Redskins @ Lions – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

Photo by Drew Hallowell, Getty Images

Photo by Drew Hallowell, Getty Images

  • I’ll be honest — I was going to post something sarcastic about how the loudest boos of the day from the Lions fans came when the Lions elected to punt on fourth and three toward the start of this quarter. But given that Santana Moss took that punt 80 yards for a touchdown despite being run into by Devin Thomas, it looks like the Detroit fans have a pretty good sense of their team.
  • Despite the success in this case, having Moss return punts worries me a lot. I’d argue that Santana Moss might be the most indispensable player to the offense, and having that guy double as your punt returner just doesn’t seem like a great plan. Worked today, though, so that’s good.
  • The Lions put together their best drive of the day, pulling to within six on an impressive effort from Calvin Johnson, on a drive that included two fourth-down conversions, but it looks (and sounds) like a large portion of the already-small crowd here had left after the Moss punt return, so it doesn’t fire up the stadium quite like you might expect.
  • Fans who have not left the stadium? Redskins fans, who just got a loud-and-clear “Let’s go Redskins!” chant going during a stoppage in play. For those of you who think that I’m exaggerating the frustration of this Detroit crowd, let me emphasize that this chant went on unopposed for more than a minute, and only petered out when the Skins fans lost interest.
  • I may have just written that Moss is the most indispensable guy on the offense, but seeing Clinton Portis go down in obvious pain after his long run was still absolutely terrifying. I don’t know if it was polite Lions fans or just vocal Redskins fans, but the cheer when he got up was one of the loudest of the day.
  • I sort of expected one of the guys with Michigan connections to step up and have a big day today, but I was specifically figuring it would be Devin Thomas. Jon Jansen’s recovery of Jason Campbell’s late fumble ranks as one of the biggest plays of the day. The Lions fans sitting close to the field were shouting “Jansen! Go Big Blue!” and the like when he ran out, so it’s appropriate that managed to make such an impact.
  • Speaking of appropriate: as the Lions furiously tried to rally for a late touchdown, the big fourth-down stop came on an enormous solo tackle by London Fletcher. Fletcher is, as I’ve noted endlessly here (and on radio, and anywhere else I could find) one of the most deserving guys never to go to the Pro Bowl. And one of the things you need to get in are enormous, visible, signature hits. So that’s a good one right there.
  • Poor Lions fans. When the game ends with another loss for them, the stadium P.A. plays John Mayer’s Waiting on the World to Change, which is about as depressing a sentiment in this situation as I can imagine.


6 Responses

  1. GO SKINS!!!!

    Matt, please give us some update on Portis status when you can.

  2. Matt, who the reporter that Zorn flipped out on the post game press conference?

  3. Great coverage as usual..any updates on the injury front?

  4. Jim Zorn, for President

  5. Great coverage Matt…I was feeling the same as you through the first half. I like Heyer, but not on the right side. Do you think Samuels will be active next week? I think we’re in deep if we have him out for any length of time. I’ve started the blog back up, life’s just been hectic. I’m going to try and finish the season strong along with my added Caps, Wizards and Hokies coverage. Hope you enjoy the read.


  6. Yeah, what was up with Zorn and that thing after the game? Who was the subject of his ire?

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