Drew Brees Should Be Cautious

A couple of months ago, Don Banks ranked the league’s backup quarterbacks, and I noted that six of them had significant Redskins ties — either began their careers with the team or started a significant number of games here.

With Patrick Ramsey making a brief, unremarkable appearance on national TV last night for the Broncos, we’ve gotten a chance to see five of those six guys throw at least one pass and the results have been … unremarkable, to say the least. Here are the relevant stat lines.

(The Games Played stat is inflated by the fact that Brad Johnson is the holder for the Cowboys, just to head off any potential confusion.)

All of that totals out, according to this handy QB Rating Calculator, to an uninspiring rating of 69.76.

The only remaining ex-Redskin from the original list who has not seen any notable action this season is Mark Brunell. If those stats can be taken as any kind of indicator, Saints fans should probably be hoping that Drew Brees travels everywhere in a large plastic bubble with a team of highly-trained ninja bodyguards whose only purpose is to keep him from any potential harm.


6 Responses

  1. You are totally correct Official Redskins Blogger and I concur; Mark Brunell sucks…

  2. Mark Brunell sucks AND blows!

    I’m glad he is no longer plaguing the Redskins!

  3. I dunno, I always thought Mark Brunell was a decent backup, but HORRIBLE starter. Unfortunately, the Skins both paid him and played him like a starter…with predictable results. Still, one of the best guys out there and I wonder if he’ll end up being a QB coach someday. You can’t deny he’s at least partly responsible for a couple of the most memorable moments in recent Skins history.

  4. Let me just add that in my post I’m referring to Mark Brunell as a Skin. As a Jaguar, he was awesome for many, many years. Man, was he exciting to watch. Was just at the end of the line once he got here. Too bad.

  5. Mark was a good dude and the players loved him. Who was the last Redskins QB to win a playoff game? Seriously, you all are horrible fans.

  6. I thought Mark Brunnell was one of the NFL’s best QB’s when he was at Jacksonville during his Glory Years. A playmaker who could throw accurately on the run. Just frustrating to defenses.

    Of Course Matt is correct. He is refering to the Mark Brunell Back-up android. That android sucks.

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