Tuesday Redskins Links – 10/28

It’s all Clinton Portis all the time today! I guess that’s what happens when you’re leading the league in rushing after 8 games, more than 200 yards ahead of the guy behind you.

  • Seth Wickersham of ESPN.com makes the case for Portis as MVP, focusing on how unusual it is that his breakout season is taking place at such a relatively late age for a running back. (Signs that a job is demanding: when 27 is about the age where you traditionally start thinking about collecting retirement.)
  • Sons of Washington pens an open letter to Peter King, partially to take him to task for yesterday’s characterization of Portis as high-maintenance. King recants, but it’s due to Craig in Ouray, Colorado. Nice effort anyhow!
  • And Brian Murphy over at Homer McFanboy first runs the numbers, then talks to other members of the Redskins about Portis’s MVP chances. And it’s all done with 100% less vomit than his disgustingly illustrated post yesterday. (Here’s the link, but I’m really not kidding about the image. Really. Click at your own risk.)

7 Responses

  1. I just wanna say i really hate Peter King. I think he wacks off to pictures of Brett Favre throwing TD’s.

  2. awww … did we upset blogger’s tummy by getting a little too close to the action?

  3. First off Peter King is King D-Bag so let him write that trash because nobody takes it seriously. Second friggin awesome the sports nation is starting to take notice of what Clinton has been doing all along.

  4. I wish I hadn’t clicked to the vomit pic. You did warn me though.

  5. Chris Mortensen just said his vote for Defensive MVP up to this point is London Fletcher. Finally some notoriety for the big man.

  6. Peter King is trash!!! What would you expect from a guy that said the cowgirls would beat the skins after we just had won in dallas.

  7. King’s recant was scant and did not even scantily address the issue of the high maintenance statement. (Yes scantlly is a new adjective for Zornisms)

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