Redskins @ Lions – Third Quarter Thoughts

  • There was some kind of a Pop Warner Football exhibition at halftime, lots of kids giddily running around in incomprehensible patterns like kids do. It was all very cute, but I can confidently predict that if the quality of this game doesn’t improve fairly quickly into the third quarter, we’ll all wind up reading at least a few columns using the framework that the halftime football was vastly superior to the actual product. So hopefully the Redskins can spare us from that nightmarish future.
  • Well, it’s not exactly what I had in mind, but a solid defensive stop and a drive to yet another field goal will have to do for now.
  • After another defensive stop — including a nice shoestring tackle by Fred Smoot — followed by an almost-comical series of errors on the ensuing punt return (Randle El tackled for a loss PLUS a penalty on LaRon Landry) the Redskins take over on their own 5 yard line. And I have to give credit after being so critical earlier: the Lions fans down in that endzone get really, genuinely loud in response. It only lasts until Chris Cooley catches a third down pass for 17 yards and a new set of downs, but for three plays there it was just like being at an NFL game.
  • You know, when Zorn started doing his quarterback drills waaaayyyy back in training camp, the dodgeball and the pad-throwing, I viewed it more as just some zany antics that made for good teevee and interesting blogging and stuff like that. But that long touchdown pass to Santana Moss is not the first time this game (or this season) that Jason Campbell has evaded or shrugged off the rush. And every time he does it, it looks JUST LIKE one of those drills. Also on that play, Santana Moss continues to be really, really amazing, and really, really fast.
  • Campbell’s interception-free streak should’ve ended on a third down play in this quarter, but a drop keeps him clean. Sometimes lucky is just as useful as good, and it turns out to make a huge difference in field position when Ryan Plackemeier drops his punt in at the 11.

2 Responses

  1. Now I feel the rythm. Bad ass ‘Tana in the 4th. Those are the big plays we’ve been missing!

  2. Nice return.

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