Monday Redskins Links – 10/27

  • Barry Svrluga’s Sunday Redskins articles at the Washington Post have been consistently interesting, but I thought the one this past Sunday about Portis and the line was a particularly good depiction of the strange camaraderie of the football workplace. I know it sounds like I’m overdramatizing, but … having been around the team for a little longer now, I thought this was an accurate piece of writing.
  • While we’re talking about perspectives, Rich Tandler puts an interesting spin on the Zorn/O’Halloran kerfluffle by explaining a time he nearly had a similar experience. He reaches an interesting conclusion, also, one I’ll be watching out for in upcoming Zorn press conferences. It won’t be as exciting as counting how many times the coach says “sudden” or whatever, but it’s certainly worth paying attention to.
  • And Jamie Mottram does some Malcolm Gladwell-esque math over at Mr. Irrelevant, extrapolating all sorts of statistics from today to a full season.

3 Responses

  1. Matt:

    Why was Sonny Jurgensen so negative with his questions in the locker room after the game? He sounded like an angry old man. Skins won the game. Skins are 6-2. It hasn’t been pretty, but the Skins are showing a lot of promise and are about to put it all together. CHILL OUT SONNY! How about a little optimism?! His questions were irritating.


  2. While I would have liked a bigger victory over the winless Lions, doesn’t anyone remember the last Super Bowl year? I think it was week four, we went into play the winless Bengals, got up big, let them come back, and needed some last second heroics to beat them.

    My point is that not beating the Lion’s brains out won’t define this season.

  3. No but stopping yourselves on drives certainly will if we don’t start scoring more points.

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