Wednesday, October 22: Shaun Suisham Appreciates Devin Thomas

Photo by Brian Murphy.

Photo by Brian Murphy.

Shaun Suisham and Devin Thomas aren’t quite locker room neighbors, but they’re not too far apart. So when I was talking to Thomas the other day (about the team photo), Suisham noticed and came over.

“I wanted to make sure you asked him about the stop he made on the kick return,” he said.

I did, actually — I asked him about it in the postgame locker room.

“Because that was key — I was running to intercept him at the 20, and …” he laughed and shrugged.

Thomas needed no urging to recount the play. “I saw him get hit, and then someone comes around the pile the other way and I said, ‘Oh crap, that’s him!’ and took off. I had to throw Kareem [Moore] out of the way. You know, ‘Come on, Kareem, you’re too slow!'”

And if you hadn’t gotten him, Shaun was going to knock him out at the 20?

“Well,” Suisham said, “that was the angle I was taking, anyhow.”

“Yeah,” Thomas said, “he was hoping he could meet him there. Nobody else was gonna tackle that guy.”

“He was FAST,” said Suisham.

“Where was [returner Josh] Cribbs that play?” Thomas said.

I suggested that he was still out from the Carlos Rogers hit, and Thomas shook his head. “He was out after Devin Thomas hit him in punt coverage,” he said, turning and walking away.

I looked at Suisham. I know Cribbs went out twice, but I don’t really remember that.

“Me neither,” he said. [EDIT: As noted in the comments, Thomas absolutely did hit Cribbs as a blocker on a punt return. The UnOfficial Redskins Blog has the video.]

Still, that was a heck of a stop on that kickoff.

“Well,” Suisham said patiently, “that’s why I came over and brought it up.” Good point.

Coach Zorn echoed the sentiment in his press conference, spotlighting Thomas for his special teams work. “I was kind of impressed, because he just decided that this was his niche, and he was going to do a great job on what he was asked to do and not worry about what he wasn’t doing.” Except for the phantom knockout on Cribbs, of course.


7 Responses

  1. the hit on special teams did happen and it was killer. thomas really stepped up in special teams

  2. D. Thomas did lay out Cribbs on one of Randle El’s Punt returns!!

  3. Oh, that’s right! Thomas was on the receiving team, which is why I wasn’t seeing it in the stats. Nice catch, thanks.

  4. Yea to bad they don’t use him in the offense..redskins be alot better with him in there instead of james thrash

  5. Awesome Hit…. and great sound!!!
    Let’s hope he keeps it up!! Love to see him lay out some folks while he has his the ball in his hands!

  6. English 101

    I am going to the beach.
    I too am going to the beach.
    1 + 1 = two.

  7. The best part about that hit is how fired up he was about it (he will need to be careful in the future celebrating facing the opposing team’s sideline though, he can ask Fletcher about that) cuz it shows how much he is finally getting into the “team thing” donchaknow!?

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