Thursday Redskins Links – 10/23

Photo by Marshall Astor via flickr

Photo by Marshall Astor via flickr

  • Cooley’s blog has two terrific items today: Todd Yoder shows off his bruises, and Colt Brennan details life with Jason Taylor. Also, yesterday Tanner Cooley was extolling the merits of the Arby’s Reuben sandwich. I told him I was skeptical of the recommendation, and he challenged me to try it myself before I judged. Haven’t had the chance yet, so I remain skeptical.
  • Hey, Redskins fans in Detroit and the surrounding regions: hope you weren’t planning on watching the game. One great thing about living in this area is that we haven’t had to worry about NFL blackouts in something like four decades.
  • Another long, favorable profile of Clinton Portis, this one mainly notable for Clinton telling all of his offensive linemen — by name — that they suck. And for Zorn breaking out the “violent” tag again. Maybe at some point this season I’ll get sick of reading these things, but it hasn’t happened yet.

5 Responses

  1. Now that’s a sammich!!

  2. There are some very cool stats in that Portis interview.

    Portis is building his production to a climax as games go on this season, averaging 3.3 yards per carry in the first quarter, 4.6 in the second, 6.7 in the third and 5.4 in the fourth. That’s reflected in his attempts as well: He’s averaging 3.6 yards per carry in his first 10 attempts, 6.1 yards per carry in his second 10 attempts, and a spectacular 7.3 yards in carries 21 to 25.

  3. The reuben isn’t bad. It’s not deli quality, but none of Arby’s “deli” type sandwiches are bad. I had a reuben a couple weeks ago and if you don’t want to go to a deli it’ll do.

  4. The reuben is good, but it needs to be grilled to be a real reuben. Reuben’s aren’t supposed to have soft bread. If you’re in Leesburg, try Deli South for a better version. I have no stake in that restaurant, but they do have a good sammich.

    I’m glad to see Portis saying “you suck” in a more playful way. I don’t believe he meant it this time, but last time it really got to me.

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