Redskins @ Lions – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • All right, maybe they’ll get something going here. Being down to Detroit, even just 7-3, is so ridiculously disappointing that it feels much more daunting than that. This possession ending with a Ryan Plackemeier punt doesn’t make it feel any better. Nice punt, though — 49 yards and a fair catch.
  • The press box here is my favorite that I’ve seen yet, mostly because it’s not glassed in, so you can hear the crowd noise and just generally feel much more like you’re at a football game. Too bad this crowd of 44,000 (or whatever it turns out to be) is actually MAKING any crowd noise. Except immediately following big plays (their touchdown, the deep passes), it sounds like I’m behind glass in the Meadowlands. The whole indoor-football environment would remind me of the one Arena League game that I went to, except that the Colorado Crush crowd was much more enthusiastic than this.
  • Ooookay, the Redskins are down 10-3 to the Detroit Lions. This is not particularly exciting. (I have been told that deadpan sarcasm fails on the internet, so let me clarify: what I mean by that is that this is horrible, unpleasant, and discouraging. All said very vehement.)
  • Things that do not improve the situation: a fourteen play, seven minute drive resulting in a missed field goal and no points. The Lions fans respond to this fortunate (for them) turn of events with a smattering of applause and an audible rustling of paper.
  • And Lions themselves respond by going three-and-out. Nice to see the Redskins defense starting to stiffen up a bit.
  • Chris Chase at the Player Haters’ Ball last week called Jim Zorn’s clock management inside of two minutes “inexplicable,” so I posted in the comments with Zorn’s explanation of his approach from his Monday press conference. I’m reposting it here to head off the inevitable questions this strategy raises. Zorn said:

    “I’m very aware of what’s going on with the clock. I have a philosophy of never allowing the defense to have to come back on the field with a lot of time. I want to use it up so that when they put their offense on the field, they’re taking a knee or running the ball…. You have to have positive yardage while you’re doing it as well, so — I know the risks and everything.”

    As I said at the time, you might not agree with the strategy, but at least it’s something he’s given some thought to.

  • And the Redskins pull to within four points as the half expires. There’s a sentence I didn’t expect to be typing. Maybe the third quarter will go more the way we all expected. Or maybe the Lions will continue to threaten the upset, and their fans will respond with a mild round of gentle applause.


4 Responses

  1. I know Zorn likes to run time off the clock, okay, I get that.

    But at least get in scoring position bfore running time off the clock.

  2. I’m in a bar in Austin and have no volume (guess I was lucky to even find the game in TX!). What the hell did Portis do that caused ZOrn to go off on him like that?!

  3. Portis was upset that Alexander was getting the carries, and Zorn just needed to assert himself, I guess.

    It’s games like these that make it clear that we have a rookie head coach. Not the best clock management, and not the best red zone and drive-ending offense. This stuff has been going on all year.

  4. It seems as though Zorn doesn’t have enough confidence in Campbell to run an aggressive 2 minute drill. With plenty of timeouts and weapons and playing one of the worst secondary’s in the league, why not atleast try for 7?

    It seems as Zorn’s two-minute drill goal is to not loose the the game, where instead it should be to win it..

    I understand his strategy, but in that situation it just doesn’t make sense considering all the factors: Campbell had a high completion percentage in the first half, our receivers (any receivers) match up well against their secondary, and we had timeouts.

    Play to win, not not to loose!

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