Thursday, October 23: Still Another Reason to Vote the Redskins Ticket

In other campaign news, Matt Moseley, writer of’s NFC East blog, has … well not precisely endorsed Mike Sellers, per se, but he’s certainly thrown some support behind the Pro Bowl candidacy of the Redskins fullback:

Despite all his success as the lead blocker in the Redskins’ vaunted running game, Sellers has never been to a Pro Bowl. Last season, he was a first alternate. This season, though, the Redskins are taking advantage of their close proximity to the White House. With the presidential election less than three weeks away, Washington has launched its official Pro Bowl campaign. It’s worth watching the video just to see a legendary quarterback say, “I’m Sonny Jurgensen, and I approve this message.”

If Sellers doesn’t make it this season, blame it on voter irregularities in Florida. He’s one of the most devastating blockers in the league, and to watch him on an isolation play is pretty impressive.

It is frankly bizarre that Sellers and London Fletcher have never been to the Pro Bowl, and those two alone would be reason enough to vote.


7 Responses

  1. Somehow… deep down… I get the feeling that the Redskins organization wants us, the fans, to vote for its players for the Pro Bowl. It’s just the inexplicable vibe that I get from time to time. Does anyone else get that feeling?

  2. I was just going to mention London Fletcher on here then I saw your last sentence. It is a crime that this guy has never been to the Pro Bowl! He is awesome and everywhere on the field at once!

  3. Big Mike is downright beastly. Unfortunately for him, the fullback position is somewhat of a dying breed. Seems most people don’t have a whole lot of appreciation for what is asked of the position (a sixth linemen who is asked to pass catch and sometimes rush).

  4. I’m slightly disillusioned at the fact that you can now vote as many times as you want. That’s one of the dumbest ways ever to choose pro-bowlers. I actually hope the fan’s vote counts for less than 10 percent of the final decision. Allowing fans to “vote as much as you want” is the worst thing they could possibly have done.

    If they did that in baseball the Yankees would all be in the All-Star game every year. It would be the Yankees versus the National All-Stars.

  5. And even with the baseball ballots fans can vote up to something like 25 times. It’s a lot easier than sifting through the Pro Bowl ballot, too. I voted once and decided it was enough.

  6. I’ve heard the fullback position has been dying for the past ten years. Every team in the league still has one. Point is that its not dying, it’s just not as sexy as it once was. Fullbacks today are just extra blockers.

    I guess I can believe London has never been to a probowl considering he’s been trapped in Buffalo for a good portion of his career. It has absolutely nothing to do with performance on the field because this guy has been a top five mike LB for the past 6 years. His leadership is incredible and he is one guy that is very deserving to take the trip. I was very excited when the team signed him, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all.

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