to hold back in practice, which sometimes makes it difficult to tell exactly how fired up they are. Not a problem in the game, obviously, but there were a lot of shouts of “No collisions!” from the sidelines today.
    • After an earlier practice, someone asked me which of the practice squad receivers I thought was likely to get the nod if Malcolm Kelly was put on injured reserve. At the time, I said Devin Aromashodu, although not for any particular reason. But I should also mention that Horace Gant has looked surprisingly good, and light-years ahead of where he was during training camp. I’m not going back on my earlier answer, but Gant has looked strong and I’ve completely neglected to mention it.

    • Mike Green played well in Detroit in relief of Chris Horton, and he continues to look like a surprisingly good midseason acquisition, with good awareness and ability — exemplified today by his moving into position to intercept a long sideline pass.
    • The defense looked strong in the two minute drill, with Andre Carter getting his hands up and knocking a pass down. In general, it was another lively practice in a week that’s had plenty of them, which is good see.

    14 Responses

    1. Thanks Matt. Good to hear about the energy in practice. Thats got to be a good sign. Hail Redskins!

    2. Good to hear some of the injured guys were practicing. Did Samuels show any signs of his knee injury?

    3. If Zorn’s favorite adjective is violent, yours is surpisingly.

    4. That seems surprisingly accurate.

    5. Touche’

    6. Surprisingly would be an adverb used to modify verbs and adjectives.

    7. Nice pics! Thanks!

    8. I’m confident the Redskinz will jump on the Steelers surprisingly early in the Monday Night game and win in a surprisingly dominant manner ……then have a surprisingly productive bye week……and not surprisingly reemerge to dominate the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football.

    9. This should be a tough week for us; the Steelers look good, and Big Ben is a great QB. But, it’s great to see so many guys back on the practice field and fired up!

    10. another good one i see Thomas scoring his first td Monday n clinton running for 115

    11. Ah, the Steelers may be tough, but we’ve got the First Ladies to distract them!

    12. Watch the low blows guys, watch the low blows. I’m just a little skeptical about the Steelers character, starting with their head coach. I hope I’m WRONG, just a hunch.

      Note to D-LINE
      Big Ben is tough to bring down when you get a hold of him, but he leaves the ball dangling like an apple from a tree branch. SWAT IT!

    13. Hello everyboby i would luv to c Moss play tonight i no that he hurt but we could really use him in the pass game .

    14. If any of redskin player are reading this i am one of your biggiest fan i have since i was child i follower Art Monk Joe an Gary Clark etc. There is one thing i would like to no is Clinton Portis marry i would luv to meet him and moss. Please reply

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