A Rookie Halloween

When I saw Chad Rinehart in this Super Hoops costume while the other offensive linemen wore their usual everyday gear, I had immediate flashbacks to last night’s episode of The Office, in which Pam is the only person in her office to dress up. That, I figured, would make for some terrific blogging.

What actually was going was simultaneously less depressing and even more entertaining: “We told them to dress up and win money,” Casey Rabach told me. Apparently the team veterans decided that the rookies had to show up for today’s team meeting in Halloween costumes, with the best costume winning some cash. Rabach acted as emcee for the event.

The costume everyone was talking about afterward wasn’t the winner, though — it was Devin Clark, who had dressed up as a wookiee wearing a Stephon Heyer jersey, in reference to Heyer’s nickname. “Clark and I were Stephon and his bodyguard,” Matteral Richardson said. Did Heyer enjoy the impersonation? “I think I lost a friend today — he hasn’t been talking to me all day. I’ve gotta tell him I’m sorry.”

Curtis Gatewood also did a team-related impersonation, of Director of Player Development John “JJ” Jefferson. “I was sitting in the locker room yesterday and they said, ‘Make sure it’s funny,'” Gatewood said. “So I was brainstorming and brainstorming about some of the characters on the team. I didn’t do Fred Smoot, ’cause I don’t look like him … I couldn’t really think of too many people, and then I thought of JJ. He’s got a unique style, he’s the man around here.”

“We should’ve given him something for that one,” Rabach said afterward. “That was good.”

The winner, though, was Kareem Moore. Amusingly, though, no one seemed quite sure what Moore had been. I heard people suggest James Brown, Rick James, some blaxploitation thing. “I think he was just a pimp,” said Rabach, shrugging.

It turns out he was Jerome, from the old Martin Lawrence TV show, but in the end no one seemed overly concerned with the specifics. “Kareem put money into it, you know what I mean?” said Randy Thomas.

Rabach agreed. “There were a couple of strong showings,” he said, “but I think we’re all pleased with the outcome.”


7 Responses

  1. hey matt you got pics coming soon on these costumes

  2. Not to speak of — it was in the team meeting, and I didn’t see most of the guys in costume out in the lobby. I have one or two blurry, so-so pics that may be in the next post, but we’ll see.

  3. Hey Matt, a question from the last post: has Thomas been working in Moss’ spot or did they move ARE over their or what was the deal?

    thanks Matt, awesome job as usual!

  4. matt-

    you blew it dude…perfect platform to post more pics of the holloween costumes…wt hell…why no ore pics????

    I like you but c’mon get it together, you can do better.

  5. Give him some slack, he explained that most of them only wore the costumes to the team meetings. Though I am disappointed there’s no Devin Thomas wookie picture.

  6. ya sorry I didn’t see the comments before i posted, but still.

  7. Interesting post. I have stumbled this for my friends. Hope others find it as interesting as I did.


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