On the Field for Practice – 10/24

A cold, windy Friday practice. I would say that the weather is good for getting the guys ready for Detroit, except that gametime temperature is guaranteed to be something like 71 degrees and windless, since Detroit still plays indoors.

Just a few notes today….

  • I know Coach Zorn said that Clinton Portis worked out yesterday morning and was fine, but it was still good to actually see him running the ball a bit today. After practice, Zorn marveled at Portis’s physical conditioning, but noted, “he feels better, feels better, feels better, and now he has to go and make it feel bad again.”
  • The list of guys who didn’t practice or were limited was much shorter today: Cornelius Griffin and Shawn Springs, of course, per Zorn’s comments yesterday. Chris Samuels was out for a personal issue, but is expected to play. LaRon Landry rested today, but should play. Jason Taylor was out, although Zorn was able to tell us that they examined him and “there’s no infection … it’s just healing slowly.” Apparently they’ll do a lancing procedure on Monday to make sure the compartmental syndrom doesn’t recur, but he’ll be playing this Sunday and hopefully next Monday as well.
  • Good day for the defense, highlighted by a great Carlos Rogers interception from in front of Fred Davis. Rocky McIntosh and Fred Smoot also had interceptions, and Smoot and Leigh Torrence both knocked down a few passes. “Couple days rest really helps to keep everything kosher,” Smoot said afterward.
  • Smoot also noted again that the Friday practice is about “red zone, dotting I’s and crossing T’s,” and that what it looked like. The first-team offense looked crisp — Santana Moss especially has really had a good week of practice — and, as noted, the first-team defense was really flying around. I’m reiterating my disagreement with Peter King from earlier today: if something goes wrong for the Redskins this week, it’s not because they haven’t been focused on the game.


9 Responses

  1. Screw Peter King. I guess to have a column in Sports Illustrated, You don’t really have to know what you are talking about. Thanks for being our eyes and ears on the practice field Matt.

  2. Thanks Matt for the excellent reporting…. Now your picks for this week and can you spur Colley to post his picks?

  3. King and Dr. Z and quite a few others love to pick on the Redskins. I imagine even if we would win the super bowl they would still have something bad to say. Who needs’em. I love the Skins and think they have a pretty good team. Thanks for the inside view of the team great job!

  4. Portis, just won his second FedEx Ground award for the Browns game

    Portis is a beast

  5. Is it any real surprise the man who held out Art Monk from the Hall of Fame for no reason also has no real reason to pick against us?

  6. You said that Carlos, Rocky and Fred all got receptions during practice. Great for the offense but it brings up a question.

    Who is throwing the interceptions, Todd or Colt? Are the interceptions because they are trying to mimic what is expected from the Lions and forcing a throw or is it indicative of a problem the backup quarterbacks have regarding interceptions?

    Congrats to Portis as the FedEx Ground Player for a second time this year.

  7. PK was probably feeling uncomfortable because he’s been getting a little too cozy with the Redskin fans over the last year. He needed to get us back on his bad side.

  8. Why not let Jason Taylor rest against the Lions to enhance his chances of playing against the Steelers when we likely need him more?

  9. man Peter King can suck my #$%@ like for real he’s got something going on against the redskins man im telling you he is!!!!!!

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