Friday, October 31: Politics + Football = A Terrific Combination. Really.

From the Orlando Sentinel's football preview.

From the Orlando Sentinel's football preview.

Hey, did you know that there’s an election next week? Yeah, apparently we’ll be voting for the President of the United States of America. Now, you’re probably asking yourselves, “What is hard-hitting political analysis like that doing on a blog about the Redskins? Did I click on Drudge Report or Wonkette by accident?!?”

No, nothing like that. But every four years your Washington Redskins are credited with directly influencing the political process, and it’s that time again. Here’s the quick summary from the American Enterprise Institute, as quoted on the USA Today On Deadline blog

If hemlines go up as we move into an election year, or if it is a good year for Bordeaux wine, or if the National League wins the World Series, the Democratic candidate will win. When hemlines fall or stay the same, or the Bordeaux vintage is poor, or the American League wins, then it is a good GOP year. The best predictor though has been whether or not the Washington Redskins win their last home game before the election. If the Skins win, then the incumbent party tends to win. In fact, this indicator has been astonishingly accurate, getting the wrong result only once, in 2004, in the last fifteen elections.

Brian Murphy has the details on the 2004 prediction that went wrong, and Rich Tandler has a summary of every relevant game.

(For the record, my answer to the frequently asked question, “Can Redskins-leaning Obama supporters root for the Steelers just this once?” — or its Steelers-leaning McCain supporters inverse — is an emphatic no. There is no direct causality here, and therefore no reason to change your rooting interests. Chris Mottram puts it more succinctly at Mr. Irrelevant, although his comment reflects an emphatic certainty in Tuesday’s outcome: “I think on the 4th we’ll learn that’s just 68 years worth of coincidence, because the Skins are gonna beat that a–.”)

As if that’s not enough, the halftime show on TV will feature Chris Berman interviewing both candidates. I’m pretty much always fine not hearing the announcers when I’m attending a game in person, but this is one I’m especially happy not to sit through, in much the same way that I have no interest in what, say, Rachel Maddow thinks about this year’s AFC West race.

And if you’re curious to know what a few of your other favorite political non-experts think about the election, Mike Wise has you covered, breaking down what the Redskins think about the upcoming election. LaRon Landry’s stance in the article probably epitomizes the best way to blend football and politics, in fact: he refuses to disclose his candidate of choice, and says, “Jim Zorn for president, baby.” Not quite as entertaining as Chris Berman making up funny nicknames for Barack Obama and John McCain, but much easier to listen to.


9 Responses

  1. I’m with Landry, Zorn’s got my vote!

    I just might just go ahead and write him in!

  2. Anything would be more entertaining than listening to Chris Berman lately – especially his increasingly-high-pitched “whoooip!”

  3. I might vote for Obama just because he knows how to hold a football McCain thinks its a baby.

  4. Hey NorCalSkin:

    I wonder if McCain can’t hold it properly since all his fingers were broken numerous times while a POW serving his country????

    Something to think about huh?

  5. Just saw the news… Portis is in the spotlight again. Congratulations to the man!

  6. Hey Pass2Cooooley:

    Your probably right, must’ve been pretty traumatizing being a POW for so long, and now he wants to be President of the United States…

    Something to think about huh?

  7. Even with broken fingers i’m sure he can at least attempt to try to hold it the right way…it’s like he’s holding a trophy

  8. “In fact, this indicator has been astonishingly accurate, getting the wrong result only once, in 2004, in the last fifteen elections.”

    IMO 2004 was the beginning of a new trend, not a wrong result. 2008 – Redskins win, incumbents lose.

  9. I think his hands might be too small..They look kinda stubby

    He got his finger broken as a POW. I guess that makes him a shew in..

    I bet McCain can do a killer robot dance..

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