On the Field for Practice – 10/22

Coach Zorn mentioned after practice that we’re entering “the mundane part of the season” — after the big start and before anyone is really in playoff push mode. His point, of course, is that he wants the team not to treat it that way, and he started practice off with a huddle to remind them of just that. “Coach Zorn didn’t want to come out flat, that’s all it was,” Lorenzo Alexander told me afterward. “He was warning us before we got into practice and started off that way — he wanted it to be a good start. I thought it worked.”

Some specific things I noticed today…

  • The bad news first: Malcolm Kelly couldn’t work at all today with a swollen knee, and the possibility of putting him on IR is looming larger and larger. Zorn mentioned wanting to give it another firm look, but it didn’t sound good.
  • On the flipside, Devin Thomas is continuing to look strong at receiver, regardless of who he’s lined up against. He seems determined, and wholly different from the guy who received so much criticism during training camp.
  • I asked Lorenzo Alexander what he saw in practice, and he pointed to the guys who line up across from him. “The offensive line had a little burr,” he said. “That whole squad over there was trying to turn it up a little bit to get the defense going.” Which is a good thing? “Oh, definitely.”

  • That description squares with what I saw in drills. The defensive line looked fast and aggressive — Andre Carter especially flashed some real speed — but the offensive line just seemed focused somehow.
  • The tight ends were making some flashy catches — Chris Cooley down the middle of the field, and Fred Davis catching an underthrown ball almost accidentally behind the safety’s back.
  • Jason Campbell continues to look good, and I continue to be slightly befuddled at how much time we all spent in preseason wondering if Campbell could manage this offense. Zorn had praise for him, saying after practice that Campbell “deserves a lot of credit” and had been “very solid every game.” To explain how important that latter point was, Zorn explained, “The thing I look for in a quarterback is, if he has a good game can he come out and do it again? And again? Oh, and again? And just do it one more time…?”
  • Asked what he’s seen from Jason Taylor, Zorn said “I just saw a LITTLE bandage on his calf muscle today. The bandage keeps shrinking, and that’s a good thing. A lot less blood, a lot less oozing.” The assembled media seemed unsure whether he was joking or not, and everyone sort of just moved on from there.

  • Shaun Alexander looked strong again in practice. Nothing remarkable, just solid running with nothing tentative about it that I could see.
  • Other injury notes: Shawn Springs is a wait and see. Cornelius Griffin may be held out just to give him a chance to heal up a bit. Pete Kendall sat out practice resting his knee. Jason Campbell showed no ill-effects from his groin strain. Fred Smoot is wait and see, but Zorn seemed optimistic.
  • Zorn reminisced about being part of the Detroit Lions coaching staff and coming into FedExField to play the Redskins in the playoffs in 2000. “I just remember you hurting us, and after a while it wasn’t that competitive.”

16 Responses

  1. Not only are you a great writer, but you also are a fantastic photographer! By the way man you have the greatest job in the world.

  2. So who all sat out today’s practice?

    Clinton and Horton?

  3. Sigh- this is the first game that will find me cheering for the Redskins AND a particular opponent. Our neighbor boy is playing for the Lions- rookie linebacker Jordon Dizon.
    Even though I’ve been cheering for him since he was in 8th grade, I’ll still be wearing my CB5 jersey and hoping for another W in the Skins column!

  4. Oops! I forgot about Ikaika Alama Francis too. His uncle, who passed away last year, is one of my best friends and mentors.

  5. Ooops, sorry about that. Did not participate list would include Portis, Horton, Pete Kendall (resting knee), Fred Smoot (resting groin), Shawn Springs, Cornelius Griffin, and Todd Yoder. Malcolm Kelly and Carlos Rogers were limited.

  6. Too funny! AllHailRedskins.com just published a poll the other day asking if Kelly was going to make it into the game, or go on IR. My vote: put him in IR and get somebody else to fill his slot at least to play on special teams.

  7. Hey Matt, I agree with Ckatinas! You’ve got the best job in the world.

    Any chance we allow CP to rest this week. Let SA get some work in. I know it’s not smart to look past the Lions (remember the Rams game), but we have to be aware that we need to get everyone healthy for the Pittsburgh game. Let CP sit.

    Go tell Zorn what I said. After all, he might be reading my blog anyway. Did you notice that after I wrote last week that we should get Fred Davis in the lineup, it actually happened. Well…

    I’m just sayin’ –


    Great job, Matt. As always…

  8. I agree with Carolina Native. Put this kid on IR and let’s move on. We’re almost half way through the season…it’s time to show up or get out of the way.

  9. i relly like the redskins as my # 2 team cause i live here but, my favorite team is the panthers man there good on defense there 5 overall and average 21 points a game steve smith is a beast and we have the 2 headed running attack but i also like the redskins so dont egt me wrong

  10. dav…i relly like the redskins two..so dont egt me wrong eeetheer.. Geeze dude, are you kidding me?

  11. nice post Matt, thanks for keeping us updated. What would you say the chances are Malcolm gets put on the IR? Thanks in advance.

  12. Put Kelly on IR.

    I believe Marcus Henry is available now.

  13. Did Anthony Mix ever sign with another team?

    If he’s healthy BRING BACK ANTHONY MIX!!!

    He is a gamer who demonstrated last year he can make a positive impact for the Skinz on special teams and offense.


    A couple more thoghts:

    *Lets score some points this week so we can get some of the guys out of the game and help ourselves get healthy and some of the guys into the game to get some reps.

    *Remember the St Louis Rams game…..remember the Rams and beat the Lions. Remember the Rams…Beat the Lions.

    *And lets win also because we’ll pickup on a game on someone this weekend if we do……Phili, NYGs, and Boys all have potentially tough games……..one or more will lose their games…….so lets WIN!!!


  14. i agree with Chief Skinzfan. we need to bring back Anthony Mix if he’s available

  15. Matt, your photography skills have definitely advanced. Thanks for the great pictures.

  16. So with all the talk this week about Coach Zorn’s version of the West Coast offense, and the fact that it seems more run heavy than any other version of the WCO, why has it been such a big deal with that adaptation? For one, I say give credit where it’s due that he found a good combination of run vs. pass that is unlike the WCO so why not call a spade a spade and call it the East Coast Offense?

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