On the Field for Practice – 10/29

Well, my notes from practice are virtually unreadable. The air was warm enough initially, but by the end of practice the wind was both cold and strong, and my hands were pretty much useless. Which just makes me all the more impressed with the guys who had to actually do football stuff.

  • My whining aside, the wind provided me with one illuminating lesson. Since I started doing this, I’ve been mildly impressed with how well all the players — not just the quarterbacks — can throw the ball. No matter who is tossing the ball back to the equipment staff or the coach or whoever needs it, the ball seems to zip in with a nice tight spiral. In the wind, though, clear differences develop: where the quarterbacks can still deliver the ball on the money, other throws were being blown wide or to the ground. Apparently, all it takes to make an NFL player’s throw look like your brother’s at Thanksgiving is a 20 to 30 mile per hour wind gust.
  • Punting was similarly affected. Some punts swung out of bounds, others seemed to hang in the air forever. What was interesting was watching Ryan Plackemeier get the measure of the wind and start using it to his advantage. I never thought punting was just about kicking the heck out of the ball, and even if I had A Few Seconds of Panic would’ve dispelled that belief, but it’s still impressive to watch all the elements that go into it.
  • Maybe it was just the cold, but there seemed to be an energy at practice today that hasn’t really been there for a bit. A little more chirping, a little more zip on the passes, a little more pop in some of the blocks. Nothing I can quantify or describe, but it definitely felt different somehow.
  • Injury updates! Out or very limited in practice were: Shawn Springs, Clinton Portis, LaRon Landry, Santana Moss, Carlos Rogers, Rock Cartwright, and Pete Kendall. Chris Samuels was able to participate a bit, although not with the first team and not for the entire practice. Malcolm Kelly and Jason Taylor were nowhere to be seen. Coach Zorn seems to believe that most of the people in that first list are going to be available for Monday Night’s game, even mentioning that Pete Kendall needed a break for his “old body,” adding, “sorry, Pete” quickly. Still, it was a bit distressing to see that many players of that caliber standing on the sidelines.
  • It was nice, however, to see Chris Horton back in and participating. He still seemed to have a nose for the ball and I didn’t see anything to indicate that he was feeling any ill effects from his injury, but he did drop an easy interception during the last play of practice. I don’t want to make too much of a single practice in shells, but it was heartening to say the least.

8 Responses

  1. hey matt have u heard if samuels is gona start monday

  2. I don’t think they’ve decided yet, but he did light work today, so there’s some hope.

  3. Samuels said yesterday that he plans on playing, and I think Zorn said today that he expects Samuels to be ready to go.

    We’ll need him against the Steelers, his experience will be as valuable as his skills.

  4. I think it’s so important that we get Springs back playing this week along side Rodgers. Holmes is going to be back and we need to make sure we get a few coverage sacks this game. I don’t think we’re going to be able to pressure him enough to sack him before his 5 step drops, but we’ll be able to get him down once he moves around the pocket due to our secondary coverage.

    I’m glad we’re going to sit Taylor, hopefully 3 weeks of rest will get him up above 80% so he can make an impact for this last push.

    These next 4 games (vs PIT, vs DAL, @ SEA, vs NYG) is going to be key to our divisional run.

  5. So, these pictures prove that the skins will indeed wear the burgundy tops on Monday night. I remember earlier in the year that Zorn said whatever color jerseys they plan on wearing for that week’s game the offense will wear in the practices leading up to it. Clearly the ofense is wearing burgundy in the pictures.

    I always like the tradition of wearing white at home and we’re winning with it, but I don’t mind the burgundy at all. Just found the switch interesting.

    Go Skins!!

  6. Hey Matt
    What is the status on C. Griff? Is his shoulder going to be good to go on Monday night?

  7. Keep up the great work Matt, love reading these updates

  8. hunter – springs isn’t playing this week. won’t be back til after the bye, probably the first game against dallas. i think he’s more valuable in that game than against the steelers IMO

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