Player’s POV: Chris Horton is a Sound Sleeper

Just before we boarded the buses to the airport for the Detroit trip, I handed Colt Brennan a Flip video camera and asked him if he could film some “on the road” stuff for me. We didn’t have time to talk about the project, and in the end he wasn’t able to record very much at all (although he’s volunteered to try again at a later game). Bummer, right?

But there was one usable video on the camera, and it demonstrates two separate things: first, that Chris Horton — a genuinely nice guy — is on the receiving end of teasing from people besides Randy Thomas. And second, that Chris Horton is a very sound sleeper.


8 Responses

  1. I hate being woken up from a perfectly nice sleep. Colt you jackhole.

  2. I would have been @%&#* if you had done that to me. If you want candid insider info you have to respect the players’ privacy too. I would take that post down. Get out of the dude’s face!

  3. Colt’s comment is the best.

    “I was videotaping you sleeping.” As if that somehow justifies it not being creepy to wake up with a camera in your face.

    Funny though.

  4. It would not be surprising if Horton now blows up Brennan at some point in a practice drill… “oh, I just hit the crap out of you”.

  5. I can see a vet doing that to a rookie, but rookie to rookie -??? JJ, I agree, Colt will get his.

  6. Horton had to be thinking Colts a very creepy dude.

  7. Man, I love Chris Horton! Please tell me he’s playing Monday night!!!

  8. lol, did he see how he just acted unfazed when colt told him he’s putting it on a blog…

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