Friday, October 24: Peter King Picks The Lions

Here’s a bright, sunshiny start to an away-game weekend: Peter King picks the Redskins to lose to the Lions, 20-17. His reasoning? Pretty much “just cuz”:

It makes no sense, picking Dan Orlovsky to win an NFL game. But I’ve had pretty good luck with the upset recently — Miami over San Diego, St. Louis over Dallas — and I’ve got the Washington-taking-Detroit-lightly feel here, along with the Marinelli-making-life-miserable-for-his-losers feel. Detroit will play very hard and get a few bounces, finally.

From what I’ve seen around Redskins Park this week, no one is taking Detroit lightly, especially after the Rams loss, but I suppose picking the favorites doesn’t make for very exciting columns or lively discussion. For what it’s worth, 94% of the fans disagree with King on this one.

And in case you’ve managed to miss it, and you’re wondering why King feels free to take such a blatant shot at the Lions quarterback:

5 Responses

  1. The Skinz will win this game.

    The memory of the 19-17 sting via the St Louis Rams will be with the team all year.

    Ref the Malcom Kelley situation…..The Redsins should start their own rookie symposium and feature team leaders like John J, Rock C, Jason C, Andre C, London, Santana, and perhaps now Carlos to talk with incoming players and rookies about the Redskins’ way…..of physical fitness, study, public relations, and culture.

    Why should the team wait….say 4 years for a player to “get it” like Carlos seems to “get it” now. The Redskinz should be “bottling” all that is now working with Carlos and have everyone on the team take a big drink.

    I understand there is a transition. But why not take an aggressive, proactive approach to minimizing it or avoiding a nonproductive possibility altogether.

    Every new player should be linked up with a solid, veteran sponsor/mentor whose goal is to help get them on board in all the key areas that are important to team success. In an environment where team success is valued…hopefully that would avoid the dynamic of not wanting to help the new guy because he might take my job.

    I see evidence of some of this but….it sure didn’t happen soon enough with these new receivers even though articles early indicated team officials knew the risks of bringing in rookie receivers.

    Hooah. I respect the decision to give MK every opportunity but if he’s not ready….BRING BACK ANTHONY MIX!!!

    Remember him, 6’5″, 243. A gamer!!!

    Beat the Lions!!!

  2. Anthony Mix is tall…

  3. I say we sic the robotic JT on him!

  4. Matt, I must be the only one that hadn’t seen that video yet. After ROFLMAO, I just thought I’d fess up and tell ya.

  5. I just want to say that Carlos got it last year. He was playing at a really high level before his injury vs New England. I don’t think a lot of fans or people in general know that because its all I read. Carlos is finally living up to his draft spot. He was living up to it last year before his knee was blown up.

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